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I44 Event June 10th 2012

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  • [AAR] I44 Event June 10th 2012

    AAR Event I44 on June 10th 2012

    Bastogne Invasion

    Our mission is to secure all objectives and report back to HQ through the enemy Radio located at enemy HQ.
    Secure Train Station full of enemy supplies.
    Secure enemy Outpost.
    Destroy enemy Weapons caches.
    Secure enemy HQ from all enemy forces.

    The town of Bastogne and its network of 11 hard-topped roads leading through the mountainous terrain and hight snow of the Ardennes region is in German hands for several days.

    The weather conditions have started improving, allowing the Allied air forces to attack. We are launching a full infantry attack on the town, hoping to intercept German supply deliver.

    The temperatures during this time of the year are extremely low. Weapons may need to be maintained and vehicle engines need run every half hour to prevent their oil from congealing. This as been a major problem for the Allied forces and we were instructed to not use any type of vehicles for this operation.

    Alpha > 1-1-A > Command
    BabylonCome CO
    _neo_ XO/2IC
    Bloodrabbit Medic
    Bravo > 1-1-B > Infantry Squad
    Delta > 1-1-D > Infantry Squad
    Foxtrot > 1-1-F > Weapons Squad
    Golf > 1-1-G > Pathfinder Squad
    Hotel > 1-1-H > Engineer Squad

    ************************************************** **
    Sunday, December 19th. 10:00 hours.

    Orders came in. By 10:00 our squad callsign "Golf" were tasked to move ahead of the rest of the squads and be the eyes for the CO.
    After a quick marching order and what our initial objective was to be (Secure train station located on the outskirts of the town), we moved out swiftly after briefly passing our orders down to the rest of the guys in my squad. My guys were; Unkl, Jacezz, Deadly dave, Chichco, Atatron and myself (sorry I know I spelled your names wrong).
    Command gave us a head start to allow us the buffer between our squad and the rest of the callsigns.
    In a column formation, we moved south from our initial start point. Towards Commands designated "Golf OP".
    After having arrived on the said OP, we established a security. Informed Alpha (command) of our location and we were asked to recce the area.

    Having spotted 1xMG within the warehouse, 1 x enemy squad on patrol, 1x enemy halftrack and nothing else. I sent the intel back to Alpha which acknowledges and I asked if we can push east to get better eyes on the objective. Permission granted.

    We moved in between natural trenches that ran along from south-west to north-east, which gave us perfect cover to move from west to east.

    Found a better observation post (Golf OP2), but nothing of interest came up. We shifted further east to see what was on the eastern side of the objective.
    It was clear, just a bare winter frost and sheets and sheets of cold cold snow.

    I suggested to Alpha that we approach the objective from the north-east and assault moving east to west. Avoiding the previously seen enemy tangos.
    I figured it'd be better to assault with the narrow side to our front than to have a broad-wide side of the city facing us. Less chance of us being double enveloped as we pushed in.

    Men of Golf, were paired up to allow the other squads to get to the FRV more effectively. Unkl and Atatron were furthest south of us; who would be the first point of contact for our friendly squads to find. Followed by Jacezz and DeadlyDave by the red bricked bridge, then to my position just due east of it, with Chichco.

    However, during the maneuver. One of the other squads got seen and was being engaged. Until now we were moving like shadows but now it was time to turn into sledgehammers. Command orders rest of the callsigns to push south towards the contacts and provide fire downrange. During the chaos of the firefight. I saw the opportunity and a weakness in our flanks. Specially in our east side.
    I'm not sure command heard me on command net, but I told him of my intention and pushed on.

    We all linked up south of the red bricked bridge and Jacezz said "Are we gonna get to fire our weapons?" (or something similar), and I said "Yes".
    We pushed east. To hold the flank of the rest of the guys that are in contact in the south. But knowing that the enemy were fighting from a fixed position and their direction of fire was coming from directly south of other squads in line. There was the ideal opportunity to set up a flanking manuever.
    We changed our direction to south to accommodate the right distance and angle off the contacts.

    When we reached the rail tracks, suddenly we heard a "crack". Followed by more, they were initially not a threat but that changed quickly.
    We saw a tank in the far south-east moving fast to our location, and it was raining hell on us. I popped smoke and to break contact but by this time, I was shot and unconcious, and unfortunately I saw my men die, one by one. All the time while being dragged away from the fire by I think DeadlyDave. I typed in Groupchat "Let me go, save yourself" (not verbatim) but he kept on pulling me away. Who ever you are, you deserve a medal.

    Unfortunately, my game and TS and PC crashed...

    My special thanks to the visitors to TG and looking forward to playing more events with you!
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    Re: I44 Event June 10th 2012

    Hehe, I asked if we were going to be a frontline element or whether we were hanging back as support. Wanted to know my chances of surviving til the end and what to be ready for ;p

    Shame we didn't spot that tank on the way in :/ Was Deadly that tried to pull you to safety also, under heavy fire. Man deserves a biscuit and a pat on the back.


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      Re: I44 Event June 10th 2012

      I had a great time. Thanks all. Here is a short video AAR:


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        Re: I44 Event June 10th 2012

        O yes I will always try to save the leader if the leaders down and out IMO the squad is useless without him, everyone was going down around me and I was unable to return accurate fire so I made a choice even though the odds were slim, and I would have got you back up if you had not disconnected right as I finished healing, I had dust flying up from the incoming rounds and new my time was up then bang bullet put me down managed to crawl further into the wood for cover but was no good I bleed out a slow death, was good maybe next time we will survive longer but glad I done my bit for the mission..



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          Re: I44 Event June 10th 2012

          Many thanks to all who played, top quality squad work and tactics and of course with only 1 life at hand, many brave soldiers too...

          Awesome little video AAR, love the music......

          Was tough knowing I sent squads in to do a job knowing sometimes no radio contact would ever come back.... made me very proud gents.....

          Looking forward to the 24th....
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            Re: I44 Event June 10th 2012

            I'm really digging the 1 life play style.

            Any chance I can get the scripts off the mission maker? Babyloncome

            Thank you for pulling me out of the danger, too bad my PC crashed at the wrong time.

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            Former TGU Dean Former ARMA Admin Former Irregulars Officer

            "Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment." - Dag Hammarskjold


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              Re: I44 Event June 10th 2012

              Most of the core scripts used on Tour missions are available via their website (reg required) on their forums. I can't speak for NEO (creator of the revive/spectator script) but I have used the public versions on some of my own missions and they are easy to install.

              Public scripts are:

              I really enjoy the 1 life missions we play, all helps to have a good spectator script and a few beers. Puts a little more tension in the mission knowing if you are hit in the head, you are out....
              [RIP] Rusty In Places - Games Commander


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                Re: I44 Event June 10th 2012

                thats ok Low. if i had iv got you up we may have rescued something from the situation we was under, i never did see the tank or infantry that was firing just bullet cracks and dust.


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                  Re: I44 Event June 10th 2012

                  Video AAR edited (TOUR community is also mentioned)




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