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AAR - Emita City, new map on Alpha Server

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  • [AAR] AAR - Emita City, new map on Alpha Server

    We did a play test on Emita City tonight, and with an initial group of 4 that grew to 7 players successfully installing and connecting. It was my first time seeing the map, and it is impressive. The game play is focused on urban warfare, and the mission setup up (and made) by Unkl had us attacking several strong-points in what turned out to be a very hostile city.

    Outnumbered and out gunned, we ended up using hit and run tactics to avoid getting trapped in a large fight, instead focusing on reaching and clearing our objectives. The first objective was cleared before we even reached it; we had drawn a little too much attention from the locals who came out to greet us.

    Pushing farther west, we tried to move around large open areas that were quite active with enemy troops. The enemy was smart, using smoke to conceal their movement, pushing to flank us each time we were idle too long. We got a rude surprise when the building we had moved into in order to recon our next route was blown up, collapsing around us. We had to remove ourselves from the rubble, recover and tend to our wounded and fight our way out of the kill zone.

    When the enemy denied our desired route through a series of houses as cover, we ended up pushing down to the sports stadium to check out the local football team. Sadly the concession stands were closed, so we took a moment to lick our wounds, and pushed on, trying to flank the several squads of enemies we had encountered.

    Eventually the enemy caught us in a bad spot, as we were trying to move from one bad position to another. We got pinned, and flanked. We took heavy casualties, but pushed on with the few survivors, with our reinforcements taking a HMMV to attack the final objective from the North while we pushed from the South. The local policemen seemed happy to see us, sporting some fancy gold Kalashnikovs.

    When the final objective refused to complete, we pushed back through the town, seeking nearby resistance to eliminate to complete the mission. Searching for the source of vehicle noise, we again bit off a bit more than we could chew, with the wily enemy being elusive among the alleyways and dead-ends.

    A few booms later and the enemy vehicles were neutralized, along with the few stragglers who came to reclaim the police station. We ended up calling the mission due to time rather than hunt whatever elements we had bypassed that were slow to counter-attack.

    The Good: New map on Alpha! Urban combat!
    The Bad: A few players had some difficulties getting setup and loading, but we worked with them to get it up and running pretty quickly.
    The Ugly: Getting impatient in an urban fight when outnumbered will result in frequent dirt naps. Stealth, cover/concealment and fight the battles when you have the advantage, not when the enemy does.
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    re: AAR - Emita City, new map on Alpha Server

    How did I miss this? It sounds like it was a lot of fun. I am going to be pushing the map change soon :P I cannot wait to see that map and some different tactics and gameplay on alpha :D
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