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Op Mythos on Fallujah Sept.14 2012

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Op Mythos on Fallujah Sept.14 2012

    IC: LowSpeedHighDrag
    2IC: Lord Fuzzywig
    Alpha leader: Garthra
    Bravo leader: (fill in the blank)
    Charlie leader: Dimitrius
    SOAR (rotary) : Riykier (sp?)

    Secure the helo crash site
    Secure the nuclear weapon

    Concept of Operation:
    Perform an initial aerial reconnaissance over the MSR that leads into the AO. (SOAR) Which the convoy will use for the two objectives.
    Once on the objective area (an open area surrounded by structures on three sides (west,north,east).
    Charlie will be the base of fire element holding the SE sector, whilst Bravo will be holding at the SW sector. For Alpha team advance into the crash site & the unsecured nuke to be disabled.
    Once the objectives have been secured.
    RTB, Mission is complete.

    TG standard. Anyone displaying weapons, and engaging are deemed a threat.

    Actions on Convoy:
    Push through contacts.
    Actions on dismounts:
    Security on the assigned vehicles, pushing out the security out further if at longer halts.

    Convoy break down, order of march.
    Alpha (.50cal humvee), Bravo (5ton open top truck with mounted .50cal), command humvee, Charlie (.50cal humvee).
    Callsign SOAR on standby for JIPs and other tasks.

    After setting up an having leaders meeting. All vehicles lined up to start the mission at the staging area, north east of airfield.
    Final check with comms, we rolled out.
    Along the MSR no contacts, turned into the two lane highway that runs west to east was clear.
    However, while the convoy got closer to predesignated Charlie sector. The Alpha called contact to their left side.
    Order was given to push through.
    At this time Alpha turned off the road to their right. One block away from predesignated dismount location.
    The convoy had to be realigned and driven to dismount marker.

    At this time, Charlie set up security, while Bravo due to the confusion, was located further north of their assigned sector. Alpha meanwhile were moving up to theirs.

    After brief contacts, which Bravo & Alpha later encountered. With the support from Charlie team. There was a lull in the air.
    During ingress into the AO. IC reminded the leaders that "speed speed speed" (tempo) was the key thing they had to keep in mind during op.

    Alpha was ordered to push into the objective (crash site and the nuke).

    Bravo meanwhile reported squad size infantry moving to their north. North west of alpha. Charlie was ordered to push up one block to improve their over watch.

    Alpha located the crash site, placed the charges for detonation.
    At this time Charlie lead radioed in that multiple contact were closing into Alphas location. An order to engage was given. Suddenly a hail of angry bullets were being thrown down range.
    If I wasnt underneath the balcony, I would certainly be in the down pour of brass casings.
    A great sight to see.

    After the detonation of the nuke. We encountered some casualty. Due to the fact that Alpha wasn't fully clear of the blast radius. Medics were dispatched and took care of them.

    During this time, a swarm of OPFORs were converging in on our location.

    An order of break contact was given, to return back to base.

    With one man down, we all returned back to the safety of our NATO airbase.

    I would like to thank the players in the mission for the success and their leaders.

    Bravo Zulu all!

    TGU Instructor TG Pathfinder

    Former TGU Dean Former ARMA Admin Former Irregulars Officer

    "Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment." - Dag Hammarskjold



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