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  • [AAR] Operation Marko

    All Operation Marko AARS go here.

    I would like to thank all of you for participating in this event. We had a wonderful time and even though we had some difficult beginning actions, we stuck with it and I consider the mission a success.

    I will have my own AAR as soon as I can write it.

    I am only a good commander because I have good soldiers under my command. I'd take you lot over any other community in a heart beat. Thank you for the opportunity to command such a dedicated and distinguishable group of men and women.

    If you have any criticisms of the way I commanded, I welcome scrutiny and compliment with the same appreciation.

    Please take a moment and write a few sentences about what you remember about today's event. By documenting our experiences, we can chronicle our missions and give ourselves the opportunity to see the action through the eyes of fellow TGer.

    This is our story, help us write it.

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    Re: Operation Marko

    Also, please consider putting a fellow member of TG or guest for a ribbon! All you need to do, is follow this link here, choose the ribbon for the person, or squad you wish to promote, and Submit a Nomination

    Guys, take the time to do this, I am one who believes that recognition is deserved where it is due and I have a list of folks I'm putting up just from this operation alone.

    Thank you and good going!

    Tactical Gamers lead the way!
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    "An infantryman needs a leader to be the standard against which he can judge all soldiers."

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      Re: Operation Marko

      It was a very nice mission. As a member of Hailstorm, we were in charge of artillery. There was four of us: Garthra as Artillery commander, Sethiol as artillery gunner, Liquid switching between gunner and loader as needed, and me as a loader. In the beginning, we ran into some small technical difficulties, but then we cleared it out, and we were operating smoothly, getting shots out quickly. There were alternating times of quiet and peace, as well as times of hectic firing and readying without stop. Overall, very very interesting and fun, and a nice change of pace from the infantry work.

      |TG-Irr| Lonewolf80


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        Re: Operation Marko

        AAR: Operation Marko.

        Firebase Hailstorm or Firebase Awesome?

        Characters: Dimitrius command, Adept FO, 2IC Ryker

        Arty Crew:
        Liquid—Gunner and switched to loader.
        Sethiol—Loader and later gunner.
        Lonewolf (aka Louis0415)—Loader and Ammo
        Garthra – FCO/Arty Lead

        What happened:

