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  • *Teamspeak*

    For the Sunday event today, the squads all separated into Teamspeak channels PERFECTLY because the CO and command staff *made* them do it. Comms were clear as crystal, and the event was underway.

    After the event was over, TS was quickly being ignored again. More than that, two hours later players were actively arguing in-game that "TS is too complicated" or "Why are we even using TS?"

    Or my favorite: "This whole TS thing is stupid."

    Let me address the arguments one-by-one:

    1) TS is too complicated!

    Download the keybinds file (link and instructions are also available in the Teamspeak Arma primary channel announcements).

    You can download and import the keybinds with as few as SIX MOUSE CLICKS. Then the procedure will be something like this:

    **CO says: "OK, ALPHA go to Squad 1, Bravo go to Squad 2, Bradley and Huey go to Squad 3. My command squad go to Command Element."

    **Some of you hit CTRL + NUM1, some hit CTRL + NUM2, etc. The leader in ALPHA presses the PAUSE/BREAK key. So does the Bravo team leader. So does anyone else who wants to listen to the commanders talk and/or transmit to commanders. The RED circles in Teamspeak designate who is a commander. RED circle means that you can hear and/or transmit to others with RED circles.

    **The ALPHA leader press and holds CTRL + H and says "Hello, fellow commanders!"

    **Oh no! The Bravo team leader just DIED!! The player to take over the Bravo team presses the PAUSE/BREAK key to also become a commander (ANYONE can do this). He presses and holds CTRL + H and says to the other commanders, "Our top dude is dead, I'm leading Bravo now!"

    **You all have an awesome mission that is full of win. At the end, everyone is happy.

    **The CO says "OK, everyone return to PRIMARY TS channel." Everyone presses CTRL + NUM0 and life begins anew.

    NO ONE has ALT-TABBED out of the game ONCE in this example. That what keybinds are for.

    NOTE: If you have trouble with the keybinds (perhaps you play on a laptop with no numpad), you can change all the keys to whatever you prefer. Just click Settings -> Key Settings and it's self explanatory after that. Import the keybinds and modify them freely.

    2) Why are we even using TS?

    a) It has more channel options. What if the CO wants to link an air asset to a ground asset, but the air asset is not the "yellow-channel-guy" in the air squad? The air asset can press the PAUSE/BREAK key and the ground and air assets can talk directly. Or perhaps it's easier to group all the Bradleys into one channel, and they ALL need to hear the CO for critical instructions at all times? TS can do that too. Or maybe the CO only wants the three Bradleys as commanders during a town invasion? Fine, they can all press PAUSE/BREAK and be a commander until it's no longer needed, then press it again and stop listening to command chatter entirely. Or a new player joins a slot and is now the "yellow-channel-guy" even though he just arrived and spawned at base. Shouldn't the players have more control over comms and commander comms?

    b) Less server stress. The TS server is not on the same host as the game server. Want less lag? Use Teamspeak. Also, look up the mechanics behind the peer-to-peer broadcasting using, for instance, the blue Side Channel with 40 or more players, and you will be surprised how badly it performs. It's not a surprise that Side Chat to a full server usually breaks up, you're transmitting ALOT of audio without a dedicated server to help you.

    c) Voice Quality. This is not debatable. Teamspeak is higher quality than the in-game VON, and it's more efficiently delivered.

    d) MOST IMPORTANT: SOME of our players CANNOT use the in-game voice. I label this as the most important for a reason. How would you like to lose your voice? Some players consistently have poor in-game voice performance and just stop talking.

    Here are some very recent quotes from TGers:

    "Am I being heard?"
    -Skin, in a recent topic post**
    ** that, to be honest, is probably better written than the one you're reading now --longtime

    "I have a similar problem. with VON my first 1 or 2 words might be heard followed by static (based on other peoples reports) and it seems like everytime i get into TS there is either no comms going on at that time or too much jibber jabber. Maybe i just have bad luck. /shrug"

    "The reason I rarely talk is because of my dislike of VON. If I'm not choppy the person I'm talking to is. TS is much, much clearly and definitely preferred."

    "With regards to ingame Direct, I know I am not alone saying this but that is even less dependable then Group. 90% of the time I can not hear the person even if they are standing directly infront of me. 5% I can hear a bit muted and the other 5% it sounds like God is yelling in my head."
    -Marvin (also noted crashes when using TS however)

    "When did we leave?"
    -tHa_KhAn, in response to the question "When are we going back to TS?"

