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TvT Lingor AAR 07/09/12

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  • TvT Lingor AAR 07/09/12

    Playing Sector's Lingor mission where a SEAL team has to infiltrate the NE island in the dead of night and gets set 2 out of a possible 7(?) demolition targets, to be completed within 60 minutes. Only Blufor get NVGs

    Morbo513 (CO)
    M4A1 CCO, 2x Satchel, 1x M136 AT-4

    FoamBorn (AR)
    M249 PIP, 1/2x Satchel

    Noble (Medic)
    M4A1 CCO, 1x Satchel, Medical supplies

    Butler (SD)
    M4A1 CCO SD, 2x Satchel

    Dimitrius (CO)
    Adept (Pilot)

    Apologies for the terrible map, I'll update the thread with a better one sometime soon.

    At 23:02 In-game time we set off from the boat dock heading East. By 23:08 we were shoreside at the vehicle pool (1). During the planning phase I designated this as a location for our diversion. While I, Noble and Foam remained at the RHIB I despatched Butler to plant a satchel inland. After waiting approximately 3 minutes we heard the MI-8 incoming from the South. I broke radio silence to get a sitrep from Butler but recieved no reply, so after the chopper passed overhead and headed West I moved to check on Butler; He was having trouble setting the charge so I set another one on a 5min timer.

    We made our way back to the RHIB (By this time it was about 23:15) and saw the MI-8 incoming from the South again, this time it was dropping its para-flares quite close. I told everyone to dismount from the Zodiac, and we spread out around the location. I deployed my AT-4 as the helicopter got within 250m, while the para-flares were disrupting my night-vision. As the helicopter basically passed over us (About 120m East, heading directly North), I had to guess at where I was leading. I fired and two seconds later heard the explosion and the MI-8's engines failing. I celebrated with a mental cheer and probably copious amounts of real swearing (Video coming soon). We then loaded up in the RHIB and proceeded around the North side of the island to hit our first target, the Fuel Dump (2). During the landing we we saw some lights to the East, so I killed the engine and Butler counted the intervals between the light reflecting off a building; it turned out to be a lighthouse. By 23:23 we were shoreside to the south of the target.

    After we dismounted, we moved up to the SE corner of the fuel dump compound. I had Foam and Noble cover the Wast entrance from a dip about 30m West of it as me and Butler entered from the right-hand side. The compound was clear and me and Butler each planted one Satchel on a 5-minute timer between the two sets of two fuel tanks. Again mounting up in the RHIB we followed the coast around the SW corner of the island. I decided to create a second diversion at the Southern lighthouse. We moved up and planted a satchel at the base of it, but we believed we'd spotted enemies to our NE ~150m out. I decided to disengage and pulled the team South, back to the boat. We continued East and passed the bridge. We spotted a UAZ on the SE corner of the island, positioned looking East while we were South of it. I killed the engine and waited ~30s, and it moved off NW.
    By this point the plan was working pretty much perfectly as far as we could tell thus far.

    (23:40) We then landed pretty much directly East of the Radio Tower (3) and moved in on foot. There was a UAZ to the South of the landing zone but we pressed on. Upon reaching the radio tower, we heard a vehicle engine and voices just North of us at the OPFOR staging point. We attached a clacker to the Satchel and after waiting about two minutes, ran East to try to reach the boats. About half-way there the UAZ was parked just North of us facing East, directly towards the boat. I took the decision to engage, I told Foam to open up as soon as he detonated the satchel - counted us in - 3... 2... 1...
    The UAZ edged forward at that exact moment, and we couldn't hit either the gunner or the driver. After about 5 minutes of engaging we got bogged down. It turned out there was more than just a UAZ there, and we started receiving heavy fire as we tried to retreat East. Somewhere along the way Foam got left behind. I saw him get wounded and decided to go on the counter-offensive while Butler and Noble continued to retreat to the Zodiac. I flanked the enemy troops who were grouped around an unmanned UAZ killing approximately 3 of them. As I moved up to the UAZ I saw another OPFOR soldier sneaking up behind it. I flanked wide around the side and moved within 25m. "Hello, cutie pie" were the last words that soldier heard (Blame Arnold Schwarzenegger). I had eyes on Foam's body so I decided to commandeer the UAZ which was a fatal mistake. I crested a hill and crashed into the second UAZ, took fire and attempted to bail, which is when I got absolutely lit up.

