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Scorpion Ops: Neptune Recovery

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  • [AAR] Scorpion Ops: Neptune Recovery

    I had a good time, I hope you all did as well.

    I was scorpion 1 leader with LZ_Baker as Actual.

    THe mission started out with two mysterious helicpoter crashes and ended with us finally getting Khaled Ibn Furqan in a Takistani army guarded Mosque.

    I'd like to thank B for doing an excellent job of leading blue team, LZ_Baker for leading, and everyone who showed up.

    When I have more time, I will document my experience.

    Feel free to document yours.

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    Re: Scorpion Ops: Neptune Recovery

    Here is part one of my stream. The mission doesn't actually start for a little while, due to several hold ups. Nonetheless, view the action from the POV of Scorpion 2-6.

    Link to Video

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      Re: Scorpion Ops: Neptune Recovery

      First, I'd like to thank everyone for making this one hell of an event and staying in there for all 4-1/2 hours of it (2 hour mission D?). Everyone excelled working as a team with few if any issues. Thanks guys.

      My recap as the commanding officer:

      Initial plan was to have the two fire teams gear up while recon and JTAC were fast roped into an overwatch location. The Blackhawk left with recon and JTAC but did not reach the fast rope location. The chopper went down due to unknown events and all were lost.

      Butler's fire team and command element were loaded into the second blackhawk and were flown to the fire team fast rope point without falling out of the sky. Without overwatch provided by the sniper and JTAC team, conditions at the LZ were unknown. Fortuatly, there was no enemy contact and we were able to fast rope without incident. The blackhawk returned to base and brought Demetrius' team out. The blackhawk then returned to base and grabbed a replacement recon and JTAC team that was deployed south of the overwatch position and hoffed it there.

      While the overwatch team was getting in position, another blackhawk was lost. The pilot managed to bail and spent the next half hour driving 15 km in a repair truck to get it back airborne. The fireteams and command were slowely making their way forward towards the designated meeting position with the SAS team. When the teams were about 200 - 300 meters south of the meeting point, overwatch was finally able to get in position and was able to recon the area. About at the same time, overwatch and the forward fireteam reported several trucks at the meeting point. The fireteams secured the crossroads and checked the two closest trucks finding them empty. At this time, overwatch reported a patrol heading in the direction of the fireteams from the north. The ID of the contact was unknown, whether it be the SAS team or the enemy. The fireteams were informed and formed a fireline facing north in preparation. The contacts were hostile and a 5 minute firefight ensued. During the firefight, I recieved a contatc report of two MG UAZ's approaching, only to have them appear right as I relayed that information to the fireteams. Several casualties were sustained, but no one was lost and all were healed by the medics.

      Once we were confident the emediate area was clear, Demetrius' team was sent to check out the other trucks. At this time, additional orders were recieved from HQ. We were to move up north and recon the last know position of the SAS team as they did not show up at the meeting location and had not been in contact with HQ for some time. At this time, the blackhawk was back in the air and was sent to recover the overwatch team to forward deploy them to the north. Command and the fireteams commandeered the four trucks and it was decided to use them to move north. Demetrius' team lead, with two memebers of his team driving victor one 200 meters in front of the rest of the convoy as operation tripwire, letting us know if there were any contacts ahead of us as we did not have overwatch above.

      The fireteams and command stopped just to the south of Gonzo, while overwatch had been deployed and was n route to their new recon location. Once in place they began to relay the presence of an enemy patrol in Gonzo. Demetrius' team moved into town and engaged the patrol while Butler's team flanked north east incase any of the northern patrols decided to investigate. During this period, overwatch and the JTAC were directing in a Harrier in an atack on an enemy AA location east of Yantobar. Butler's team was sent up north to the south of Yantobar to recon and prepare to ambush a large squad patrolling around the town. Demetrius' men finished clearing Gonzo and brought the trucks down into the town. They and command then moved to Butler's position.

