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AAR: Joint Ops Vega (9/19/2012)

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  • AAR: Joint Ops Vega (9/19/2012)

    Mission: Joint Ops Vega
    Name: |TG|zilfondel
    Rank: CO

    Last night I commanded Dimitrius's Joint Ops Vega (v6). I'd like to thank everyone who participated in this mission - you guys did a great job, even though we were unable to play it to completion. There were a lot of players, lots of potential for confusion, and I am still green as a commander. I think that this was a pretty difficult mission, as the objective was not just a single point, but we had to clear EACH and EVERY building in the town - one giant objective, punctuated by occasional assaults from the hills. However, everyone stayed calm, organized, and comms in particular were quite good - kudos to my squad leaders - and I think that overall we were focused on the objectives despite being distracted by counterattacks & casualties.


    There were several objectives of the mission: Clear the entire town of hostiles (CQB), destroy any and all ammo caches, and destroy any enemy convoys that may arrive at the town. MOUT warfare at its most difficult! While taking fire from enemy patrols who may attack in the middle of the operation.


    We had a decent roster for the mission, with about 22 players. We were running a marine corps infantry platoon, with 2 squads - Guardian 1 & 2, along with "Kicker 1" - a British CQB squad to breach & clear the houses. Heavy weapons consisted only of LAWs, machineguns and satchels. No vehicles, no medevac, or any other fire support. Not exactly easy - but at least we never encountered armor.

    I started off by instructing my squad leaders of Guardian 1,2 and Kicker 1 - respectively, Unobacio (Puerto), Liquid, and Opto - to kit out their teams with heavy weapons, satchels, chemlights, plenty of ammo, etc. This turned out to be a very time-consuming task to strike a balance to meet so many mission requirements when faced with the unknown. One of the largest challenges for command are logistics, and since I was the sole CO, my hands were very full trying to balance creating a battle plan and organizing the platoon structure, comms, and logistics. As a result, I tried giving as much discretion to my squad leaders as possible in organizing their squads & kits.

    Command consisted of myself, command actual, Chichco, my designated marksman, and Dimitrius, my (sole) platoon medic, and author of the mission (he would only give me hints of what to expect!).

    Unfortunately, some players started engaging in teamkilling before we were able to commence the operation, but Dimitrius gave a stern talking-to to one of the instigators and that was the end of it.


    The operation commenced with Chichco, my designated marksman, eliminating the UAZ gunner, whose head was just visible from our starting location. Guardian 1 & 2 moved over the hill and took positions near the first cluster of houses, taking fire and using effective fire to clear the area and engage & eliminate some scattered patrols on the hills.

    We then moved down into the first cluster of buildings, where we found that several members of Guardian 1 had already entered the second building, climbed to the 2nd story, and were wounded/killed - before Kicker had even a chance to clear the 1st or 2nd buildings. I would like to stress the importance of following your squad leaders directions here. This delayed us for a good 15 minutes or so, as we took heavy fire from the NE hills. Eventually, after Guardian 1 & 2 engaged and eliminated the patrol on the ridge, the wounded were brought out, patched up, and Kicker easily cleared this cluster of buildings.

    Kicker and Guardian 1 then moved across the town square and cleared the 2nd group of buildings in front of Guardian 2. The first ammo cache was found and disposed of. Guardian 2 took fire from inside the buildings, but things went like clockwork at this point.... until a "friendly" JIP appeared and opened fire on our teams from behind, shooting me in the head and wounding many members of our platoon. This cost us approximately 10 more minutes or so until I was back on my feet. I was pretty upset at that guy, lets just put it at that!

    From this point on, we continued advancing through the compounds, clearing several more clusters of buildings, until we took a few more casualties. I directed Guardian 2 to watch from their position on the hill, and they were able to provide covering fire and pick off any contacts who wandered within visual. For some reason, we ended up treating our casualties in the street instead of the defended compound, which prevented Kicker from blowing the next ammo cache. Not sure why this happened - if you can move the wounded behind cover, it is preferable to treating them out in the open!

