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Patrol Ops - night infiltration - 10/4/2012

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  • Patrol Ops - night infiltration - 10/4/2012

    Late this evening/early morning Alpha team, consisting of Hellstorm, Knight and myself as FTL HALO'd deep into enemy territory near Nagara in Takistan to destroy an enemy communications tower. The conditions were good - fair weather, slightly cloudy, mild temps, and the night was one of the darkest I have ever played in. Perfect for a SOF to infiltrate the enemy position and get out before they knew what hit them.

    Loaded with 50-67 kg of equipment each, including 7 satchels and suppressed weapons, we slowly made our way East through the mountains as we approached the AO. The going was very slow, as we were really overloaded, and the terrain was very steep and rocky. I think Hellstorm almost slid down the mountain at one point.

    Anyways, we closed in to the objective. As luck would have it, the tower was guarded by 2 7-man patrols, plus a brdm or 2, and a 3-man team guarding the base. Being only a 3 man team, we clearly have our work cut out for ourselves.

    Sighting in our weapons, I had the three of us engage the 3-man sniper team guarding the tower at 300m. Suppressed weapons at that range don't give away our position, and although we are initially wildly inaccurate, I have Knight spot my shots, bringing finally bringing all three of them down after we reposition to a closer vantage point. Luckily, they aren't smart enough to call for reinforcements during the silent barrage.

    The next 5 minutes are spent sneaking closer and closer to our objective, as my teammates are a bit on edge about being surprised by the enemy patrols or one of the BRDMs - we are close enough to see its headlight just over the rise. However, as we position ourselves behind a rock just at the bottom of a draw, the enemy patrol makes its way across our line of fire. I have Knight and Hellstorm line up there shots, and we take out the entire patrol in seconds. Excellent shooting - they barely had any time before they were dispatched.

    I then lead my team up the last 100 meters up to the top of the ridge, finding the site completely clear of live enemies. The seconds tick away as the BRDM completes the last turn of its patrol and makes a beeline to the tower. Sprinting to the tower, we place all 7 satchels, armed with a 2-minute timer, and pop smoke on our location. With just a few meters between us and the now blind armored patrol, we are able to sprint our way off the hill and, after finding some cover halfway down the mountain, are welcomed by the large BOOM as the communications tower is obliterated.

    Congratulations go all around, and we ponder our return trip. Deep in enemy territory, and being the only active members on, we don't have evac.


    The next 2 hours of the mission are spent making our way several kilometers through extremely hostile territory - as if the actual objective was merely a secondary objective.

    The first town we enter, Nagara, happens to have several vehicles that look like promising transports. I decide to keep to the shadows and maintain caution as we enter the town, however. We realize that this was very prudent, as once we are in the middle of town we realize that every exit to the town is sealed by a heavily guarded checkpoint.

    (I'm realizing this mission is starting to drag on now...)

    I head to the now-dark rooftops to get a better vantage and to weigh my options, when another infantry patrol opens fire on me. Hellstorm goes down, and I take 2 of the soldiers out in the middle of the street. Knight starts to work on him, while I guard the entrance to the house. It has suddenly become a CQB battle, as several more members of the patrol try to enter the building. They are gunned down in the front door.

    Hellstorm is now patched up, so we swing through the rear courtyards to get another look at the street. Directly across from us is an ambulance and what appears to be a 1967 Ford Mustang. My eyes must be deceiving me, or these NVGs are pretty dirty! I have my teammates hold back while I make my way across the street, when Hellstorm comments "I bet that is a car bomb." Turning around, I just have time to respond to him "Now you tell me?" when I take a bullet right to the head.

    The next few minutes are completely blacked out, but they finally bring me back from the brink of death from the safety of the courtyard again. Shaken, but my aim steady, I have them back up the direction we came when we come under fire again. We quickly kill the last two members of the patrol who tried to sneak in behind through the stores.

    Having enough of being surrounded, we count our lucky stars and decide to flank the southernmost checkpoint. Apparently these guys aren't nearly as bright, as we take them all down without them firing a shot. Jumping into the fuel truck, we hightail it out of Nagara for good.

    We don't make it far, however - about a klick out of town, we notice headlight on the hill in front of us. We bail out, and notice several more foot patrols and checkpoints up the road. Up on the hill, there is a lone UAZ parked with its headlights on. The fuel truck we have seems like much too large of a target, especially considering how explosive its cargo, so we decide to make for the UAZ. Several minutes are spent hiking up a depression on the hill, where we take out yet another 3-man team guarding a derelict bunker. We then make our way to the UAZ from its blind spot, when we notice something rather funny.

    The UAZ is stuck on a bush - literally!

    After dispatching the moron driver & passenger, I try to drive the UAZ off of the bush. No luck. I think Hellstorm kind of lost it, because he spent the next 5 minutes laughing at our ridiculous string of bad luck we've been having. Knight, not wanting to walk all teh way back to base, finally maneuvers the UAZ off of the bush - quite frankly amazing considering how it was positioned - and we finally make our way back, safely.

    Total mission time ~2-3 hours. Enemy killed - roughly 20-25. Hellstorm and myself wounded. No deaths. I think we did pretty well for a 3-man infiltration team!
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    Re: Patrol Ops - night infiltration - 10/4/2012

    Very cool AAR

    Most of my best moments in Patrol ops mso are getting to and from the OBJ
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      Re: Patrol Ops - night infiltration - 10/4/2012

      Agreed, now if only we could have melt the server again ;)

      I enjoy Patrol ops immensely, when organized and operated correctly, but I miss the combat patrols.

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        Re: Patrol Ops - night infiltration - 10/4/2012

        Nice AAR! Sounds like it was a blast!
        The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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