      Once both teams were in position, we waited for the patrol to come as close as possible and opened up on them. The scout / sniper team were also given the green light to engage the patrol and other patrols to our east. Both fireteams and command then moved into Yantobar up to the southern side of the main east / west MSR. At time time, the Harrier had been traded in for the Apache and it began to engage hard targets (UAZ's) to the west of Yantobar near the last location of the SAS team. Once at the MSR, both fireteams came under fire from the north. The Apache was sent in and orbited the town, but did not find any contacts. The fireteams maneuvered and removed the last enemy contacts, then turned and headed west down the MSR.

      At this time, command had taken over the JTAC's job and was directing the Apache as it followed the fireteams and provided overwatch and fire support. The overwatch team was sent into Gonzo to recover three of the trucks to bring them to the fireteams. Moving west from Yantobar, the fireteams encountered the remains of the SAS team. Apparently they had come across a enemy patrol. Bodies laid everywhere but not one of them was the civilian target. HQ informed command that a nearby structure may be hiding Neptune, so the fireteams moved out to investigate. Enemy contacts were present at the building and both fireteams and the Apache engaged them, being careful not to potentially harm Neptune.

      Butler's team was deployed south of the building while Demetrius' team was sent in to clear it and check for Neptune. Unfortunately, Neptune had been injured in the SAS firefight and was subsequently executed by the enemy contacts we had just removed. Fortuatly for us, he left a bloody note detailing the location of Furqan. While transmitting this information to HQ, the building came under attack twice from enemy forces. Both times they were beaten back by the fireteams and the Apache.

      HQ ordered us to go after Furqan. We loaded everyone up into the trucks and began driving east to the town he was suppose to be hiding in. The Apache shadowed the convoy most of the way, holding at the town before the one we were traveling to. Once the fireteams reached the town, they deployed and began moving east through the fields and compounds to the large Mosque compound. The Apache moved closer to town slowly looking for AA and other hard targets, engaging those they saw, including three T-72's and some Tunguskas. Out of ammo, they RTB'ed.

      The fireteams reached the western edge of the compound. Examination of the compound showed that there was only one entrance to the north. Figuring that this was to be heavily guarded, SMAWs were used to blow two entrances in the center and southern sections of the western wall. The Apache was back on station and conducted a gun run on the compound before the fireteams breached. Unfortunately, this is were ARMA decided to mess with us, and both teams were suddenly taken down by the exploded wall, reducing the combat effectiveness of the fireteams by 75% or more. Those that were left struggled to get the others up. Once Demetrius' team was up, he assaulted the compound from the center opening. Several men were wounded in the attempt, and Liquid was sent in to get them back up. Demetrius himself was taken down at the front door to the Mosque. In an attempt to clear the door so we could retrieve him, I fired at the lower part of the door, killing Furqan. Other fireteam members flanked the men barricaded in the mosque and cleared the area. At this point the mission was complete and all teams and air assets RTB'ed for very many beers.


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        Re: Scorpion Ops: Neptune Recovery

        This was a great event, the slow buildup at the start with some minor contacts all the way to Neptunes location where we had to hold our ground whilst command frisked Neptunes dead body for any sort of clue as to were we could find and execute the coward Furquan. Conveniently enough he happened to have a note on him which told us everything we needed to know. After a long and hard truck ride with no contact we finally made it to the town which unfortunately i don't remember the name to due to an accidental faceplant which lead to some memory loss.

        Entering the town, we 1st squad battle hardened veterans move in with 2nd squad covering our rear as we attempt to flank the palace, we move up slowly when suddenly it hits us: THERE IS NO ENTRENCE ON THIS SIDE! Not to worry though as 2nd squad already figured that out and had already come to the conclusion that if you can't find the door you simply make one, i support this approach wholeheartedly. As the Smaw round hits the wall and the shrappnel lands 10ft away from us we stack up at the hole on the left and right side while we prepare to breach, this gets delayed since there is 5 men with heavy machineguns firing straight at the hole in the wall. We attempt to return fire from our way with the few m203s we have, my memory is a little vague at this part but i belive we tossed some frags over the wall aswell, with no effect. At this point of time i would describe it as the **** hit the fan" when Dimitrius ordered blue fireteam with me, B as senior operator and Noah to breach the compound, under extremely heavy fire we crawled on our bellies in through the hole with friendly m203s and enemy bullets flying right above our head. We make it to our destination 5 meters in to the compound to the mighty 30cm stonewall which served as our only cover, suddenly B yells with all his might to get up and fire back, and so we did. After about a 100 rounds and 5 enemy contacts neutralized we get ordered to fall back through the hole. After the heroic suicide mission we get ready to breach yet again when the evil wall decided to take vengence on our entire squad because we blew a hole in it, in my opinion thats not really fair since it was after all 2nd squad that made the hole in the wall. After everyone had gotten up it was pretty much straight forward when we ran in to the final compound, got shot in the process and finally take down Furquan through the door. After a successfull mission we all RTB'ed and enjoyed alot of... soda.