        1.) First mission was off a bit.
        2.) Liquid had an issue with his PC that messed up his gunning (unable to alter the deflection).
        a. It took a few minutes to determine the cause of the error. Finally Liquid said his +/- Def key wasn't working. To compensate and alter the deflection despite the nonfunctioning DEF key, he used Reset key. This was good initative, but the reset key, unknown to him, should not be used in this manner. This created a miss. Once the reset value was changed, the gun needed to be reset to original deflection and azimuth to avoid future misses. In short until it was fixed, gun 1was no longer useful.
        b. I should stress, the root problem was a glitch with his computer not showing +/- Def change when button pressed. I put Liquid on loader, because I could not risk more computer glitches, although I am confidant he has the skill and knowledge to be a gunner. He was certainly an asset to the firebase in terms of ammo prep later in the mission!
        3.) Gun 1 was now corrupted. We shifted to gun 2 and I put Sethiol on it, as fire missions continued to come in with regularity.
        a. A few miuntes before switching guns, Sethiol became injured by carrying an empty ammo box. He needed morphine, but I decided against calling in a medevac because he was unlikely to pass out from that wound and I did not want to be without a gunner.
        4.) Sethiol was now on gunner, a position he had little experience with in Arma, but plenty in the real world. Sethiol’s first shot was a miss, but he realized his own error (a sign of a good arty man) and we corrected. Future shots were routinely on target.
        5.) After several fire missions, I, Garthra, used some downtime to reset gun 1, and removed the corrupted Azimuth and deflection values. It had been a while since I had done that drill, and with my blood pumping, I was uncertain I was recalling it correctly.
        6.) Immediately thereafter, an order was given to split the guns and use both of them. Good thing we fixed the corruption! And rounds from Gun 1 were on target thereafter, a great relief to me.
        7.) Gun 1 on the left was set to HE/WP.
        8.) Gun 2 on the right was dedicated Illum.
        a.) This reduced all possible confusion as to round type (illum are shot at friendlies, by gun 2, he/wp at hostiles by gun 1) and allowed for good ammo layout between the boxes and the guns. (Good holding position rows leading to correct gun.)
        9.) Fire missions were on target and the crew got into a rhythm.
        10.) We were told to do illums at an interval of 15 seconds, and then a 20 second gap between rounds. Typically 5 or 10 rounds per fire mission.
        11.) Finally, we were given the mother of them all. A 20 round illumination mission, 30 seconds between rounds.
        a. The team performed beautifully. A constant stream of rounds for 10 minutes straight, all on target.
        12.) The team continued to fire illum groups of 5 or 10 in addition to an occasional HE or WP.
        13.) Sethiol took extremely detailed notes that aided in referencing previous fire missions and keeping track of rounds.
        14.) Liquid organized the rounds and kept them flowing.
        a. Rounds organized in lines, empty ammo boxes discarded to the side.
        b. Rounds were pre set accurately.
        15.) Lonewolf kept the time spacing between rounds and double checked the loading.
        16.) The team stayed calm, goal oriented and cohesive during downtime, and used downtime effectively to prepare for subsequent missions.
        a. Around this point Sethiol passed out from pain of his wounds. I began stabilizing him, but as I was doing that, and ordering liquid onto the gunner role, another fire mission came up. I had Lonewolf stablize and I went to the computer to start getting fire mission data. As I finished recieving the fire mission and calculating the settings for the gun/shell, Sethiol came to, and was able to take his old post up again.
        b. I considered, but did not request, a medevac at this time. Instead I told Sethiol to speak more than normal so we would know instantly if he passed out mid fire mission. . . And the fire missions kept coming.
        17.) Soon thereafter we were given an HE target; a shuka I believe, and adept used proper correction procedure to walk us onto target. [left right, add drop, up down.] (Possible error factors: 1.) Using 6 digit grids and estimations, 2.) a slight error factor from using 2 guns on a computer calibrated to the mid point between them. ) When on target we put 10X HE and 1X willy Pete on it. Good effect on target thanks to good corrections from Adept.
        18.) Subsequent fire missions were generally on target with very few corrections.
        19.) As the mission ended we did a fire for effect bombardment of the last objective, and lit up the base with illum as the guys returned home.

        A very fun mission done with an excellent crew. Hope to see you all again on the firebase! I cannot over emphasize how happy that 20 round fire mission made me. Very happy.

        Over the course of 5 hours we fired roughly 40 HE, a handful of WP, and 75 Illum. I am sure sethiol’s notes are more precise, but as a rough total I am quite proud of that.

        Coordination with FO was excellent and generally clear! Points to Adept/Widow. He did great job of advising us of upcoming fire missions so we could preset the guns properly.

        Points to Improve on:

        1.) More detailed note taking as the FCO. Good notes save time and increase accuracy.
        2.) Always follow my own SOPs. I tried to cut one corner on one round and it resulted in a miss. Corrected next round to follow SOP and hit. Lesson learned, no one beats a good SOP. Not even the author.
        3.) Occasionally messed up comms with gunner/loader. Not a big deal, they just had to ask for clarification/correction, but it cost seconds, and it is something to work on.
        4.) A fourth man (a gunner, a loader, an ammo preparation man, AND a FCO) made a great deal of difference on the speed of fire missions. Especially on sustained fire missions, it really helped out. Future note to map makers: 4 arty guys is more effective than 3!
        5.) Basic medical supplies, such as bandages, and in missions without Marko's exacuation script, morphine and epi, should be placed at the firebase in case of slight injuries.