    Butler and Noble returned to base to pick up more satchels as the mission hadn't ended despite the fact we'd hit both targets. In spectator mode, I saw that the satchel I'd set hadn't detonated (Though I'm sure I set a timer on it). They'd just reached the fuel dump undetected again when the mission ended. We proclaim victory.
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    Re: TvT Lingor AAR 07/09/12

    That sounded pretty intense. Great write up!


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      Re: TvT Lingor AAR 07/09/12

      Better map screenshot + full round video coming soon, courtesy of Butler


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        Re: TvT Lingor AAR 07/09/12

        "Hello, cutie pie." The words, which bear no meaning to Piotr Vasilevich, terrorized him like nothing had before for the milliseconds before the bullets impacted his body. Later, the backup teams would find his body on a hill, run over by a UAZ postmortem.

        Piotr had just come home from a satisfying day off. He had just picked up his little girl, a second grader, who had won the local school political debate. Also, his wife was finally returning from the overseas institution to meet him for their anniversary soon. He would trade nothing in the world for what he has now. Although he was stationed as a night shift captain in Lingor, the patrols were always quiet, and gave him plenty of opportunity to speak with his comrades as they cruise around, shooting the midnight breeze. Besides, the pay is good, and offers many benefits for him and his family.

        His day was ruined, however, when an encrypted message come from Headquarters. Intel has suggested a high likelihood of American saboteurs, come to destroy key facilities on the island, and that all off-duty patrol captains were to be called in for patrol duty tonight. However, Piotr didn't pay it too much mind. Intel has almost always been shady at best, and even if they come during the night, the combination of the moonlight, a numerically superior force, as well as an attack chopper on-site, would flush the American rats out faster than they can ever imagine. To ensure that the saboteurs weren’t going to succeed, the commanding officer brought in from the mainland devised a plan for that night's extra heavy patrol. Every patrol was granted access to an armed vehicle. The arsenal could only spare UAZ's but that was a lot better than the unarmed trucks they usually head out on. For extra security caution, every squad was notified about the encrypted channels on their radios. If they believed they were being snooped on, they would simply shift, and all their communications would be secure once again. Nothing can go wrong...right?

        However, things took a turn for the worse. When Piotr came in for his nightly shift, he was briefed on the situation. During morning patrols, negligence from the pilots nearly caused it to crash into a hillside. As a result, the gunship wouldn't be available for an unknown during for that patrol. To make matters worse, the moon was nowhere to be seen. It was going to be pitch dark, and one wouldn't be able to discern darkness from lurking shadows. There was unrest amongst the local militia called in for the night's patrol, and handheld flashlights had to be distributed due to lack of equipment.

        Despite the shortcomings, Piotr had absolute faith in his men. He had known his comrades for years, and they had fought alongside him during the previous war. As the patrol started for that night though, Piotr's mind started wandering. He was worrying, worrying about his daughter, who must be lonely at home at this time of night. Was she asleep? Was she safe? Had the Americans massacred towns on their way here? What about his wife? She was flying in, and would be at the airport tomorrow, but is she safe? Are the Americans planning on an invasion, and would they shoot down her plane, in fear of weapons shipments? He was in such a worried state, that he was unable to focus on his driving. He asked one of his trusted comrades to take over. "No worry," his comrade said, "nothing will happen tonight. I'll take over the wheel, so you can focus on planning your upcoming anniversary.” to which Piotr returned a weary smile.

        Soon after the patrols were underway, the sound of the gunship can be heard overhead. It seems as if the technicians at the base were able to ready the flying heap of metal after all! The good news was followed by something troubling though: after a loop around the island, command elements lost contact with the gunship. To ease the minds of his comrades in arms, Piotr simply brushed it off, saying the gunship may be down for repairs again. His comrade's uneasy laughter echoed through the night air. There was nothing they could do but believe and hope for the best. He wanted to believe too, but the radio chatter coming from command was unsettling.

        On the northern end of the island, the severely damaged gunship plunged into the sea, leaving no trace.

        As the continued calling of the gunship from command was met with silence, Piotr wouldn't hold it in any longer. "The gunship is down." he told his comrades. At that moment, the patrol's morale dropped. Without the gunship lighting up the island, this game of cat and mouse took a turn for the worse. Without the flares in the sky, the only thing the patrol had to light their way was the UAZ's headlights. With each additional round, every tree and bush seemed like they were silhouettes, staring at Piotr and his squad from the safety of the shadows, mocking him, forming his worst scenarios come true. However, headquarters couldn't do much, and insisted that all guards patrol double time to make up for the loss of the gunship.