    "I agree with the fail of VON"

    "then please let's be on TS, VON is killing the game"

    "I have been asking for the same thing skin. Wonder Twin Powers Unite and maybe we can make something happen"
    -Dredge (regarding Skin's post for TS)

    "say again? you cut off."
    -1longtime x 1,000 (usually to someone in the UK)

    Other quotes:

    "I am GeneralCarver and I approve this message." **
    ** well, not THIS post, but go read Skin's TS topic --longtime

    "All command and important messages can be sent over TS, leaving Direct and squad for use ingame, but the only problem we could have is getting newer people on TS"

    3) This whole TS thing is stupid!

    Not as stupid as your FACE!

    In conclusion, don't be a stupid-face. Take a moment, and be patient and learn how it works (even if the game pauses for five minutes during the first few days). Once the majority knows how it works it will only take seconds to teach a new TGer. Teamspeak was, and technically still is REQUIRED. Next time someone is arguing about how TS is unnecessary, please think before you agree with them... and try not to call them a stupid-face.
    Last edited by 1longtime; 12-14-2009, 03:29 AM. Reason: TS keybinds = NO alt-tabs

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    Re: *Teamspeak*

    "WOOPS, again I CTD'd when alt+tabbin out to adjust someting in TS"
    - Fincuan



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      Re: *Teamspeak*

      Originally posted by Fincuan View Post
      "WOOPS, again I CTD'd when alt+tabbin out to adjust someting in TS"
      - Fincuan

      VON FTW

      Man, not sure what to say. Did you even read the post? The entire idea is you never need to alt-tab. Ever. ...that's really your "for the win"?

      By the way, you're one of the people I often can't hear, and I have great broadband and a 14ms ping to the server.


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        Re: *Teamspeak*

        i know that i was a major opponent of TS but it is the best way to go for many of the reasons that you stated.
        i have a problem with some of the key binds that do not work. cant get to the command channel and half of the squad channels. the ctr+1 doesnt work also

        is there a reason for this?

        but i do agree it is kinda nice and i am a convert.... just wish we could here people in game but i can live with out that for the seamless voice communications

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          Re: *Teamspeak*

          hey it would make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside for VON to work as intended too, but unfortunately it just doesnt :( TS FTW!!!! (however last night in vehicle chat my crew was able to hear me with some static so there is hope for the future...maybe. but it just aint cutting the mustard right now).

          Kudos longtime for pointing out how easy TS is with the keybinds. /agree
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            Re: *Teamspeak*

            I just made all the keybinds myself so everything works fine. My pause/break key is set to steam overlay so I set command channel to ctrl+numpad minus, and I have my 'application' key set to whisper to commanders... so yes, you can set the keys to whatever you want and it's not that hard...

            My only problem is that TS overlay worked on my old computer but now I'm using 64 bit, so eventually I'm going to have to see if that fix in the other topic works...


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              Re: *Teamspeak*

              VON will be fixed. I do not like to be on TS because of all the extra chatter, which interferes everybody. For some reason some of these guys being not heard is better because of the things they say due to the freedom of talking. I would like to be away from their comments. VON allows that.

              Latency between pressing the activation button, and talking is important to make sure your voice is heard through VON. Also after pressing the button VON records only if high level noise comes through which means must be clear and loud enough.

              Everytime we have an event and everybody is on TS you get serious cross comms. Everybody wants to point out some useless fact while somebody else is talking.

              You can fix it (with extensve lectures) but some people just are born to blabber. So VON FTW.


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                Re: *Teamspeak*

                I like the mixure of both VON and TS....TS for radio chatter from ftl/sl to CO/Pilots etc, and VON for squad chatter
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                  Re: *Teamspeak*

                  Originally posted by 1longtime View Post
                  Man, not sure what to say. Did you even read the post? The entire idea is you never need to alt-tab. Ever. ...that's really your "for the win"?.
                  I did read the post, I was one of the few with the keybinds yesterday, but neither means I really like using TS on top of VON. B pretty much outlined the major reasons, to which I'd like to add an increased set-up time before mission. This goes down as people learn or don't learn to use the system, but yesterday even at best it took about three minutes just to get TS sorted out. Except for the odd cutout problem, happens maybe once or twice in a few hours of play, VON works wonderfully to my direction, the set-up is automatic and it comes with the added feature of hearing the transmission from the correct direction in the game world, something which has a huge effect in TvTs. It's not one or two times opponents have been spotted and plans revealed by overhearing radio-chatter, a factor which TS takes completely out of the play.


