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AAR - MSO Gaul Plt 11/12.02.11

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  • AAR - MSO Gaul Plt 11/12.02.11

    The following takes place after the restart yesterday ( or earlier tonight, technically).

    Gaul Plt loaded up with supplies and set out for the intended COP setup position with some basics and little else - plan was to get out, set up a safe place to logout and then proceed with patrolling without delay.

    So Gauls 1 and 2 setup the COP whilst Gaul 3 set out on a patrol. Roster looked something like this

    Gaul 1 Jacezz

    Gaul 2 Tarmpaket

    Gaul 3 Zeven, Corp Duty, Sam/Fox, Beef

    Gaul 3 encountered a hostile convoy to the south and positioned to engage. Gaul 1 called for CAS Support to standoff nearby whilst G 1 & 2 prepped the Jackal to engage, afterwards joining 3 in wait to ambush the convoy as it leaves Falar.

    Gauls engaged with co-ordinated grenade fire from the Jackal and sniper fire provided by then Gaul 3's Corp Duty (Corp originally being Gaul 1's marksman, reassigned to allow 3 the extra firepower on patrol). Other gauls provided suppression, fire support and AT fire as necessary. Gauls cleared the convoy without much difficulty and hence cancelled the CAS request.

    3 Then bounded up towards the edge of town where the dead convoy lay with overwatch from 1 and 2, positioned at the ambush point within the Jackal.

    On entry into Falar it was discovered a member of the local populace had been injured during combat. Gaul 1 called in Medical support and had 3 do a patrol of the town to confirm all clear. 3 returned the all clear after searching each building and shortly after the Med team arrived.

    Then we were ambushed. Shots were fired from an AK and the Gauls scrambled to spot and return fire, then without a further moments notice an RPG cut through the air and impacted the med team's HMMV, killing the occupants and injuring Gaul 3's Sam/Fox and 2's Tarm. Fire then erupted all around as Gauls returned fire. Some Gauls likened it to a scene out of a movie. I think more pure luck we didn't all get caught in the RPG blast. Big mistake on our part, we became too relaxed after the clear was given and didn't notice the RPG gunner sneaking up on us from the Eastern hill.

    Gauls engaged the then spotted shooter and took further contact from nearby hostiles supporting the RPG gunner, all were cleared out. Crawlingeye then joined squad net and started taking control of things.

    From there Gaul 3 moved up onto the hill from whence we took contact and performed a search of the general area. They spotted another large squad out to the East and advancing on us. Gaul 3 moved to engage whilst 1 and 2 remained on station to allow for the next Med team to move in (Sorry Medics of the US Army... We'll try better next time!).

    This time medical supply reached the injured civillian and Gauls 1 & 2 along with Actual moved to support Gaul 3 in countering the hostile assault. 3 assaulted direct whilst Actual,1 and 2 mounted in the Jackal and moved to flank south, 3 had no problem engaging and eliminating on their own however. From there Gauls embarked on a Patrol of the area contacts had probably come from, further east. This went down without incident so Gauls returned to COP.

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    Re: AAR - MSO Gaul Plt 11/12.02.11

    Great write up jacezz! I look forward to reading other AARs from the other platoons.


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