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Sorry for my commanding problems last night.

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  • Sorry for my commanding problems last night.

    I only just got a call that my power was about to go down for repairs around some of the blocks over here. I'm very sorry about that. Hopefuly you guys managed alright! It was my first time COing anyway, so I wasn't exactly good at it. :D

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    Re: Sorry for my commanding problems last night.

    Some suggestions for future commanding endeavors (cannibalized from a post I made on the forum).

    I know you didn't ask for feedback, but I figure it's better to be constructive than conciliatory. The biggest failing I observed was a failure to use a base of fire and maneuvering by base of fire, which are fundamental tactics in modern warfare. When we were playing you would say "OK EVERYONE RUN ACROSS THE FIELD," as a result, an extremely small defending force (1-3 OPFOR) killed all of us multiple times. Also, the maneuver element needs to move in VERY quickly and only return fire while on the move, telling us to go prone while maneuvering is a death sentence. Whenever I command I think: "Who is supporting my guys who are moving? where is the enemy? if the enemy were to attack, how would I stop him from killing my moving elements?" etc

    Cannibalized post follows:

    * fire and maneuver by base of fire (how to paralyze and destroy the enemy)
    - First establish a "Base of fire", this is a group of elements whose job is to remain in a defensive position and actively suppress the enemy position while a maneuver element moves in to destroy it. This maneuver is also called "bounding over watch" or "bounding"

    * suppressive fires (how to stop the enemy from shooting at you)
    - When coming within 300 meters (The EFFECTIVE range of assault rifles and rocket propelled grenades) of a suspected enemy position, hose all buildings and suspected strongpoints with high explosive weapons and machine guns. This will paralyze the enemy, force him to put his head down, and will allow you to deploy for an assault.

    * line of sight (no matter how large your force is, if you bring it into a killing sack, a place where the enemy has superior LOS, it will fail)
    - "sight in" all possible enemy positions before you advanced with your base of fire and seeing if it can fire there. If no, move your base of fire or consider FLANKING. IF your base of fire cant support your maneuver element, and it comes under fire, it will take high casualties and possibly be repelled.

    * effective engagement ranges
    - Don't use handheld AT weapons at ranges beyond 150 meters if you want a reasonable chance of hitting the target. 300 meters max.
    - Establish "OPs" (observation points) at advantageous over watch positions with an extensive fan of line of sight, preferably with forward observers or snipers, so you can see the enemy before they can see you. Whoever sees first wins.


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      Re: Sorry for my commanding problems last night.

      Here's a little guide I always found very helpful while envisioning a squad attack (or react to contact also).





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