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Hunt Waldo (Find Waldo?) Jan 27th-28th

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  • [AAR] Hunt Waldo (Find Waldo?) Jan 27th-28th

    This mission is on Alpha on Chernarus. CnZ guys seem to love this mission. Mission starts out with the squad on the carrier. First objective for them is to secure and conquer an enemy airfield so they can use it as base of operations.

    I joined the game just when they were about done with that. |TG-IrrP| woof is one of the newcomers to our community. He already has shown his leadership mindset and was leading the whole operation. After securing the airfield, there were series of missions like the domi side missions we carried out. Some of them had opportunity to find intel (where is waldo?) We would destroy HQ's and factories. Destroy ammo caches. Cool thing is each mission was a little bit different. Some had no defenses at all and once the objective is completed a whole bunch of baddies attack us. Some of them had defenses all over the place.

    So I had fun, this mission probably will take all day complete with structured play. Try this mission when on Alpha instead of Domination. And huge props to |TG-IrrP| woof for a great leading yesterday. Oh I am also sorry for stepping out of the chain of command and being persuaded to fix an enemy helicopter without permission. That split us up. The pilot wanted to leave us out there in the middle of nowhere. And he would not even do transports after that...

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    Re: Hunt Waldo (Find Waldo?) Jan 27th-28th

    Fantastic AAR. Good to see the newbie stepping up as well. Good work to all and Ill have to remember that mission when Im on next.

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      Re: Hunt Waldo (Find Waldo?) Jan 27th-28th

      Thanks for the report. That is one of the nuggets Zap found for us to throw on the Alpha server. It's a fun one...but we haven't found Waldo yet.

      Great to hear about our |TG-IrrP| Woof stepping up alright. Good show.
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        Re: Hunt Waldo (Find Waldo?) Jan 27th-28th

        Many thanks for the kind words. We had a good squad working together. B has been invaluable both times I've run that, acting as ASL, keeping the troops together, focused on tasks at hand.

        The initial assault on the airfield seems to be the toughest nut to crack, and this time it took a sledgehammer in the form of a player named Mastro, who commandeered an enemy T-90 knocked out at the end of our first assault. Mastro poured out fire as the second helo insert came in, with the grounds troops mopping up the few remaining enemy contacts.

        We had some excellent dedicated pilots, including Goose, Tomcat and Jax.

        Definitely a fun map, with the crucible at the beginning, as a test for team cohesion.




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