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AAR | Patrol Around Rasman and the Destruction of OPFOR Ammo | Feb. 13 | MSO

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  • AAR | Patrol Around Rasman and the Destruction of OPFOR Ammo | Feb. 13 | MSO

    Warrior - Squad Leader
    SARGE - Second-in-Command
    [TG] seg - Rifleman
    [TG] LowSpeed - Rifleman
    Baguiar - Rifleman
    [TG] Unkl - Rifleman
    [TG] FoxDelta - Sniper/Marksmen

    Kilo moved out in a Jackal, patrolling the town of Rasman, attempting to clear up some enemies present in the town. As they left through the main road they spotted a red UAZ, and blocked it from moving. The driver jumped out, standing still as SARGE checked through the truck, finding grenades and ammo inside. The driver ran towards the car and attempted to start the engine. Warrior, having no choice, ordered the squad to opened fire on the obviously hostile driver. Warrior ordered SARGE to place a satchel charge on the car, and the squad moved to a safe place as Warrior drove the Jackal to a safe distance. SARGE touched off the charge, blowing the UAZ to the left and knocking down a sheet metal structure with it. With the UAZ down, they continued in the Jackal to the town, and began clearing apartment blocks.

    From there Warrior ordered FoxDelta to take position in a half-demolished minaret, as he had a M24. He would prove a valuable asset, (possible ribbon in order for his excellence with his rifle and calmness under fire later on.)

    They continued clearing houses and came upon a Ural filled with ammo. Warrior set a charge and blew it, continuing on. From there, the squad continued searching through vehicles and came upon another truck, blowing it up as well.

    The squad was running low on ammo so they RTB'd, and grabbed much needed supplies, taking a HUMVEE SOV back into the city.

    FoxDelta regained his position in the minaret, and spotted a full halftrack and 4 infantry moving east of their current position. Warrior ordered the squad to take position in the apartment block's rooftop, and ordered weapons green. Unkl launched 2 HEAT rockets from his MAAWS and destroyed the half-track as FoxDelta hit the gunner from well over 700 yards via head shot, a incredible feat.

    As the crew bailed Kilo opened with rifle fire and dispatched the rest of the infantry.

    They continued to clear the town until the majority of the squad went offline.

    Former Irregular and 18th SFOD
    Oh, Death was never enemy of ours!
    We laughed, knowing that better men would come,
    And greater wars; when each proud fighter brags
    He wars on Death, for lives: not men, for flags.



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