    Around this point GIJOE joined up as a platoon medic, and Dimitrius reslotted in as XO to lead Kicker 1 & get the pace of the operation moving. Unfortunately, this still left us with only one medic - for a platoon of almost 30 strong, 2 medics is a must! Anyways, we got our casualties back on their feet, and the pace really got kicked up a notch as Dimitrius and Kicker 1 cleared several more clusters of buildings. We were able to progress & clear our way down the street into the town several hundred more meters, with Guardian 1 & 2 right on their heels, providing very tight security of the AO. Things were going very smoothly at this point.

    About this time things kind of exploded. Multiple enemy patrols appeared from the N/NE, cresting the hills and opening fire on our platoon. We had 3 or 4 casualties - but our medic went missing. I spent some time sprinting from squad to squad while under fire, as well as on the radio trying to raise our medic who seemed to have vanished. Finally, after about 10 or so minutes, he finally reappeared with a second medic JIP!

    With our medics stabilizing our casualties, I moved to the back of our platoon to my command element to reformulate a new plan and stay out of the line of fire. Unfortunately, around this time Chichco and I, who were hanging back behind the squads, were ambushed by a single enemy soldier who snuck up from behind us. I swear we must have shot him a dozen times, but he killed me. I respawned back at base with about a dozen of our soldiers, so it seems like the situation took a turn for the worse.

    I tried to get the soldiers at respawn kitted out and back into the fight, but half of them quit, and the rest of our respawns/JIPs reported that they could not find enough ammunition for their weapons, myself included (out of MK17 rounds). Down to about 8 players, I just called the mission over.



    -Good communication! All squad leaders exercised excellent communication protocols. Everyone seemed to follow the ABC's of radio comms: accuracy, brevity, clarity. I was able to understand exactly what was going on when receiving reports from you guys.
    -Guardian 1 took good initiative in advancing towards objectives and engaging targets.
    -Guardian 2 provided excellent backup & firepower.
    -Kicker was very effective at clearing buildings, I don't recall them taking more than 1 casualty. You guys were awesome!
    -Medics were generally pretty aggressive at attending to casualties.
    -All squads seemed to operate well together, you guys stuck together like glue and provided cover for each other well. MOUT combat is tough, but I think everyone performed well.


    -Squad leader comms - take the initiative! Call out your contact, sitrep and casualty reports as they are happening. Command won't know what to plan for and where to allocate the resources when its in the dark. Keep your fellow squads and command informed of whats going on!
    -Tunnel vision! Teams too focused on the direction of existing contacts. Don't forget to maintain 360-degree coverage! Command itself was ambushed & killed by a single enemy to the rear.
    -Medic issues - Note to self: always take two medics! This was something I should have addressed at the beginning, and I hope to never again make this mistake. If you yourself are a medic, please try to keep in contact with command & give occasional sitreps. GIJOE, it was a huge relief to see you back in action with the 2nd medic & get those casualties back on their feet! Vega is not the kind of mission you can complete with zero casualties, IMO. Losing our medic during a critical phase of the battle, when we had 3-4 casualties, was a major blow.
    -Not enough ammunition - this was a huge mission, and we were running out of ammunition barely 1/3 - 1/2 of the way through it! I don't think we even had enough satchels to destroy all of the ammo caches. Dimitrius, please add an ammo-only crate that respawns clips & satchels!
    -Needed a better battle plan - Well, this is something I need to work on. First time playing a mission can really be difficult. Progress started to wane towards the end of the mission when we took casualties and became bogged down.
    -Teamkillers. Really. Aggravate. Everyone.

    Other notes:

    Casualty evacuation & medical treatment - I wasn't used to the platoon-level medic system - most of the missions I've played have medics attached to individual squads. Losing track of your medics is a major liability. Should we have setup a rear triage center for casualties to keep the medics safe? Or allow the medic(s) to treat casualties on the spot with the squad? I really wasn't sure to do about this, so I let the medics do their thing.

    Special thanks to:

    Dimitrius, for creaeting the mission & assisting me in getting the mission started & helping with command. Chichco, who is a great marksman, and the kind of teamplayer you want watching your back. My squad leads, including Uno, Gumby, Liquid, and Opto - the mission wouldn't have been possible without you guys. And everyone else who was on the server and not teamkilling!

    Again, I'd like to thank everyone for the part you played in this mission. I hope you all had the opportunity to stretch your legs and - most importantly - have fun! I think it was a valuable learning experience for many of us, and I think, even without completing the mission, that TG has really improved over the past year in being able to put 'boots on the server' and operate in a cohesive fighting unit.