        I would really love to see some AAR from the guys on the ground or in leadership roles telling us how things went from their perspective. How did the battle go you grunts? :D More detailed the better!
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        The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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          Re: Operation Marko

          Here is a link to the spreadsheet I created for tracking rounds. Its not perfect yet, but its a nice start. Also easier to view than the image, but not sure how to hang the spreadsheet in forums so its viewable.

          Just some quick notes as Gun Chief/Gunner. We started a little rough as its been a few days since we have worked together, but once we got commo straighten out it was smooth sailing. At first, we werent having the load verify with the gunner what round he was loading before he loaded. We didnt have any issues with improper rounds, but I wasnt going to wait for the wrong round to be loaded for us to fix it. We also noticed an issue with no medical support at the gun lines. There is a bug when moving the empty boxes the rounds come in. It will not allow for two people to carry the box, and I was moderately injured while carrying one alone. Later on, I passed out for several minutes. Lonewolf, Liquid, and Garthra were able to get me up and running again but I had to be very careful after that. I was given a no running, no body armor, no PT profile. We need a medic at gun line. He will sit and be bored alot, but better than loosing your arty.
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            Re: Operation Marko

            Liquid and Lonewolf sorting ammo at Gun 1

            Gun 1 with Willie Pete on the left and all those green HE rounds on the right

            Death dealers lined up, all in a row for you grunts

            Remember, Field Artillery is the King of Battle. All grunts pray to two entities when hunkered down...God and the FA!!!



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              Re: Operation Marko

              Originally posted by Beinseth View Post
              We also noticed an issue with no medical support at the gun lines. There is a bug when moving the empty boxes the rounds come in. It will not allow for two people to carry the box, and I was moderately injured while carrying one alone. Later on, I passed out for several minutes. Lonewolf, Liquid, and Garthra were able to get me up and running again but I had to be very careful after that. I was given a no running, no body armor, no PT profile. We need a medic at gun line. He will sit and be bored alot, but better than loosing your arty.

              In the future, I think the SOP will be, if possible, to track the shells in each box, and move the box while it has 1 rounds remaining. Then prep the last round and put it in the holding area when returning from the "trash" box area. This will prevent injuries of that sort. It requires more coordination in the team in terms of carry in pairs, but, it allows arty to solve arty's problem, without outside help.
              That said, I agree we need some sort of way heal the arty guys in future missions. Given we are often way off by our selves, it would be great have some medical equipment. As FCO I was hesitant to call in a medevac on the firebase, but I almost did.

              Sidenote: Excellent pictures. :D
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              The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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                Commanders AAR: Operation Marko

                Commanders Log: Dimitrius, Captain, Royal Irish Troop Commander.
                Date: 09/15/12 Late afternoon
                Mission: Operation Marko
                Location: Lingor

                "If you're lucky enough to be Irish, then you're lucky enough."

                Today's mission was a testament to the cohesiveness and stern drive that Tactical Gamer has been striving so hard to achieve. I would like to first recognize individuals for their actions.

                These are in no priority and no particular order.

                Senior Lieutenant Riyker: Sunray Minor (XO "2nd In Charge): Standard procedure for large unit combat operations often require the delegation and partitioning of responsibility based on function. Command is not so much split in half as shared in responsibility. Rikyer shared the commanding elements duty by offloading the logistical side of both combat air support and infantry management from my shoulders. Had he not been there to fulfill his duties in the way he, we could very well have not succeeded. Thank you for your dedication.

                Lieutenant Adept Abyss: Widow Forward Observation Officer(I believe): Adepts ability to lead was greatly welcomed and with Garthra under his command, there was little that could not be done with the artillery. He pretty much had free reign as neither squad had the time to call in support. We had daylight conditions for most of the combat parts of the mission because of his direction and Hailstorms response.

                Medical Officer Dumbledore: My troop medic was an excellent response force on the field, supplemented MERT with alacrity, and was always at my six when I turned around. An excellent case study for the proper behavior that should be enacted by the soldier.

                Team Leads: Good work. You did well to keep your soldiers in line.

