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Patrol Ops: Like An Action Movie Set In Takistan

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  • [AAR] Patrol Ops: Like An Action Movie Set In Takistan

    9/27/2012; Bravo Server (roughly 2pm EST)

    The mission is Patrol Ops, the objective, to deliver supply trucks.

    Ghadlan and I are engineers ready to blow up IEDs and repair convoys... but it is not be be... not today.

    While we are gearing up, I ask Bl1p if he wants me to get a heavy weapon, an m2 or mortar. He says it is up to me, but together we decide we wil take one, split between Ghadlan and myself.

    The plan is for a parachute jump from C-130 near the objective to clear it, and then a second C-130 drop of the trucks when the objective is secure. We engineers are now seperated from the main force, and tasked with setting up a .50 cal m2 position overlooking the objective prior to the main assault. We will insert with recon to prepare the way for the airborne assault.

    The two of us load up, each carrying half the m2 weapon and some 50 cal ammo, weighing in at 65 kilos and 100kilos, we are not exactly nimble. But that’s ok. We should be walking 1 to 3 hundred meters and then deploying our weapons. We take off in little bird, only realizing once we are airborne that recon is not aboard. Looks like engineers will be leading the way today!

    We are dropped off near the recon point. We die instantly upon touching down. Not a good way to start.
    300 seconds later…

    We are back at base and again set out in a little bird. This time Liquid is flying us to a new drop zone a few hundred meters away from the first.
    Hope it is far enough…

    We jump out and immediately take sporadic small arms fire. Cannot find the source, and we spend a tense few minutes prone on the ground, unable to find our attacker. I am thinking “O shoot, I am unable to move, being shot at, without cover, and low on ammo… [carrying only 3 rifle mags due to the weight of the m2], what could possibly go wrong NOW?” A few minutes later we take no more fire and decide it is time to start walking. Never did find that attacker.

    We soon link up with Recon. I wonder briefly how he arrived, he certainly did not come with us, and I considered if he could teleport… The mystery man guided us to his over watch while I mused. It is long hard march, well, not long, but hard given our weight. I am passing out from walking up the hill. Ghadlan, bless his soul, insists this is because of my inferior constitution. I would trade packs with him, but his is actually heavier than mine… how he is not passing out, I do not know.

    After a cheery few minutes of walking, we arrive at the over watch point, only to discover that it has no good overwatch. Recon radios in to command, and gets permission to move to a new over watch point, closer to the AO. My interest in walking another few hundred yards blacking out intermittently, while listening to Ghadlans taunts, is sub zero, but, that’s my job. So we walk on.

    Recon runs ahead, and I never see him again. I heard him on the radio later, but never did link up again, and I have no idea where he went. I thought he was headed the same place we were, but evidently not. I mean, there was not a lot of cover or concealment on the taki mountainside and I cannot for the life of me figure out how he got out of sight… Apparently his magical teleport abilities strike again.

    As I am pondering the transportation methods of the recon sniper and wishing I could simply appear a few hundred meters away instead of walking, Ghadlan spots the c-130 incoming. We watch the rest of the force parachute out to our 12 o’clock. Several people splat onto the ground, but it looks like over half the force is gliding down gently. We continue and then suddenly, Ghadlan spots hostiles! Two squads of infantry and 2 BRDMs. They are to our 12 o ‘clock, about a kilometer away, right under the drop zone. The poor paratroopers never had a chance. I ponder our next move. I don’t want to engage these guys. The objective is to our nine o’clock, and we could setup to engage the objective. . . But if we did, it would leave our flank open to the same force that just slaughtered our assault team... I spot a small knoll on the ridgeline leading from us towards the hostiles. I point it out to Ghadlan and suggest we setup the M2 on that knoll and attack them before they attack us.