    Please give (constructive) feedback! Did you have fun? What went well? What didn't go well? What would you have liked to do differently? Should command have been leading more from the front with Kicker & Guardian 1? This AAR is too long? etc...
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    Re: AAR: Joint Ops Vega (9/19/2012)

    Mission: Joint Ops Vega
    Name: Chichco
    Rank: Designated marksman

    That was a nice mission! At start it was 4 PM, Sun close to mountain, long shadows, no1 have NV and I feared I'll not have a chance to kill smbdy (I dont like turn brightness on max to see anything at night) so Im was nervous a bit. After CO comlete instruct SL he let me shot this DSHK gunner and make me happy. This guy die after 3rd 7.62x51mm bullet that give me pride for Russian soldiers :icon_cool After this Guardian's and Kicker move close to buildings and start clear them, I just follow CO and trying have 1 eye on him and other on left/right mountains. After some action inside compounds CO let me move up on high building roof that allow me see better both mountains and spot several enemy groups moving down into town. CO report about them to Guardian's and my scope shows only falling bodys, great job MG's! In some minutes was surprised by close range shots on my position from 6, trying show thats im friend but when he kill some teammates around and start aim on others I havent find another way than present bullet to him. CO was hit and medic work on him. Soon start dark so CO give me permission to change weapon. After blow 2 ammo cashes and clearing 20% buildings we take heavy fire from left and right mountains ahead. Dark blinds me so Im hide in CO's back but take shots from behind. Didnt saw anything, just falling down GIJOE at 6, CO report about enemy in 3m away bushes, so we open fire in it. Enemy was down, but in 2m same down was CO. Trying heal him but all what I can its only stabilize him, on 30% done I've got a couple of bullets in back. 2 enemy run over me, shoot from AK and use abuse lang. It was around 3 AM mine time so I went to sleep.

    Could be great if we have more medics and less TK's coz we stuck of those wounds and dark come 2 fast. Maybe we should use this UAZ's lights on 1 of mountains, DSHK gun not bad too.

    Thanks to CO for good lead and warm words, to all players for nice game, to Dimitrius for mission :)

    Sry 4 my English as ever.


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      Re: AAR: Joint Ops Vega (9/19/2012)

      Please direct all feedback(bug reports) for the mission to this link. Short suggestions and observations will help.->

      Your AAR was excellent, I do not believe there is such a thing as too much detail in an After Action. That is a tough missions and I still have bugs to work out, I should have a new version up by tonight's gameplay if anyone is interested in taking another crack at it. I have reworked a few of the AI behaviors and, well... you'll see if you're interested.

      You lead very well, it is not easy to figure out organization. I almost always know exactly what I want before I even explain it to my SLs. But then, I have quite a bit of experience preparing a platoon/squad for movement. Also be aware, you are only as capable as the men you direct Allow you to be. If they do not take orders well, do not communicate, and do not know the basics of tactical movement in an open area, let alone a MOUT setting, then you will have difficulty getting them to accomplish your expectation. You held it together well. I have many criticisms for you, but they are the same criticisms any new commander will face. So I will leave the hard lessons for your future endeavors and will only offer one piece of advice.

      Every single man that you lead needs to know that You, in fact, are in charge. For some, this is easy, for others, it takes some getting used too. It is okay to ask for advice from your subordinates, but you also need to let them know, with out a shadow of a doubt, that your orders need to be carried out to the T for the plan to work effectively.

      I have more advice, but I will spare you the wall of text and we can chat about it in channel sometime.

      Excellent work to all involved and thank you for playing my mission.

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        Re: AAR: Joint Ops Vega (9/19/2012)

        Chichco, Dimitrius, thank you for your feedback and AARs. You guys are part of what makes TacticalGamer great.

        Also, when I think about it, I believe that all of my squad commanders were very green. I think that they did an admirable job considering that they weren't as experienced as some of the (extremely) veteran players on TG.

        Guess those TGU training sessions and all those hours on Patrol Ops must be working out! :D
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          AAR: Joint Ops Vega (9/19/2012)

          Great AARs all!

          Im always excited to read these. At least it fills my ArmA fix when I can't game with you all.

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