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Fun Domi Night (7-30-12)

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  • [AAR] Fun Domi Night (7-30-12)

    Well the night started out just like any other. A few lone souls on the Bravo server just looking to get in some quick tactical play before hitting the sack. After having a rough go with only 4 on Patrol Ops we decided to switch over to Taki Domi. Starting with Bretski, Dekul, Jimothy, and myself we embarked on our first side mission to take out a radio tower north of Garmsar. We loaded up and took a Huey and made our way to the AO. I flew while the others navigated and we landed just North of the tower in a ravine. After parallel parking the chopper we proceeded to formulate our strategy. Bretski took up position about 900m away on an adjacent hill with his massive TAC-50 and single Javelin (he's training for the 2016 ArmAlympics). After we gave him a thirty second head start we made our way up the valley to the crest of our hill. We had about a 600m stretch of open ground to cross before we hit cover. Bretski shortly called in for permission to fire which I granted. As soon as the first shot rang out Dekul, Jimothy and myself sprinted towards cover taking advantage of diversion. After reaching cover we continued to clear the area but as we just about wrapped up we realized that a BMP was nearby. After identifying the target Bretski made quick work of the target with his Javelin. However we we're still in danger as another vehicle lurked nearby out of Bretski's view. As Jimothy set up his MG to cover the radio tower and our approach, I had Dekul prep his AT4 for whatever we would find on the other side. We approached slowly and as soon as the target was in sight, a anti-air vehicle, I had Dekul take the shot. Boom. Next it was on to the radio tower, Dekul set his two satchels down and attached a remote detonator. We took cover and blew that tower to smithereens. However this was only the beginning of an already great night (with caveats of course).

    Shortly after completing our first side-mission we immediately headed for a second which was a simple assassination. Well to shorten this a little, here we go, when we landed I got a little to close to the rotor and I got hurt, so the boys went on to finish side mission, well after calling in some unsuccessful arty they got Shilka'd. Shortly after one returned, forgive me I do not remember, and after a quick HALO launched an M203 to finish of the commander. Not done yet.

    Well after that we regrouped at base however there was trouble brewing. For instance our brand new Apache got rammed by the C130 but they survived however not until the wood-be C130 pilot decided to pilot-crash-eject than take off in the Apache. He only got about 100m before he went splat into the ground. Then his buddies or like minded individuals decided to have a go at it to of which cost us a total of about 3-4 helicopters. At this point we we're fed up and we had Unkl step in to take out the trash by which I mean ban. Now it was time to get our game faces on.

    Now several more people we're on TS and joining to the server we even got some new players started, albeit a rough process they participated admirably for their first go in a tough to learn environment. We did two more missions; destroy a high-tech helicopter and capture a HVT. The the first we did a more serious go at it with a good view hillside of the Rasman airfield. We took out the ZSU and BMP at the location and then proceeded in on foot. Our MG's and snipers covered the hangar doors while the rest of the team minus our medic moved up to clear each hangar which went off without a hitch. The helicopter was yesterday's news as we cleared the area and took it out. After some snafu's with our transportation disappearing (despawned) we called in some Humvees and proceeded to the next objective to capture the HVT. For this mission we took a more casual approach but with some interesting tactics. A few of us donned Lee Enfields, M14s, and an M32 for some kick. For this mission I had the squad split up into 3 small man teams (3, 2, 2). Seeing as though we had odd numbers I had both Lee Enfields go with the MG to balance our fire. Our M14 (Gramps also medic) and M32 (Dekul) manned our fallback point but also formed the cap to our funnel of death. Once our third team Bretski and zilfondel got in position they took the first shots drawing the enemy down the hill at which point our MG and Lee Enfields picked them off with ease. Any who got past this were met with deadly accurate M14 and M32 fire. As we moved in and cleared the rest of the area I was taken out by a lone enemy but was revived by zlifondel. I returned to base in our Littlebird pickup for the HVT. Again our guys we're stranded due to despawning vehicles. I went back out in our Chinook to move them out to the next side mission and then RTB with the intent on piloting our new A10 on a few CAS runs if needed. However much to my dismay as I looked at my map for bearings some noob's had already crashed our shiny A10 in the middle of nowhere at which point Adept was forced to take drastic measures. I am so glad we had an admin on so late as we we're having new people join left and right out of the blue.

    Anyways thanks for all the great teamwork.


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    Good news. Sounded like you guys were having fun. Lee Enfields for the win!

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