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                    Re: *Teamspeak*

                    The for and against both have valid points regarding TS.

                    Last nights event I was in the High Command Squad but also had my own FT (PSD guys). We had two tasks, primary was Security for the High Command and secondary was Recon. Being in the command Group meant any orders I gave my guys over VON Group would also be heard by the CO's and would overlap any thing they were hearing on the command channel, etc. By using TS I was able to effectively issue orders and brief my guys without worrying about cutting Command chatter. Direct would have been useless when we wouldve been providing security because of the wide spacing required to cover all CO elements in a 360 Diamond.

                    Now, I have also had times in TvT where I was in a position to hear the opfor using VON that lead to me having a tactical advantage. I knew where they were, how many and what they were planing and I was able to get the drop on them.

                    But I have also had Squad leaders get frustrated and leave mid-mission because VON was cutting them off or we just couldnt hear them. :icon_wink

                    Until VON gets to a stable point, a balance needs to found between the two groups. Personally with the new keybinds and channels, I no longer need to alt-tab out and dont fear the ctd it used to cause.
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                      Re: *Teamspeak*

                      Random idea. Seeing as how we are switching to TS now, we could add in a quick brief to basic infantry? Teach the basics of TS channel switching and channel commander.


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                        Re: *Teamspeak*

                        /rant on

                        Seriusly guys, what part of "SOME PLAYERS CANT USE VON" you guys didnt understand?

                        Sometimes I CANT UNDERSTAND NOTHING over VON... two or three days ago i was gunning a hmmvee and ghost was the driver... for the first 5 minutes i said "say again" "repeat please" every time he tried to talk to me... then, for the rest of the mission i just ignored what he was saying, cause i was feeling kinda idiot for asking him to repeat himself every time and acted only by my "common sense" on what was going on in the mission... this is what i call "lonewolfing"...

                        Now, i would never ask all ArmA TG to switch to TS just beacuse of me, but i know that im not the only one with this problem.

                        Do I need to ask directly to each of you, complaining about TS, if you are really that selfish? Do I need to ask if you guys are willing to drop some of us behind because directional audio is worth more than the whole community? Or because you are too lazy to download a 2kb file?

                        Come guys, the world doesnt spin just around you.

                        /rant off


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                          Re: *Teamspeak*

                          Just a something thrown to the air, since arma2 von is working by p2p (at least it's what I have read somewhere), is it possible that people with problems in von have them because of firewall/router settings?

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                            Re: *Teamspeak*

                            Well, only firewall I have enabled is Windows' firewall. That's it. I'm plugged straight into the wall here. Still there are some people I never hear well, and most people have trouble understanding me. I always need to be slow and loud, and then *maybe* people get the context of what I'm trying to say.

                            Maybe that the university net I'm on does something, but even if that is so there's nothing I can do about it without actually knowing what's wrong, so I can tell them exacly what to change.

                            I'm totally with Sorvete on this one. Not to mention the countless time I would volunteer for a SL spot or a FTL spot, but hold back and everyone get to wait 5 minutes before squad leaders are assigned, simply because I don't want to screw up the game for everyone else just because I can't be heard.

                            VON is faulty, whether some of you experience that or not. TeamSpeak is a bit more complicated to use - yes. But at least it works. That's more than I can say about VON.

                            Thumbs up to longtime for a good OP.

                            Edit: Oh, and additionally for those complaining about keybinds (even if it's not mention yet I bet it'll be). There are a couple of old and very well tested inventions that have been with us in one form or another for the last... 5000 years? The pen and paper.


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                              Re: *Teamspeak*

                              i honestly prefer VON aswell for the reasons B pointed out.
                              But as there are still problems with it, i'm on TS aswell.
                              Not a problem for me to use both.

                              @B: when there's too much chatter on TS i use the "toggle Mute output" function.
                              I mapped it on "SHIFT - <". (could not live without that hotkey)


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