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AAR from Hailstorm Arty Battery (8/19/2012)

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  • AAR from Hailstorm Arty Battery (8/19/2012)

    I had a moment that I will remember a while tonight. This is more narrative and less lessions learned, so be forewarned.

    We wre playing a mission BlackPython made recently, I do not recall the name. The misssion was to attack 1 of 2 outposts, then a secord outpost, and eventually a large town. I was doing arty with BP. He was the FCO (fire control officer) and I was the gunner. We had the pilot assigned to CSAR (I am sorry I do not recall your name) loading for us when he was not needed in the air. He did great, whoever he was.

    We put some illum rounds out, but as the night turned to day, we started raining down more WP and HE death and less starlight.
    At one point Command asked us to load one gun with each type of round, but we declined, as we were understaffed or almost staffed for one gun. Splitting to two would only slow our rate of fire, so that was no go. (But part of me thouht... imagine a 20 to 30 man misson, where we had enough trained players for 2 guns....)

    After several fire missions (all on target I presume, didn’t get any complaints from the ground forces) we are feeling pretty good and getting the hang of things. The missions are all in the same rough area, so the changes are relatively easy. As BlackPython and I are chatting between salvos he says; “You know that last one was right on them…” I thought and probably said, “what?” He explained, giving map coordinates for friendlies and the fire mission. It did look like we just bombarded our own troops. Right then the pilot who was assisting us got the order to fly out and pick up some causalities. I thought “shoot, we probably had some friendly fire on that one.” But I was confident that we put the rounds where we were told. I speculated why the fire could be requested that close with Black Python. Must have been surrounded to call in artillery on their own position, or something like that. Or maybe the forward observer mistakenly misread us his own coordinates as target grid? Not likely... In any case we got another fire mission and put more rounds out, the dicussion ending with the crack of the observer on the radio.

    A few minutes later the medevac chopper returns to base and BlackPython and I run over to help tend the wounded. As I recall it was the squad medic and a leader of some sort (FTL or squad) who were injured. Once we get them patched up BlackPython and I asked them if the fire had been accurate. The thing about artillery is you never really know 100% if you were on target, and we wanted some feedback.

    I will not soon forget what one of them said, “Man, I thought that artillery shook your screen when it was far away, but man, when it was on top of us...” At that moment I smiled. They had ask for artillery right on them, and we had put it right there. Mission accomplished. Good work BlackPython and mystery loader man/pilot.

    We had to abort the mission later, as we were playing way under the recomended minimum player count, but not before we cleared the first objective on a skeleton crew. It was a success in my book. Well done infantry, doing more with less! And whoever was commanding, you have my respect for calling in that danger close.

    Look forward to playing the mission again but this time all the way through, and thanks to Black Python for making the mission.
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Great write up.

    Shame about the lack of BDA though.

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      Re: AAR from Hailstorm Arty Battery (8/19/2012)

      Update: My memory for names is bad, but with help from BlackPython, I was able to add some names.
      The pilot who helped out was Tralic. Thanks for loading buddy! Nice landings by the way.
      The observer was Thirdsin. Hope we hit everything you pointed us at!
      The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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        Re: AAR from Hailstorm Arty Battery (8/19/2012)

        Think the mission name is Opmeteor been looking at it in the editor looks like a very good mission, I have some ideas to steal the base template and make a larger mission including more assests, but until then I look forward to playing this 119s just dont get enough love

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          Re: AAR from Hailstorm Arty Battery (8/19/2012)

          Originally posted by AdeptAbyss View Post
          ... 119s just dont get enough love
          Couldn't agree more! Good luck with the new mission!
          The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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            Remember, the last line of a fire mission is always a BDA. It gives everyone a warm fuzzy feeling hearing"infantry and BRDM in open destroyed".

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