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18Jan2012 Some Domination Action, part 1

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  • [AAR] 18Jan2012 Some Domination Action, part 1

    A trio of domination mission reports, I'll try to keep them short. First up:

    Mission: Eliminate Enemy Spec-Ops Camp and Personnel
    Blue Team: Pepper, Wyatt, woof
    Red Team: A lot of angry campers

    The Good: Solid teamwork, zero combat losses, good tactics, excellent marksmanship (Pepper)
    The Bad: bad choice of LZ
    The Ugly: An untimely crash landing at mission start due to a misplaced rock

    After most of the people on the server left to take a break, there were only 3 of us left to take on the newly assigned side mission to eliminate a camp of Spec Ops OPFOR before they went on a rampage of wrongdoing. Pepper joined the server just as Wyatt and I were headed out on a two-man suicide run, and quickly agreed to join in. After a quick u-turn and equipment check, we headed North. Wyatt dropped in via parachute to survey a good Landing Zone, while Pepper headed North with woof onboard the trusty Huey.

    Some bad route planning by woof lead to an accidental (crash) landing SE of the objective, with the trusty UH-1H a smoking wreck. Wyatt was quick to revive Pepper and I, and after an ammo box drop, Pepper convinced Wyatt to put his M249 SAW down and pick up a big bore long gun, so that he could do his specialty while she did hers (with the M249). After a quick survey of the terrain, we headed NW of the target, which was set into a wooded hillside west of Rasman. Without any good cover between us and the Spec Ops camp, we agreed attacking downhill from the West, using the hillside as cover as need with the SAW as a base of fire with the .50 cal sniper as support, while I attacked from the enemy flank (North).

    End result was a camp of dead Spec Ops, and zero friendly combat casualties. Pepper cleaned house with the SAW, with woof collecting a few enemy ears from pushing on the flank, and Wyatt hitting anything that stood up with his light .50.

    Pepper's use of the SAW was exemplary, coupled with good use of terrain and tactics, lead to the elimination of a threat five times our strength with no losses (except for the helo mishap).



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