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Weapon and aiming Guide for ACE2.

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  • Weapon and aiming Guide for ACE2.

    I don't read BI forums that often, but it seems that I should, because I keep finding good stuff there today. Here is a fine guide, made by Deadeye and FreeFire, in how to use most of the weapons (optics) of ACE2, the only things lacking are vehicles weapons and static ones.

    Originally posted by FreeFire
    Greetings to all my fellow ArmA 2 players,

    As most of you have probably noticed the ACE mod has been released bringing us a wide array of new weapons, vehicles and ballistics.

    This guide is mostly about these ballistics.
    At 6th Sense (community with sickboy as our great leader ) i realised that it would be useful for our new (and old) members to be able to shoot their weapons in a somewhat accurate way . That is why this guide has been written, it does not give you any gamey tricks on how to hit a target. All it does is explaining how those dots on that fancy scope of yours work. It also explains how to use new weapons such as the claymore. And how to use sight adjustment.
    The 6th Sense Deadeye guide includes almost every infantry weapon available in the ACE mod and it keeps getting updated i am still planning to add static weapons and vehicle weapons.

    Good shooting and good luck for the sniper competition ;)

    EDIT: Dam... I only saw now that spaks50 already has posted this in the "US Army Sniper Training Manual" thread. Can a admin delete this please?

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