        Some time later, a message crackled in from command. Another patrol had found an abandoned boat on the eastern end of the island. Patrols were immediately dispatched to likely targets in the vicinity, and Piotr felt the beads of sweat down his sweat as he headed to his destination: the food storage. What were the Americans planning on doing? A biological attack on the local populace to lower favor with the incumbent government? No, that can't be. Biological warfare is forbidden in the Geneva Convention. However, knowing them, they would always blame it on a local uprising, and no investigations would ever be brought up. As his men continued to search every nook and cranny within the storage, an explosion was heard a little bit away. Soon after that, a patrol reported that two of the four gas tanks have been sabotaged. Luckily, the two gas tanks that have been destroyed have been emptied out earlier the day, the fuel spent on drills as well as for tonight's operation.

        There was no time for relief, however. As the tension was winding down and everyone returned to their normal patrols, gunshots could be heard in the distance. Suddenly, the radio exploded with incoming transmission. "We're taking gunfire! Need backup ASAP at flares!" Not too far from Piotr's location, a flare can be seen shooting into the sky, from a handheld launcher. Piotr and crew quickly rushed to the scene. Ordering his men to dismount and move on foot to avoid being a larger target, Piotr and his men crested the hill. Immediately, the horizon was filled with gunfire. There was no time to react. His comrade, who had taken over the wheel for him, was down in a flurry of gunfire. Piotr hugged the ground, in part due to training, in part due to fear. "This can't be the end," he thought to himself. "I have to live; I have to take care of my little girl!" As if a higher power answered his prayers, a friendly vehicle flew over the hill, where his comrade was shot down just moments ago. It stopped, facing him, and the headlights blinded his eyes. Immediately, the mounted gunner opened rounds at unseen targets far off. A split second later, return fire can be heard from the American operators' suppressed weaponry.

        After a short moment of exchange fire, the area was all quiet. Have the saboteurs been killed? He called out to the silhouette of the UAZ gunner in front of him. When there was no reply, he walked closer to examine. The gunner, one from the other patrols, was dead. A stream of blood was flowing from his abdomen. Piotr realized he had made a terrible mistake by calling out and approaching. He had nowhere to go, and the enemy, still probably hiding off in the hillside, must have their sights trained on him.

        The fear that swept through Piotr was so great, he panicked. Taking a prone position, he hid underneath the UAZ, hoping that the enemy would treat him as corpse and ignore him. As he lay there, he thought of his child and wife. What were they doing now? Were they safe? At this moment in time, Piotr would have wished to be in any other job than this. This is not what he wanted. All he ever wanted was a good life for his family. Why did it have to come to this? As the thoughts raced across his mind, he heard shuffling in the nearby grass.

        "Hello, cutie pie." In the short silence that followed, a single, final tear flowed down Piotr Vasilevich's cheek.

        ***Thanks for reading. This is my first time writing an AAR at all (and the first time trying to write anything of my free will in story format!) .
        I really enjoyed this mission. The danger aspect to the BLUFOR, combined with the darkness against the OPFOR really made an exciting and tense game.
        Any feedback is appreciated, and I hope you enjoyed the read!

        |TG-Irr| Lonewolf80


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          Re: TvT Lingor AAR 07/09/12

          Here is my AAR.

          Me and Adept circle the island once in the MI-8 then BOOM AT-4 to the Face.

          Total game time ~ 10 minutes.

          Good on Morbo for hitting us with an AT.

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            Re: TvT Lingor AAR 07/09/12

            Lol^ epic


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              Re: TvT Lingor AAR 07/09/12

              Originally posted by louis0415 View Post
              "Hello, cutie pie." The words, which bear no meaning to Piotr Vasilevich, terrorized him like nothing had before for the milliseconds before the bullets impacted his body. Later, the backup teams would find his body on a hill, run over by a UAZ postmortem.


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                Re: TvT Lingor AAR 07/09/12

                Originally posted by Morbo513 View Post
                Better map screenshot + full round video coming soon, courtesy of Butler
                Unfortunately, due to limitations presented to me last minute, I will be unavailable to produce the video for a bit, but rest easy my hard drive is being held in a very safe place while I await a Parallel ATA to SATA converter.

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