    We prone crawl forward, and setup the m2. We decide he will gun and I will spot and reload him. There was no cover for us, this would be a duel of the marksmen. There was a ridge they could use for cover, but there is nothing we can do about that. The nearby terrain offers nothing better for us, so here we will make our stand. Every second we delayed was more chance they would see us. We made sure we are both ready, and opened fire. The enemy MGs and BRDMs returned fire immediately, and although at this range neither we nor they were very accurate, it is still unnerving to be taking machine gun fire for several minutes straight and not moving or seeking cover. I just lay there and took it, reloaded the m2, and prayed. It was a feeling of complete chance and helplessness. Bullets were hitting all round us. I kept talking to Ghadlan to make sure he had not been hit and knocked unconscious yet. I fully expected him to be. After what seemed an eternity, I told Ghadlan this next box of ammo was our last, and when it was done we should retreat. I loaded it, remained with him while he fired it, and then we both fell back, much lighter now, a hundred or so meters to a small rise which provided the illusion of cover. (Not really because the targets still had eyes on us, and we on them.)

    Only then did it dawn on me that we had just engaged a vastly superior force, and done some damage. Ghadlan confirmed that we had gotten both BRDM crews to dismount, and killed most of the infantry, although not all of it. Still some infantry left, including an MG. Not a scratch on us. Whew.

    500 rounds of M2 ammo, one enemy force, and one clean pair of underwear down.

    We look around and considered our next move. We radioed in to command, and were told that the plan had changed, a new drop zone was set, and friendly forces would be coming in from another angle this time. So we were now alone, separated from friendlies by the objective area, and with very little in the way of infantry weapons/ammo. I suggest, and Ghadlan agrees we have no choice but to head into the objective and try to link up with friendly forces.

    We redistribute what ammo we have, plan a route, and set off. We move from over to cover. I am afraid with every movement we are about to be pinned down. As we move down the hill side, we are still in LOS to the remaining hostiles we just engaged, they seem uninterested for the moment, but that could change. At the outskirts of the town we spot an enemy patrol across the town from us, walking away. We take their direction as a good omen and hurry. As we approach the town we use trees for cover, and eventually choose a building to sprint to across a patch of open ground.

    We keep 360 as best we can. We still have sporadic eyes on that patrol across the way. At least we are now shielded from the MG on the high ground by a ridge. We move from building to building, as tactically as we can. I pick the tallest building and suggest we garrison it and wait for the cavalry. After clearing it, we head out to the second story balcony and use our Vectors to scan different directions.

    We spot that same patrol on the other side of town (although really now it is on our side of town, just outside of town). Least 5 or 6 guys in there.

    We advise recon over the radio that we have moved into town, and word gets back to the assault force commander. (Dirty) Bl1p, the overall commander, we also hear over the radio, and he is aware we are in town. We hear bursts of machine gun fire, and see some tracers in the hills above, probably the remaining MG and company from our M2 battle engaging the assault force. Oh well, he is out of range and we have no good line of sight to help our boys.
    We again see that same 6 man (rough guess from memory) patrol from “across” the town. They are looking at us now, and Ghadlan says they are aiming at us. We open fire despite the fact that at 5-600 meters away, and these are long shots for unscoped rifles. After an exchange of bullets, we get most of them, and they break contact. Again we emerge unscathed!

    We hear gun fire off and on from the direction of the friendlies, but cannot spot any of the enemies that are engaging them, despite scanning repeatedly.

    What to do next? While we are pondering and debating, I hear on the radio friendly forces saying they have spotted enemies in the town in a building. Someone is getting permission to fire from the ground force leader (Dirty). Right as it starts to dawn on me that they might mean us Ghadlan yells “they are targeting us!” or something like that. We run inside, and he pops green smoke while I get on the radio to prevent blue on blue. Crisis averted!