                Warrior: Warrior was on the spot whenever we needed them. Their role involved into front line medevac as the game progressed, I was genuinely impressed with the combat restraint. Good work vehicle crew you lot saved a lot of lives tonight.

                Hailstorm: Adept will have to touch on you guys as he had contact with you throughout the whole mission. Excellent work and way to put shells downrange with accuracy.

                Flight: Thanks to both Demonic Raven and Lord Fuzzywig for utilizing their expert piloting skills. On more than one occasion, ASCOT moved in and eliminated areas that we were taking significant fire from. More support from our UH 60M, as SURVIVOR, complemented the effect. PaxJerome you did an outstanding job as flight medic, as always.

                The mission started out a little wonky, as some of the newer players are not used to the restrained and serious atmosphere of an event level operation. There were some minor interruptions during initial briefing which disturbed me and wore on my patience, but after some time had passed, we were slotted up, loaded into the game, and ready to rock with a high social adrenaline factor.

                Command element was split into myself as CO, Riyker as XO, Adept as the Artillery Forward Observer, and Dumbledore as platoon medic. The FOO handled requests and fire assignments for our artillery battery, Riyker directed flight operations, and I organized the two infantry squads.

                My first order, after staging, was to stack up at RP 1, and wait for orders to roll out to Way point 1, before moving to Way point 2. At this point, there was a major breakdown in communication, which I take full responsibility for, not because I failed to convey my intentions and expectations, but because I did not communicate with the kind of redundancy and verification that should have been employed. It seems, that after Alpha, Bravo, and Warrior stacked up at RP1, somehow, someone, decided it was time to move to Rally Point1, Way point 1, and then Way point 2. As this occurred, I was unaware, as I was busy coordinating with Riyker, Adept, and my pilots for upcoming tactical movements.

                Minutes go by, and I do not hear much chatter about the two teams stacking up on the Rally Point, instead, I suddenly hear reports of casualties and incoming fire. "Holy Cow," I think, because I did not expect contact so close to our spawn point. Understand, that the Rally Point 1 was a mere few hundred meters from spawn and was meant as a start point. Anyway, I ask for clarification, turns out the entire infantry element has moved on and I had no clue. This was quite unexpected and required a momentum shift which I was not prepared for.

                At this point, I decided to stuff my confusion and focus on the response I wished to employ. Reaching over with my left hand, I man handled Adept into a Land Rover as he barked commands to Hailstorm to provide illumination at the current AO. We abducted XO, Riyker, and headed to Way point 1, which was located approximately four hundred meters north west of the AO that our infantry element had just entered. When we got to our destination and set up our CCP, communications with my squad leaders had gone silent. Sunray Minor(Riyker) began maneuvering our chopper into a response posture and I tried raising anyone in either squad by switching to their 343 channels and broadcasting.

                Up until this moment I had steadily lost morale with the whole entire operation because of the way things had gone down so far. It's worth mentioning that that feeling evaporated when, suddenly, and unexpectedly, out of nowhere, up drives BL1P in a 4x4 with two casualties. I could have shed a tear I was so proud. Now That is what I call initiative. He and his teammates had not only gathered the injured together, they had improvised and loaded them into a vehicle, and drove them back to their previous way point, Without Orders.


                Bravo guys, that made me very happy.

                Over the next twenty minutes, we stayed at Way point 1 and regrouped both the wounded Alpha and Bravo soldiers. Names escape me at the moment, but there were at least two other instances of BL1P and his team mates ferrying in injured friendlies. It was spectacular. Riyker helped Guide ASCOT to our current position and in turn, delivered a fresh load of re-enforcements. We were glued back together, for the moment.

                Garthra and his Artillery Battery were busy at this point, let me tell you. They launched everything including the kitchen sink at OPFOR. Even when I radioed the two teams into that-city-I-cannot-pronounce-that-starts-with-a-''G'', they kept the illumination rounds coming in steady and provided the kind of advantage that Alpha and Bravo needed at that moment.

