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Zargabad CTI 16 Urban Warfare Overwatch and Antagonising the Enemy

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  • [AAR] Zargabad CTI 16 Urban Warfare Overwatch and Antagonising the Enemy


    Hello :icon12:. Not been around here for a while, but I had a successful mission and decided I wanted to write an AAR.

    I picked a Sniper and an AT Rifleman at the OPFOR base.

    The commander was giving orders to take the control point near the airport.

    I decided to provide overwatch and scouting support by sneaking down the side of a ridge that goes along the runway and slowly moving into the city south of the airport control point. I started using observation points to check ahead each time and jump ahead in steps.

    Managed to get to Airport control tower without being spotted. Used bounding cover system and stopped prone to carefully examine the terrain as often as possible. I got to the top of the control tower and spent some time providing overwatch support by spotting enemy combatants right over on the other side of the city. Squad members watched my back. Checked all side streets and anything else visible with binoculars. I was careful to keep weapons silent at this point so as not to reveal my overwatch position.

    I then moved before being spotted rather than getting all smug. I got to a prominent building @ SE of Airport area after moving carefully and patiently through terrain. This building turned out to be perfect as it had a very good view of multiple enemy control points. Squad were spotting as well. They also took some shots at targets as I had decided to harass the enemy at this point.

    Now I started moving to the top of the building. At this point I could fire at targets using heat sensitive sight on MG. I managed to take out an enemy sniper @ ~500 meters. I then moved down from building after being spotted to avoid possible rocket fire on the building.

    At this point I moved my squad into better cover as they were starting to take fire. I moved to the base of the building. By this point I was taking fire as well and got wounded. I decided to retreat to the nearest friendly control point to the NW of my position for medical treatment.

    Conclusion: This was a very good small mission for me. I'm still in training (this was all done with the AI). I was the only one to put myself in unnecessary danger, and was the only one to get wounded - as it should be. I was happy to keep my two other squad members safe (no wounds) but I was still able to allow them to provide cover fire when necessary.

    Lessons Learnt: Patience is paramount and usage of terrain. Keeping a mental overview of where possible enemy could be also helped. As well as making sure that I was not assuming that an area was "safe". I have terrible patience and temper problems :icon_roll so this was a major success for me just to hold back and keep safe ! :icon_lol:

    My short mission was only with the AI but I wanted to put this up here as I'm still learning ArmA2 and after a few disasters this is one mission where it all came together.

    End of AAS.
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    Re: AAR | Zargabad CTI 16 Urban Warfare Overwatch and Antagonising the Enemy

    Thanks for the AAR, good read Poet-Soldier

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      Re: AAR | Zargabad CTI 16 Urban Warfare Overwatch and Antagonising the Enemy

      Cheers, glad you liked it. A pleasure.
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