        Get to Neptune in time: Failed
        Acquire intel as to Furquans whereabouts: Check
        Shoot Furquan in the face: Check
        RTB successfully without crashing the blackhawk into a mountain: Check

        3 out of 4, i'd say thats mission accomplished.

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          Re: Scorpion Ops: Neptune Recovery

          I have been deployed twice to hunt for this Furquan individual. Both times as the Squad Leader for Scoprion 1. Both times he slipped under our fingers and both times we were almost killed in the process. This is my third time participating in an operation to hunt for him. My CO told me Dimi has been promoted and will take Lead of Scorpion 1. He even had the guts to tell me sit it out and relax. Relax? I put in the paperwork to make sure I was in that unit once more, and I was the one to put a bullet in Furquan's forehead. But after it was approved and I was a senior operator in Scorpion 1 for Operation Neptune Recovery, I gotta admit, I had my regrets. May be third time is the charm and we will get this guy, or may be third is the charm and I will finally be finished. Who the hell knows. My two subordinates were a couple of FNGs. Never heard of them before. Noah and ghadlan. Little did I know, they proved their worth.

          We deployed in the mountainous region of Celle. The area was so uneven and full of vegetation, we could not even find a place to land a black-hawk. So we roped in. From what I was told, we were supposed to link up with a SAS unit to recover a VIP codenamed "Neptune". Neptune was supposed to give us valuable information on whereabouts of the HVT. We proceeded towards the Rendezvous Point only to find several empty troop transports. These SAS dudes deep behind enemy lines use anything they can find as transport. So we had our hopes that these trucks were theirs. Recon element spotted a group of infantry approaching the trucks as we were inspecting them. Scorpion 2 deployed to meet them while Scorpion 1 secured the flanks. Shots rang out. They were not SAS. Scorpion 2 held their ground against the infantry assault and but sustained heavy casualities. Out of nowhere a UAZ with a mounted machine gun rolled in from their flank. Bullets were flying all over the place. At times, I had no idea what to do, only was hunkering down behind cover. After some time and a fireball emerged from where the UAZ showed up, things quieted down. Most of the Scorpion 2 was incapacitated. So Scorpion 1 had to help them up.

          What a way to start the operation. I was wondering where the SAS team went. What has happened to them. Things always get complicated on these Furquan hunting missions. We must be cursed. We had to push into the highly hostile area of Celle and try to find out what happened. So, we used the empty troop transports to drive in further into enemy territory. Command asked two man sacrificial team from Scorpion 1 who would drive the lead truck. These two men team was to be given the codename "Tripwire". Dimi wanted us to do it. Noah and ghadlan happily sat next to me as the "Tripwire".

          The drive in was scenic. Such a beautiful country under the moonlight. But the towns we passed were ghost towns. Nothing and nobody in sight. Furquan's violence has driven the local populace out of the region. Upon reaching the target town recon team gave us intel on enemy concentration. Several patrols inside the town. Scorpion 2 took an over-watch position. Scorpion 1 was to go in an eliminate the patrols inside the city. Once we entered the town we took out 5 men squad swiftly. We pushed on to engage more. We even had a couple of close calls when we stumbled upon couple of soldiers partying it up. They came out of the house right in front of us. ghadlan swiftly eliminated them.