                After Alpha and Bravo moved in and cleared the second town, I ordered them to eliminate the checkpoint. They carried out this mission with minimal effort and prepared to move on the last objective.

                A CO is typically alone at the top of the Platoon, but this evening I was a formal component of a larger command infrastructure. That co-adhesiveness is not easily produced and I am grateful for not only the opportunity to lead, but the resulting teamwork that rightfully ensued. My role was, at best, only 70% of the instruction that went into our efforts, my subordinate officers anticipated my directions with professional acumen and our enlisted and fireteam elements carried out their orders to the word.

                I swear that the events recorded here are true and unfolded during Operation Marko on the evening of Saturday, 15th of September, 2012.

       remembered by myself, Captain Dimitrius, Echo 1-6, Royal Irish Troop Commander.

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                  Re: Commanders AAR: Operation Marko

                  AAR from Operation Marko – Phoenix Automatic Rifleman Alpha squad

                  When the mission started things got off to a fairly good start. Minor things were worked out like us being in game slots for bravo but actually being Alpha squad (this is where having a paper and pencil for notes helps so you only have to ask once-write it down and you don’t have to ask the same question again and can actually help others).
                  Comms- During an event like this we really need to restrain ourselves from unnecessary comms. I found it hard to communicate with my SQL and FTL on mission related info because of the unnecessary chatter from bored people. We need to be more aware that our direct comms can be heard and disruptive to others and especially people in leadership positions trying to organize.
                  Suggestion would be to have a staging area for squads away from the ammo boxes, officers and other strategic locations so they do not disrupt and prolong the start.

                  So off to the mission, unfortunately majority of my time was spent out of combat dead or injured always playing catch up but here it is 
                  Right from the start we were faced with challenges, which as a perfect example of importance in such a mission of constant adaptation and listening/following orders. We set out to take off in the warrior, unfortunately there were only 6 slots in the rear and our squad had 7. So we had to improvise and proceded to the 4x4 with a gun only when getting in realizing that they each only had 3 slots thus leaving 1 man out again. So we ended up taking 2 people in a gun 4x4, followed by 3 people in an unarmed 4x4 followed by a gun 4x4. We encountered heavy enemy fire within minutes of leaving the base and our squad took casualtys me being the first one. Once the firefight was under somewhat of control I was loaded into the 4x4 but unfortunately it did not stop the life timer like we thought it would, it continued until I eventually respawned. Back at base I noticed at least 5 other people 2 from my squad so we regrouped and awaited orders trying to get in touch with command to advise them there were respawns at base. So I jumped on the JIP radio and let command know that there were back at base awaiting orders.
                  Not long after command communicated with us through one of the pilots who than flew us to the Field hospital in the Chinook. I got in the first slot that poped up which was a rear gunner seat and not noticed that my gear got “loaded” so when we landed I jumped out instead of getting out and I believe that this caused my backpack and main weapon to disappear. (I will have to confirm that) there was another person I think Andy O’neill that got that bug.
                  So now I am at the field hospital trying to regroup with everyone and rejoin the front lines with a pistol. Eventually some of my squad ended up all in a 4x4 and we proceded to the front lines, my SQL BL1P changed in that time to now [TG]B so I updated him on my status and we proceded, by this time it was very dark and the flares were a welcome sigt. Alpha proceded into the town with the cover from the warrior and even tho at this time it was well over an hour into the mission and all I have done was die in an ambush, lost my weapon to a bug and a lot of patient waiting. Walking in formation with such poor visibility I felt the immersion when that warrior was engaging since we could barely see each other and at times even could not see 5 feet, I was so much more focused on the sounds and that warrior firing added alot to the immersion.
                  We proceded into the town and I was able to finally loot a PKM off a dead enemy so I loaded up not noticing how heavy I got since I since had a rocket launcher I picked up (one of the only weapons available) so while trying to keep up with the squad I was blacking out having to drop gear as I was finding cover. Eventually I got my hands on a SAW and was almost giggling I was so happy. We engaged some bunkers and took another casualty we established a perimeter and provided cover while taking random small arms fire. It was good to see that warrior providing support.
                  I than got taken out by a sniper and loaded into the warrior and with 2-3 others got transported back to the RP. Where I received help (Oh and I also ended up with the headbug at that point) Was contacted by my squadmates not long after so we grouped up and proceded back into the front lines. Shortly after unfortunately I had to go due to time constraints.

