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[AAR] 18Jan2012 - Some Domination Action part 2

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  • [AAR] [AAR] 18Jan2012 - Some Domination Action part 2

    Mission: Eliminate the Enemy Convoy
    Blue Team: Warfairy, Wyatt, woof, Zap, ChiefBoats, Bad Blood (and others I can't name)
    Red Team: Armored Convoy, with several MBTs, IFVs, Supply trucks

    The Good: Good coordination and planning
    The Bad: Getting spotted before the ambush location and execution
    The Ugly: a lone soldier walking to the endpoint, causing mission to fail

    This followup side mission had a much larger group available for tasking. We were still resupplying and rallying from our last mission when the new one came through, a time sensitive Stop the Convoy from reaching its destination. A UH-1H was prepped with an ammo box, and the group headed out, to set up an ambush midway of the convoy's expected route. The convoy destination was just east of a very active (untouched) AO, so ambushing it before that point seemed the best course of action.

    A town south of Rasman fit the bill, providing a good choke-point to funnel the convoy into a killzone. The Huey was landed east of the ambush location, which was the T-shaped intersection in town. A large minefield was set up to funnel the enemy into a narrow killzone that was lined with satchel charges. High-points in town and east of town were occupied once the engines of the convoy were audible.

    The crap hit the fan when one of the team was spotted as the convoy made its turn into town, setting off a firefight before they had even reached the minefield or demo charges. Some ambush locations, like the minaret in town, proved unhelpful due to their distance from the resupply ammo crates once initial anti-tank rounds were expended. A bunker east of the T-intersection on the hill NE of town had a good field of fire and view of the ambush killzone, but proved ineffective for the actual engagement area 100m north of the town on the road.

    Accurate and heavy enemy fire neutralized most of the ambush team, leaving a handful to engage the remainder of the convoy. Despite the difficulties, no enemy vehicles appeared to survive the encounter, with a lone fuel truck attempting to flee the area neutralized by ChiefBoats.

    After a search east of the engagement area, all the way to the nearby AO, no convoy vehicles were encountered, although numerous vehicles were streaming north and west from the AO. After an additional fifteen minutes of engaging these vehicles, a mission failure message appeared, indicating a survivor had made it to the convoy termination point.

    Lesson learned (and relearned): no plan survives first contact with the enemy; when ambushing a convoy, makes sure all team members are out of sight until the convoy enters the killzone.



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