    The near friendly fire incident makes me think “we should not just be sitting here!” But I didn’t like the idea of going straight down the middle of the AO to reach friendlies. It is a long way. I suggested instead that we try to climb up the hills and “liberate” the two BDRMs that the crews had abandoned. (We were on the side of town closest to them now, having cut almost directly across the AO, parellel to our initial engagement with them in the hills. We set out and cautiously egt out of town, bank right, and advance up the hills. We are pretty sure some enemy remain around here and I am on a razor edge.

    Just as we spot the derelict BRDMs above the crest, we also spot a patrol to our 3 o’clock. 4 or 5 guys. We open fire shooting just over the ridge and take them down after a brief firefight.

    To the victor go the spoils, and we get two functional BRDMs! By this time the radio chatter tells us the trucks have been delivered and the main assault force is moving up. We bring our 2 BRDMs and link up with the ground forces. I feel pretty smug delivering some light vehicle support to the assault force; drop us in hostile territory, give us an hour, and see what be bring you?

    One BRDM is sent in with the assault force (Ghadlan) and I remain on overwatch on a nearby hilltop. Meanwhile Bl1p the Commander has arrived, in a Blackhawk circling and providing overwatch with its mini-guns. I think back and realize how much our firepower has increased since 40 minutes ago, moving in a two man team with 6 rifle clips between us through a very hostile town.

    The trucks are delivered without further incident or gunfire. Mission complete.

    Ghadlan is rambo incarnate.
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    Re: Patrol Ops: Like An Action Movie Set In Takistan

    Thanks for the kind words Garthra, was a pleasure serving with you that day :).

    Great AAR Garthra, i was planning on writing my own but you beat me to it with a longer more detailed version.
    Sending in a small contingency with an M2 can turn out to be a great asset for firesupport once the main force starts moving in to the ao, no ammobox and carrying only what you can grab from the ammobox going by weight limitations our little M2 engineer team alot more realistic and fun since we only had those 500 rounds with us, even then stacking at 62/102 kg each, thankfully my superior American physiology compared to Garthras silly British one gave me the ability to keep walking with my 102kg without even losing my breath unlike Garthra who had to take a break every 2 minutes even though he was "only" carrying 62kgs.

    M2 is beast!

    Sure I have flown plenty of choppers, I have just never landed one.


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      Re: Patrol Ops: Like An Action Movie Set In Takistan

      very nice write up of your AAR m8.

      I can add to it only by saying that from the COMs point of view the mission had a few slight hiccups but I must say that every player did an excellent job.
      As COM It was cool for me. I had a recon team , Engineer 1 team, Supper Six 1 and supper six 2, 1 squad leader with 2 FTLs over a 4 man team each I think.

      AND every single person did a great job.

      The way in which all players handled there respective positions in the squads along with the Accuracy, Brevity and clarity of the radio transmissions was a credit to everyone on the server and also made it a pleasure to command.
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        Re: Patrol Ops: Like An Action Movie Set In Takistan

        Awww, I had to leave right before that mission was started. Good AAR fun to read, sorry I missed it. I have my pc troubles sorted out now, was having brounouts for the last week almost because my PS was not able to keep up.


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          Re: Patrol Ops: Like An Action Movie Set In Takistan

          Excellent work Commander.

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            Re: Patrol Ops: Like An Action Movie Set In Takistan

            Yea the first drop on the c130 went well top bad the second didnt work. Great AAR


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              Re: Patrol Ops: Like An Action Movie Set In Takistan

              Dang it ... travel has me away for a couple weeks and all the fun comes out of the wood work. Bah! It must be my cologne. :row__644:

              Can't wait to get back Tuesday and into the fun fold again!
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                Re: Patrol Ops: Like An Action Movie Set In Takistan

                Awesome write-up! Sounds like there was a lot of excitement.

                Good thing the enemy didn't have any artillery or mortars tho - woulda made your day turn real bad. ;)

                Also - I've never done a paradrop from the C130. Would love to try! Night patrol ops anyone???
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                  Re: Patrol Ops: Like An Action Movie Set In Takistan

                  Loved the write up!!! Keep them coming.

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