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US platoon MSO event AAR Feb 07 - undetermined date

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  • [AAR] US platoon MSO event AAR Feb 07 - undetermined date

    Feb 7, 2011

    The idea behind being able to play a persistent mission that spans for days was very neat.

    Tonight I led the US platoon to start off this event. We played for about 5 hours.

    Initial plan was to setup several COPs (Command Observation Post?) and my squad was assigned a remote location. We loaded up some sandbags and medic tent and setup our COP. Upon arrival an uneasy sound of armors lurking behind hills greeted us.

    After some time of confusion finally one of the spotters on top spotted the armors. We approached and found ourselves staring at 3 heavy tanks. Called in arty support from CO and with several fire missions and adjustments we nailed the tanks. This was my favorite part.

    Anyway, we engaged several small squads here and there. Got ambushed during patrol. Lost some people, killed more. Even liberated a town after a heavy engagement with 2 armor and 20 guys against us - 6 dudes.

    Anyway I tried to leave as much AAR as possible and necessary after each engagement. So if you happen to take over look em over. Our COP is located in Fazaa (sp?) a town north of Feraz Farad (sp?)

    First night = successful fun. Participants (some only for a bit):


    Our next plan was to build up the COP even more by bringing in more sandbags, and supplies. So if you are in there help us out there. Right now the COP is 5 sandbags and medic tent.
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    Re: US platoon MSO event AAR Feb 07 - undetermined date

    Good AAR B. Was much fun. I will sign on later tonight and work on supplying the base if we don't get into some combat ops...

    The town is Falar...Just north of Feruz Abad.
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      Re: US platoon MSO event AAR Feb 07 - undetermined date

      This morning I spent about 2 hours singlehandedly rebuilding the COP with bunkers, barriers, emplaced weapons, MASH, ammo, mortar, arty, and 8 AI soldiers to guard it. Then the server crashed. :(

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        Re: US platoon MSO event AAR Feb 07 - undetermined date

        Siantis, so you were the guy who stole all the heavy barriers? I will remember... I will remember... (server took down the new COP for Adept too :( )


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          Re: US platoon MSO event AAR Feb 07 - undetermined date

          They are supposed to respawn lol. Besides, I only took 2 large and 2 small ones :p

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            Re: US platoon MSO event AAR Feb 07 - undetermined date

            Date: Feb 11

            Well we got our own callsign now and a FOB set up outside of Anar city. The FOB is supplied and defended by AI. The new callsign for the US platoon is Eagle. Look for eagle AAR s once in. Soldiers are expected to slot into 1-2-H and squad below that.

            After supplying the FOB we went deep into the enemy territory in our AO. Engaged small pockets of resistance here and there. Gauls were also operational in Falar. Because Gauls were engaged in and around their FOB constantly, they were not able to link the supply route by entering Feruz Abad.

            After waiting for a while Eagle took permission to enter Feruz Abad in an attempt to link the supply route. Feruz Abad was heavily defended but Eagle managed to defeat and clear the city after engaging occupying enemy forces and surrounding hilltops. As of Feb 11th Feruz Abad has Green flag and its populace is friendly towards us.

            After Feruz Abad, we were finally able to enter Anar, the city we looked upon for so long. Engaged 3 stinger infantries and cleared surrounding hilltops and Anar was taken. As of last operation Anar has green flag as well and its populace is friendly towards coalition forces.

            Next immediate step is to clear several surrounding towns where the Eagle FOB looks upon. After that we can set up a secondary FOB deeper into our AO and confront bigger cities which lie upon south of the map.

            Standing orders:
            Follow ROE and avoid conflicts with civilians.
            Includes stealing civilian vehicles for military purposes.
            Use of spawn script to gain vehicles is forbidden.

            Make sure to use JIP marker for significant info for future reference. (map>right application key>JIP marker)

            Participating members of Feb 11th operation:

            Eagle actual out.
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              Re: US platoon MSO event AAR Feb 07 - undetermined date

              Date Feb 17,
              Time: 7pm-11 pm Central

              Eagle is back up and running in Takistan. This time the fighting is quite heavy. We worked for hours fighting our way through just to set up our Combat outpost. Our first Combat outpost is set up on East side of Anar city. This thread will serve as offline headquarters. In slotting screen, our primary slots are in 1-1-E. But since we had full plus squad for tonight's operation, I suspect all of slots in 1-1-E are already taken. I have taken 1-1-E Squad leader position. I also want you to post your slot so people will not try to slot in your slot and be stuck in loading screen.

              Standing orders for this operation:
              Do not mess with civilian vehicles or civilians.
              Do not use debug mode to spawn structures, vehicles. Any debug mode activity is strictly forbidden.
              Do not call in air support that is built in to the mission.