                  Things to improve on:
                  People who play with Tactical Gamer and especially join these events need to be patient and realize thet their disruptions cause further delays every time a leader has to stop organizing to address one persons irrelevant or repetitive question. Arma is not a shoter anyone can play it BUT it takes a certain breed to enjoy it. It’s a simulator and everything leading up to the firefight is a part of the experience.

                  Personal inexperience:
                  I have been gone from arma for almost 2 years and with only 1 week back getting into ACE and ACRE + everything arma already has on top of the event being a difficult mission with limited to none visibility. It was quite overwhelming most of the time. So with time and experience I’ll be able to avoid some of the bugs and take in the positive aspects of arma and enjoy it even more.
                  Hats off to the people stepping up to the plate to take leadership roles, without you it would just be a public server free for all and not possible to enjoy the full potential of arma. With enough experience I hope to be able to step up myself.
                  My squad was awesome SQL ThirdSin FTL BL1P ( and than [TG-IRR]B ) good communication clear and short instructions. Good work by the squad, those flares from grenadiers were a very welcome sight every time one popped. When I was down I was taken care of when I had bugs people stepped up and helped me out, when I was lost they even sit there and honked the horn for me to find my way!! So instead those frustrating me I felt like I was part of a team and it added that much more to the experience. Thank you all.
                  The overall experience was very educational for me and even tho exhausting I enjoyed it alot. The immersion with the night and fear of dying, not having a weapon the feeling of helplessness hiding near the warriors firepower with only a pistol in the pitch black was frightening when you let yourself realise situations like this exist in reality.

                  So a special Thank You to the men and women who serve today and have in past.

                  Looking forward to a long future with Tactical Gamer and becoming more involved.



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                    Re: Operation Marko

                    Yeah, the mission was awesome!
                    Squadlead and Fireteam lead did a great job!

                    Needed to quit earlier because it was already 2am here, but also because of my teammates... the teamwork in our Squad was not the best, people bunching up, looking in one direction, running away from the team, or just not following the team because they "needed" to take ammo from dead (enemy) soldiers. Alot of talking, even when Squad Lead tried to explain something to us, and in overall there was no seriousness at all.
                    SL and FTL tried to keep the people silence, and told them exactly where to go, 360 etc, but for me it seems like nobody was listening.
                    I hope we can improve this, took away almost all the fun for me...

                    Pax told be the mission was running for 4 or 5 hours!
                    Sound awesome!


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                      Re: Operation Marko

                      Mission: Operation Marko
                      Time and date: 15/09/2012 21:00 GMT till 02:00 GMT
                      Position: Forward Observation Officer

                      Report: I will be keeping this AAR short and focus on specific events and Fire missions as observed from my position.

                      Fire mission 1: This fire mission was called in to assist in the rescue of injured during a communications error that resulted in friendly forces moving too far forward. I called for 3 WP rounds at the edge of town where friendly forces had fallen back from. This provided good smoke cover and helped clear out any enemy infantry advancing on friendly forces. Rounds were delayed at the start due to an issue with a gun, but were soon on target.

                      On the first town I called in a total of around 10 fire missions both a mixture of HE, WP and ILLUM, although due to my position on the outside of town I had no direct visual on enemy forces and most rounds were fired at suspected enemy positions, the buildings and tree cover made for accurate data difficult to gather, although the rounds hit on target and helped suppress enemy positions and assist in lighting up the area for friendly forces to work in.

