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  • Operation Crossroads

    Hey guys, I'd like to let everyone know that I have my first TG COOP MP mission finished and uploaded to Bravo. Sinec this is my first official TG mission I've made, I figured I may as well make it a big deal, as my mission-making debut. :)

    This is episode 2 of a series of missions I plan on releasing, hopefully before Arma 3 comes out, one similarly-themed mission for each of the major maps we play on: Chernarus, Takistan, CLAfghan, Lingor, and possibly others. I am designing these missions for smaller groups of players, probably under 16 players, for those late-night sessions when you just don't have enough players online to tackle the bigger missions, and are looking for some more direct and interesting action. They will generally offer some more interesting elements, but not be too overwhelming in scope - striking a balance between simplicity and diverse goals. We will see how successful it is. :)

    The story is loosely based on combating a post-war international weapons smuggling ring.

    Anyway, Operation Crossroads pt2 (with the prequel in the works) is online for your enjoyment!

    CO11 Operation Crossroads pt2


    USSOCOM has ordered your unit, a squad of United States Special Forces, to assist a new paramilitary special forces unit of the post-war, US-supported New Takistani Army (NTA) to interdict and ambush an international arms smuggling operation that is in the middle of smuggling arms out of Takistan to neighboring Chernarus. These weapons may include US antitank missiles and MANPADS. They appear to have been part of a US-supplied weapons cache to have gone missing in Takistan as part of Operation Arrowhead. These weapons are being transferred for sale on the black market to insurgents and possibly terrorist cells in Chernarus for either domestic use or international sales, as Chernarus has port access and Takistan does not. Weapons are currently enroute via an overland convoy headed to the border.

    Intel has been provided to US Army Intelligence that the New Takistani Army has dispatched a team to intercept the shipment. We are providing assistance to a Takistani special paramilitary unit to make sure this convoy is stopped. USSOCOM is ordering you to make contact with the NTA paramilitary unit which departed several days ago to secure a crossroads in order to launch a surprise ambush on this arms shipment.

    Newer Intel has been provided by reconnaissance UAV overflights which indicates that the convoy is heavily guarded. The NTA unit is heavily outgunned and will likely fail without assistance.

    Unfortunately, this region is outside the Takistani transitional governments control, near the Chernarus border, and there are no US or Allied FOBs, Fire bases, or any other units within miles. Besides your evac and insertion chopper, you will be on your own.

    • 1-hour time limit
    • Map is Proving Ground
    • AI helicopter insertion & extraction (no need for pilots!)
    • 2 COOP teams to play with - BLUFOR & Independent "Takistani Commandos"
    • Booby-trapped vehicles
    • Script-controlled AI convoy
    • Multiple condition-based endings
    • Short, intense firefight

    See you guys online!
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    Re: Operation Crossroads

    AAR reports for this mission should also go here, so I can make necessary tweaks & edits.

    Finally, I would like to thank the following individuals who helped me BETA test Op Crossroads pt2:

    red torch

    They really helped me play-balance the AI and fix some playability issues!
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      Re: Operation Crossroads

      Sounds excellent Zil. I will be happy to try it out when we get the chance.

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        Re: Operation Crossroads

        Sounds cool looking forward to it
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          Operation Crossroads

          Great intro to your debut mission!

          Looking forward to trying it out.

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