              The latter two will mess with server stability.

              We will be attempting to control Sector 4. Anything E and S and SE of Anar city is our AO.
              Johnflenaly is second in command since he has a confirmed slot as Team leader right now. His callsign is Eagle 2. Eagle 3 is TBA.

              We engaged in total about 50-60 inf one after another. At several occasions we were engaged from two or more sides with enemies aggressively hunting us, being able to approach us close range.

              At one point, we were engaging a long range squad with arty support from a hill. One of us spotted a squad right underneath us. We had 2 wounded and Sarge was little far away engaging the squad that is right below us. My ears are full with command chatter and squad chatter. Everybody is super busy and RPGs flying in, bullets going out and coming in. And I hear a very distinct noise like somebody is getting his skin torn off of him. I look for the source of this noise. And I find Sarge by himself getting attacked by pack of wild dogs. lololololololololololol. Not only we had to deal with all this insanity, we had to shoot the dogs off of Sarge because he ran out of ammo. hahahaha. Pure awesomeness.

              Anyway. I am an old Arma player. I have seen many game scenarios, but that was some crazy stuff. I am saying this to encourage everybody to come out and try MSO's new and improved version.

              Back on topic. Eagle's next step is to further our reach into Sector 4. Eagle also is looking forward to setting a check point on one of the main roads to interrupt enemy convoys, movements. Those are my intentions. Try to get some AAR in here Eagle operatives. During my absence contact current CO at that time for guidance and permissions.

              Eagle 1 out.


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                Re: US platoon MSO event AAR Feb 07 - undetermined date

                It was good to be back in the field again and this has been total epic awsomeness. We fought starting in the city right ouside the base, were called back to protect the base and fought our way out to set up our outpost. There wasn't anytime to rest because on our first patrol close to our outpost we thought we were slick when we found 4 of them just milling around on a hillside so we were going to flank them. We came way around and came up on them and all hell broke loose, we hit a buzzsaw of very good tactical enemy but fought our way back to the outpost. This was non stop combat and this old guy had to take a break, my arthritic fingers are catching hell and my heart was palipitating, the nurses here at the home were worried. Anyways, I dont often write aar's but this was one hell of a night, looking forward to tomorrow. A word of caution don't venture out alone and certainly never unarmed, BE PREPARED!! My slot in B's platoon is 1-3-k 1
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                  Re: US platoon MSO event AAR Feb 07 - undetermined date

                  The following is a portion of radio traffic transcript from Operation Takeback on 02/18/2011 between the hours of 0400-0600 Zulu

                  *Crackles on the radio*
                  "Command! Command! This is Callsign Eagle-7 at Eagle COP! There's not much left out here! "
                  "Eagle 7, this is command, what is your sitrep? Over."
                  *Sporadic gunfire, explosion*
                  "Command. Eagle COP has been hit hard by an ambush of Takistani army from the south. Supporting units Reaper are dead. Am only one left. Please advise!"
                  "Eagle 7, this is command. Sending reinforcements, do you copy? Over."
                  "Eagle 7, do you copy?"
                  "Eagle 7?"
                  "Command, this is Reaper 5 of reinforcement convoy Slippery Weasel. Under heavy fire by Bastam. Proceeding with cau*STATIC*
                  Command, Reaper 5's HMMV took RPG fire, my gunner is dead. Oh my god, Jacius. We have no medic. Body parts ever.. No visual on enemies!"
                  "All units, this is command. Operations airfield in Rasman is under heavy attack. Recalling all units to defend Rasman AFB immediately. Abandon Eagle COP until we receive reinforcements, we're outnumbered and outgunned at current time. Over. Out"

                  <04:11:24> *** You are now talking in channel: "TFP - Task Force Proteus"
                  <04:16:25> "|TG-XV| Tralic": this channel is so gay
                  DICE needs to make a comical boxing glove attached to a spring punch the player in the face 40% of the time they get into a helicopter or jet.


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                    Re: US platoon MSO event AAR Feb 07 - undetermined date

                    I took 1-1-F-8 for a slot.

                    "You have to go out, you don't have to come back."

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                      Re: US platoon MSO event AAR Feb 07 - undetermined date

                      B]Date Feb 18, 19
                      Time: 2pm ~ 11pm Central
                      A late late AAR about the last two night's operations. After much fighting the the situation in the country of Takistan has been stabilized. Much like other forces Eagle has become an occupation force instead of an aggressive fighting force. Eagle finished clearing each and every town as of last night's operation. Most of all towns in sector four has friendly tendency towards us, and every town in sector four has a flag.

                      Eagle 1 out.

                      P.S. Where is that group photo that was taken?


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                        Re: US platoon MSO event AAR Feb 07 - undetermined date

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