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AAR - Domination - Nov 25, 9pm - 1am

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  • AAR - Domination - Nov 25, 9pm - 1am

    Well this part of the forums is very dusty and dark. So I wanted to post an AAR after a great round of domination.Server was chaotic for a quite a while. After following around Price in his oversized squad he handed the squad to me and had to leave. And then some kind of magic happened.

    After a few missions here and there and some non squaddies listened to our comms and followed us around... And big thanks to a dedicated pilot who worked with us (Breeze) got everybody interested. So after one town I was able to get everybody into one chinook at the same time. Briefed them on RTB and 1 min for rearm. Some were on board, some were drunk, some were kids...

    We descended onto our objective with everybody (24 guys together) completely outgunned the whole town from a huge hill. It was a thing of beauty. Huge line of infantrymen firing onto the whole town. Pubbies loved that. And the server become one entity.

    Several minutes later after our run back to the base we were heading out to our next objective in the chinook (17-22 guys). All of a sudden the chinook takes a missile, everybody inside was panicking, yelling, and some were talking the pilot down. By some miracle, or his super skills, and a bit of luck, he managed to emergency land the chinook, and the whole team got out and shot the enemy jet down with three missiles... That enemy jet did not even crash. It went ablaze mid air from all payback we handed. Engineers fixed the chinook. Medics healed and revived those who panicked too much and jumped to their deaths. We continued to our objective full strength in under a minute.

    So, those were my favorite moments, plus the mission successful message in a domination after we captured and cleared all the towns.

    Shout out to ChiefBoats, Carver and Igor for some fun chats on TS. I am afraid I am getting addicted all over again. This burst of gaming sessions due to my temporary break from work and school is turning out to be quite an enjoyable passtime.

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    Re: AAR - Domination - Nov 25, 9pm - 1am

    I had alot of fun that day! I'm glad to be playing on TG servers again!


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      Re: AAR - Domination - Nov 25, 9pm - 1am

      Hello B, good to see you back.

      Looking forward to the next one

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