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Mission in Nygul Valley last night - Leadership & Coms

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  • [AAR] Mission in Nygul Valley last night - Leadership & Coms

    First of all thanks to everyone who was playing on Bravo last night. We had a very successful assault on Pythons mission in Nygul Valley. (I'm not at home so don't have the exact mission name handy). Python, that is an excellent mission and much appreciated.

    The good is that we completed the mission without losing our 15 tickets. Sure I called it when we were searching for the last mortar & perhaps may have left a cache behind. The enemy was virtually eliminated and the mission had gone on 3 hours at that point.

    The need for improvement. Squads spent far to long waiting for orders. I was CO (Platoon Actual) and there were two squads with 2 FT's. Dimitrius lead one & Zebra the other. The problem arises from the need for important information being passed up the chain of command.

    If a squad is ordered to a waypoint then CO will wait until the squad reports in they have arrived. If anything changes like a SL is sending a FT back to CCP with a casualty then the CO needs to know where the squad is, what is their dispersion, intent and current status. Upon any significant change a SITREP needs to be sent so that coordination between squads is effective.

    At one point Bravo was sent to a waypoint 200m forward and 15 min later I was still not sure if they had arrived, moved on or what. Charlie squad was sending back casualties but I wasn't sure of where they were. Bravo could have moved forward but since Charlie was so far back I was waiting to get them in a postion to be a support for the movement. It was a suprise to see their Humvee at the CCP and then I had to start over, trying to sort out where they were. Finally it appeared that Charlie had abandoned their position (which was not the case) and so we ordered Bravo to Charlie's last instead of forward. This is what I believe led to players waiting around needlessly. I had several radio messages requesting orders from Bravo but had no intel on current locations, dispersion, contact status or casualty status. What decisions can you make with this information. I ran forward to get this information myself which was not the most sound decision I made lol.

    The last few waypoints got more disorganized. We had a report of an IED location and that Bravo had moved forward from their last waypoint and was clearing the target compound. That was good to know. Charlie was moving on the same compound and the demolitions were being moved up. Before moving out from that objective there again was no SITREP indicating any change of intention. When the demolition, Platoon element & CCP arrived there was little security on the compound and Bravo had moved on the hill exposing themselves to unknown areas on 2 flanks on exposed elevated ground. They were trying to support troops that had moved forward with little cover and few men. Both squads were taking heavy fire and retreating with wounded.

    I'm sorry I was a little frustrated at this point. I could sense I was taking the heat for players getting bored and had little to do about it but say "everyone go Rambo!". I will never say that however.

    Now, don't get me wrong. The squads at the squad level were operating well and deserve praise. We took a lot of contact and had tickets to spare. The collection of wounded was very well done and saved us many a ticket. If you guys weren't moving well and keeping up your 360 security we'd have never made it. I am very impressed with how much heavy fire you all took and put down.

    The room for improvement is at platoon level coordination and coms. The leadership needs to know how and what you are doing. Involve the platoon element to be able to support you and guide your BOF into supporting positions. Perhaps there was an element of losing control of a few players who got tired of waiting. I can only assume this as a possibility after moving forward and seeing the wide dispersion of the platoon that I did not order or was not aware of. In my estimation, having consice and timley SITREPs would have made this mission last about 1.5 hours perhaps 2.

    Anywho, I did really enjoy the games and hope you all did too. This is just my 2 cents on the tactics and you can be assured that I will be working on my radio lingo. I have been getting rusty on Alpha.
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    Re: Mission in Nygul Valley last night - Leadership & Coms

    No complaints here, I taxied a few JIP's and killed one dead goat.


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      Re: Mission in Nygul Valley last night - Leadership & Coms

      hehe "Rusty Alpha" that's your new nick Unkl.

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        Re: Mission in Nygul Valley last night - Leadership & Coms

        I had an absolute blast last night. Obviously I had a very, very narrow view of how the mission went (being a machine gunner in one of the fireteams) but until Charlie's 1st fireteam got wiped out, we were doing great. And even then. Kudos to all of ya.
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          Agreed UNK. Overall the tactics and teamwork where excellent. I think where we currently fail is the passage of information between squads and higher. BP is writing up a comms guide that includes a lot of good information. A lot of people get wrapped up around the axels with radio lingo. If you don't know what to say exactly just speak normally. Any info is better than none. That being said, I am willing to run lessons on weekends for comms stuff if required. I know there are many experienced people here who could also contribute to lessons.

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            Re: Mission in Nygul Valley last night - Leadership & Coms

            I was in the squad that went up the hill. I was the last one on top because i thought green was supposed to stay at the bottom, anyway when I reached the top two or three guys were already down, and I didn't know what happened. People were yelling out directions were enemies were so i just kept shooting until someone said we had get the wounded off the hill. All in all it was a really hectic night, but i still had a lot of fun. :)
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              Re: Mission in Nygul Valley last night - Leadership & Coms

              You know, I think we should all join the military (Again), but this time be all on the same squad.
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                Re: Mission in Nygul Valley last night - Leadership & Coms

                I joined in late and slotted in as demolitions. I noticed a few problems-

                I couldn't destroy any of the weapons caches with either the incendiary or C4. I tried using about 4 incendiaries and C4, but they didnt do anything. However, one satchel took out the caches quite well. Unfortunately, I only had 2 satchels.

                I tried placing C4 on the mortars, but I'm not sure if they actually destroyed it. Someone said they were out of action. The mortars showed no visible damage, but were no longer interact-able.

                It was quite a chaotic mission. Part of the issue I had when joining was that I had absolutely no situational awareness of nearby squads, but had to go back and forth between new weapons caches and then rejoin whatever squad I was attached to for resupply and orders. This actually was quite easy and gave me an excellent battlefield perspective as compared to everyone else. The trees really cut down on visibility, considering that the 2 squads were only a few hundred meters apart yet most players had no idea where the others were.
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                  Re: Mission in Nygul Valley last night - Leadership & Coms

                  The incendiaries should work on the Caches. You just need to make sure you drop it right next to it. Best way to do this is by using ACE Handgrenade throw's 'set' throw-type. It can sometimes take two, but I've blown them up numerous times before.
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