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Operation Cartel Crush

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  • Operation Cartel Crush

    Hello guys,

    actually I am not exactly sure if that is the name of the mission I played with some of you a few days ago.

    I would like to talk about that mission that was for me the next step of realism in this game.
    "no fully heal in the field anymore"

    I was thinking about this some time ago and I am very happy that somebody did accomplish the sense
    in this mission. my respect for the mission maker.
    generally it has more benefits that I see.

    It should train to get familiar with effective radio procedures, it makes it a time event ( everytime someone dies )
    and it could be a gamemode that has place even for those people that dont like to go infantry
    and fly a chopper all day.

    what I didnt like beside the obviously essential errors, was that there was one guy at base
    treating nobody successfully and that there were no bandages or similar in the loadouts.
    ain't it possible to make a script for that or let everybody be able to heal the wounded at base?

    If I got it clearly there was a squadleader without a fireteam, commanding
    two fireteams with a FTL each. that brought some confusion, hesitation and delay, I'd say.

    shoot it !



    I was surprised finding no post about this mission we played.
    what's the value of so called "tactics" and "teamwork", when I am better and faster alone?

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    Re: Operation Cartel Crush

    I dont know how to edit my post...
    the mission I am talking about is called : CO33_AA_Hermannsburg_V2.mbg_celle2
    what's the value of so called "tactics" and "teamwork", when I am better and faster alone?


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      Re: Operation Cartel Crush

      The proper way to execute this would be to simply run a medivac system in game.

      Usually done with aircraft, it can be done with the mash vehicle. A platoon sized unit would stabilize in the field, then medivac any casualties out for further treatment.

      I would love to see this done well in game.

      I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. -Albert Einstein


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        Re: Operation Cartel Crush

        yea the MEDEVAC team should be done like out of 4 people, 2 men carrying, 2 men assisting.
        a platton size would be like 30 people...
        it would be a better immersion if you had a second or third MEDEVAC Helicopter, to establish
        an continuing MEDEVAC mission after the manual, different landing zones, parts, and so on.

        this would be good training for radio procedures and landing procedures aswell.
        what's the value of so called "tactics" and "teamwork", when I am better and faster alone?


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          Re: Operation Cartel Crush

          When did you guys play this? If I remember correctly, the mission was broken, for the most part. (If its the one on Lingor, I believe that would be my mission, with the Lingor Units, Hinds, Pista peninsula, etc). Something with the units and ACE medical caused issues with healing in the field and a bunch of restrictions that were not intended. I guess if you guys played it and it played fine then its not all bad.

          Oh, and are you talking about Cartel crush or that Celle one, this thread is confusing, haha.
          Blackpython / ZephyrDark


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            Re: Operation Cartel Crush

            if I had the option to correct my original post, there wont be any confusion, sorry for that though.
            we are talking about the hermannsburg on celle with lots of errors in it.
            we played it in the end of september and I heard, most of the errors have been changed.

            did you make this mission?
            what's the value of so called "tactics" and "teamwork", when I am better and faster alone?




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