          We marched on. Still no sign of the SAS team. We moved to engage several patrols encircling a church area. They were spotted by the recon team. On the way over there, we find two destroyed vechiles and a lot of bodies lying around. It was the bodies of the SAS team and couple of enemies. I thought to myself "Are we gonna have to return empty handed?". But upon further investigation, the VIP's body was not among them. He must have survived, and is probably somewhere around the area. Possibly wounded. We must make haste to that location of enemy before they kill him.

          We rushed to the church area and killed some enemies and finally found our VIP unconscious and wounded right outside the church inside a bush. Medics performed several emergency life saving procedures. I was stationed on the roof of the church and I could hear them trying desperately to save his life. Suddenly my team screams out "contacts". The bastards were still trying to assassinate him. We must have engaged two waves of enemies trying to take the church. Good thing that our Apache attack helicopter was high above us overlooking our safety like a guardian angel. Everytime that Apache gun fires and explosive rounds hit around the enemy position, it makes me glad that I am not on the receiving end. Medics did everything they could. They finally managed to bring him back to consciousness. "Neptune" kept his word and gave us the critical piece of intel. Furquan's location and the fact that he is being defended by an Army. Unfortunately, codename Neptune did not survive his wounds and died on that cold cement floor inside that church.

          Must have been my lucky day. We knew where he was and finally we could go and get him. We mounted up on our trucks and headed to his location with maximum speed. En-route, I could hear radio communications saying that Apache is encountering and engaging heavy number of armors around the target area. God bless that technology. Makes our job easier.

          We reached the town where Furquan's held up after about 20 minutes of driving. We dismount and advance on the huge Mosque where he is hiding. We encountered minimal resistance all the way to the Mosque. The Mosque was surrounded by tall walls and we could not find and entrance without endangering ourselves. Scorpion 2 used their SMAW to make a hole in the wall. But they could not have chosen a worse position to make a hole. Everytime a soldier tries to peek in he would get shot. Then Dimi gives me the order to breach and try to reach a low rock wall inside. I thought to myself "He has gone insane. After getting shot himself he gives that order?". I told ghadlan and Noah to get on their bellies and follow me. I must admit I had my doubts that they would protest and tell me to go by myself. But they followed my in. It was the scariest feeling crawling through that grass trying to reach that low rock wall. Bullets from the enemy whizzing over our heads. Friendlies firing back and launching grenades. Some of the grenades were even so close that shrapnel would hit in front of my face. Reminded me of one episode from "Band of Brothers". New recruits training to crawl under a barbed wire when a live machine gun fire was being sprayed over them. We finally managed to crawl all the way to the low stone wall. Bullets were still being fired over our heads. I check if the two FNGs were still alive and intact. They were right there and ready. "I thought to myself, if this is it, then it is what it is." ghadlan and Noah were looking at me and waiting for my orders. I had to give it sometime. "Pop up and shoot everything" was right on my tongue but I still hesitated to say it. Because as soon as we popped up we would be right in the line of fire. Finally I uttered the words. I popped up and found my target and I took him down. I heard ghadlan and Noah shooting like maniacs.

          I said "Get back down". I was sure one of them was hit. I was even surprised I survived that. I said "Eveybody ok?". "Noah is good", "ghadlan is up". Everything was quiet. We have accomplished our suicide mission, and opened an entrance for the rest of the team to use for the breach. Dimi says on the radio "You guys come out of there". As we headed back, all three of us were in disbelief of what just happened. ghadlan was only scraped, Noah and I came out of that ordeal unharmed. FNGs no more.

          Apache was called in after our exit from the Mosque front yard. But they never came. So we breached in. And on the doorsteps of the Mosque, I took a bullet to my chest knocking me unconscious. When I came to, a medic was slapping me and I hear that our CO LzBaker has shot the HVT through the door. It turned out that third time was the charm and Furquan has been eliminated. I guess this chapter of the Scorpion unit has been finalized. I wonder what is to come next for Scorpion. Only one can ponder.


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            Re: Scorpion Ops: Neptune Recovery

            Excellent AAR B, I always look forward to your point of view. You help write the story of Tactical Gamer and Scorpion.

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              Scorpion Ops: Neptune Recovery

              Great write up B.

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