                      Second town: For the second assault I set up in a building at the edge of the first town, with a good view over a lake, from this position I had a view on a number of targets and proceeded to call in rounds, at the same time the Wildcat had been given the order to engage and was doing a great job at taking down infantry in the open. I had spotted an enemy MG bunker and infantry overlooking the entrance to town and called down 3 HE and 1 WP in the area, rounds fell to the left of target missing the MG but causing the infantry to scatter, I was in the process of calling in adjustment rounds when the call for infantry to advance was given, they required illumination of the target area and we had to cancel the current mission and switch over. At the point I called in around 30 illum rounds, First I asked for 5 rounds with 20 secs delay between shots before the assault began, and then 6 mins later asked for a repeat of last fire mission, another 5 rounds came in. The assault was under way at this point and I had been asked for further illum on the area. new grids were given out closer to the town and above friendly forces line of advance, I requested 20 rounds with a 30s delay between shots, this gave a good 10 mins of near daylight over the target. The arty team worked well and had the rounds coming in fast and on time, while keeping me updated on the amount of rounds fired.

                      Checkpoint objective: For the checkpoint I had moved into a elevated position with great view over the target, after calling in a few illum rounds to get an idea of the area I had a targets in the open and called in the rain. I informed the infantry teams to hold back there assault until the fire mission was complete. I called for 1 round of HE for adjustment fire, made one adjustment and fired for effect 4 HE and 1 WP soon landed on a group of infantry hiding in the trees. Soon after the rounds landed friendly forces assaulted the checkpoint and quickly dealt with the remaining infantry, while arty had returned to providing illum over the area.

                      Main target: During the set up for the main town a few Illum rounds had been called in to assist the infantry get into position. After which I took up a position on a hill which gave the benefit of better radio communication and complete over view of the area, from here Bravo team spotted a MG position on a hill and requested a fire mission. I checked out the area and spotted a shilka in the area, this became a priority target so i gave the grids and elev and called in 1 round for adjustment, the first round landed left 100 meters, the second the 10 meters to far and 40 meters right but the third shot was on target, Fire for Effect, 10 rounds HE 1 round WP, the shilka survived the first 4 rounds, although the crew bailed and ran through the arty to safety (somehow surviving) soon after the shilka exploded in a very nice fire ball. ending the Heavy AA threat in the area, unfortunately before I could call in the adjustment to take out an MG bunker it shot down our medevac chopper. At this point Dimi had to leave, and CO fell to Riyker, We decided to call the mission due to loss of medevac, we called in extract and left for base. Although before this I gave the arty free "rain" (get it?) on the city, on our way out we heard the round fall and even seen some of the rounds light up the night.

                      At the end the Arty team gave us some illum rounds over base for a photo and we finished up. Total of 123 rounds fired, and 52 fire missions. Couldn't have asked for a better arty team, my only wish was for more of them and more guns.

                      Points of Interest:

                      The second town: Air was called in to soften up the area, having a good view from my position the air crew did a great job at hitting infantry teams making a move on friendly forces, and with accurate fire dealt with them quickly.

                      Warrior team: The warrior team done a great job, they were called in for more than just shooting down bad guys, transporting injured from the front lines and providing cover for infantry fallen back under fire helped keep the mission going and really made the difference.

                      Medevac: The Medevac team did a great job, we had plenty of injured throughout the night, they came in time and time again landing in a safe area, got the injured out and got the reinforcements in, couldn't have done it without them.

                      Command and Leadership: Great job by everyone, it was a tough mission, took a lot of leadership and control to get that mission under wraps you all done well.

                      Final comments: This mission was hard, it was built to be difficult, it really required all aspects to work together and they did well, There were a few issues with some players getting lost, or not following squads, but it happens at the best times, never mind in the pitch black of night in the lingor forest.

                      Comms were an issue, we could do with working on that, we had a lot of over chatter so people had to repeat a few times.

