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  • [AAR] Operation Barbarosa

    Before I put in the text block I must say that this was one of the best games I have had. The mission was interesting and different than the usual Domination running on Alpha, but also worked well as a seeder map. The people who joined were good team players and that resulted in a nice consistent advance towards the main objective. Everyone cooperated greatly and the result was SUCCESS!

    Many many thanks to CRYSTAR who took it upon himself to ferry new players, the team and the respawns to and from base, to woof, BuB and Zapp for being there to support me in my attempt to lead the operation.

    OP Barbarosa.jpg

    Operation Barbarosa
    1st March 2012
    Location: Chernarus
    Main Objective: Secure main airfield north of Vybor

    It has been days now that this operations was planned. Main objective is to secure the main airfield north of Vybor. A team was dropped at the smaller airfield at Balota. With two MH60s a satellite phone and a lot of will we wait for the first orders.

    First incoming orders instruct that three radio towers be taken down, so as to damage the enemy communications. One of the MH60s left for the first LZ. Everything went according to plan and the tower was destroyed without casualties. One truck was taken from the site and returned to the Balota airfield for use in close ranges. The second and third radio towers proved to be a little more of a challenge, but were however taken down successfully.

    Next orders were to clear up Zelenogorsk. The town not very big in size and with not so many hostiles was not too hard to secure. One BMP was successfully neutralized, no further vehicles were present. We also found a field hospital with an ammo cache nearby where we were able to rearm. The chopper returned to base to pick up some reinforcements and new orders.

    Following Zelenogorsk, we are ordered to advance to Sosnovka. The team seems to be in a nice rhythm and works well together moving in the town. A couple SPG9 off-roads were soon taken down. Some 48 insurgents were present but we made it through with just a few injuries.

    Moving north towards the main airport, we come across Pushtoska. The location is putting is in a disadvantage as we have no sight of the enemy until we are literally inside the houses. Trying to move together but spread out so that we are not all taken down, we start advancing from west to east. There were a few heavy injuries but they were able to rejoin us and help capture this target as well.

    Last stop before taking down the main target is Vybor. It seems to be another smoothly run advance. There were a couple off-roads but were soon unmanned and secured. The enemy presence was a bit heavier on this town and as a result we had a lot of injuries but nothing too serious. After a while the town seemed to be secure but there was still a hostile feeling. Searching the town from house to house we found a couple hiding away as well as a BMP parked inside a back yard. Soon after that the town was ours.

    Everyone returned to base to rearm and regroup for the main assault. Our very competent pilot CRYSTAR, who has been successfully flying us back and forth and bringing the reinforcements and the injured to and from base, suggests an LZ north of the runways. We get there successfully and proceed down the airfield with the cover of the tree line making our way to the radio tower. The enemy presence is strong and reinforced with quite a few vehicles, BMPs, a hind, an MI-8, two military offroads and a Ural ZU-23. As we move on new orders come forth that we are to also take down an enemy officer. The team manages make way to hangers. The vehicles are neutralized early and consistently. Suddenly the enemy officer appears and starts making his way to a MEDEVAC. He is taken down just before takeoff leaving the engine of the chopper running. Side mission is done. The airfield looks clean until two sets of headlights appear at the south of the airfield. Reports are that two additional Ural ZU-23s are present. Thankfully we still have two more ATs left and they are instantly targeting the two vehicles. They are taken down and the airfield is finally secure.

    Mission Barbarosa is a success!
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    Re: Operation Barbarosa

    Very cool mission. I only caught part of it (assault on the last radio tower, assault on Zelenogorsk). Excellent leadership by WarFairy made it go very smoothly. I'm looking forward to playing more or this one.




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