                      My name: Adept a skilled or proficient person Abyss a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity
                      So I'm a very skilled deep hole :D


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                        Re: Operation Marko

                        Position: XO, 2IC

                        My overall take-away on the mission is a positive one. We organized, assaulted, handled emergencies as they came and communicated effictively.

                        There were some issues as many have already mentioned but I think we managed well with what we had to work with. :icon12:

                        As XO, I spent a large majority of my time managing Savior and Ascot flights for medevac (I think I ordered 8 missions in total) -- thank you Fuzzy, Pax, Demon, and OPS.

                        Below is a short 3 minute video mission sampling I've put together as proof! :icon_lol:

                        I had fun -- as I'm sure as did everyone else!
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                          Re: Operation Marko

                          Originally posted by Riyker View Post
                          Below is a short 3 minute video mission sampling I've put together as proof! :icon_lol:
                          Thank you for not showing my troubles with the Chinook. That thing got awfully touchy at low altitudes there. I was sweating.

                          I was Saviour 1/Ascot 1 for the entire duration of the operation, and flew about five-ten notable medevac flights, as well as two CAS flights in the Hellcat. Shortly after sorting out some radio issues -- and needing to manually type in our frequencies to RXMT -- Pax (flight medic) and I were ready to roll and getting our SOP for casualties sorted out when our first garbled radio transmission came in on my hand-held portable radio, which I was using as a scanner when away from the UH-60 or Hellcat. Evidently, according to the traffic I received, they had already -- not even 30 minutes after leaving base -- sustained heavy casualties. I landed on a hillside and Pax did an excellent job of sticking to the plan he and I had agreed upon by not performing any field care and just directing all infantrymen to the chopper while he provided covering fire if necessary.

                          Our first trip was morbid. We had around five wounded, many in bad shape. We got out of there and patched all of them up rapidly. Even though I was the flight lead, I made certain to act as a medic any time we had more than one wounded.

                          Later into the fight, Ascot (DemonicRaven) disconnected and I offered my services to provide CAS. It was pitch-dark out now, and thanks to Pax's great efforts we were able to station about 2km from the fight and act as aerial recon with NVG/FLIRs. Eventually, we spotted multiple squads in the town of Tucos and were given the go-ahead to engage. I'd say we did some good work on them, but given the sheer number of bad guys in the town, eventually we were back on CASEVAC duty -- occasionally running emergency CASEVAC in the Hellcat, which I'm sure confused the daylights out of the boots. The UH-60 would have been too far away, so I did some ferrying back and forth that way.

                          My favourite part was landing in the city of Guayucca, though. We were called for an immediate CASEVAC and the LZ that was proposed wasn't going to work. We came in for our landing a little on the high side, and started taking fire from a vehicle in Tucos Pax and I had spotted earlier. We waved off and despite orders to forget the wounded for now, I swung back around and decided I'd rather risk the chopper and Saviour's lives than let the boots think we weren't doing anything to help their situation.

                          The main street in Guayucca was lit up like a Christmas tree, and with a spotlight and a friendly vehicle's headlights, the street looked eerily similar to a runway. I came in low, steadied out, and gave Pax a heart attack landing in the middle of the street with literal inches to spare on either side of me. (See Riyker's video)

                          The first two pictures (with me wearing NVGs) are from when we went on a CSAR for Zypher who was supposed to RTB with a truck that he ended up wrecking and harming himself rather badly in. The last two are from the landings that Riyker has video of. You can see just how tight it was for me to fit there.

                          The rest of the mission was rather uneventful for us, except the final Chinook pickup. Had we known we'd only be picking up the command crew, we wouldn't brought the Hellcat and it would've been much easier. But we backed up the Chinook -- a hundred-million thanks to OPS who guided me perfectly to where I needed to be -- and extracted the last two for a 10/10 photo op back at the Lingor Garrison.

                          All-in-all, on Saviour's end, we couldn't have performed better. Period.




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