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Massive bloody firefight through Zargabad - Dec 1/12 BRAVO server

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  • [AAR] Massive bloody firefight through Zargabad - Dec 1/12 BRAVO server

    Mission: CO41_Angry_Rhino_V1
    Mission maker: Jacezz

    Commanding Officer: AdeptAbyss
    XO: Liquid
    RTO: LowSpeedHighDrag

    Harbinger 1-1 (Infantry Squad)
    Squad Leader: Unkl
    RO: Puerto
    Alpha FTL: Crazi
    AR: Iarkyle
    AT: Tyranical_Tim
    R: Napoleon
    Bravo FTL: BL1P
    AR: Dudle
    AT: Slim
    R: Head

    Harbinger 1-2 (Infantry Squad)
    Squad Leader: PortableCougar

    Harbinger 1-4 (Medical Detachment)

    Tango (Bradley)

    Warthog (Bradley)

    The Mission:
    Harbinger platoon is on a training mission in Zargabad when there is a civillian uprising. Harbinger is to move out from the airport to secure the American diplomat from the Villa residence and bring him to the airport for extraction. There is also 3 propaganda transmitters that must be destroyed.

    This mission is a great mission and I hope there is the possibility of someone looking at it to reduce the desync we had with it off the start. However, I know Zargabad can be like that. Jacezz, thank you for a great great mission.

    AAR from Harbinger-1-1.
    On mission start we had a difficult time getting situated due to some desync that just didn't seem to want to clear up. However, Low locked the server & it began to get better. I got Alpha & Bravo squad separated and familiar. I didn't see any good reason to visit the ammo boxes except for to grab a few satchels as the AR's came equiped with 5 belts. The AT soldiers had m136 launchers on their backs. We were ready to rock in my eyes. I was concerned that I had an RTO for the squad putting a layer between myself and command.

    Adept called a leaders meeting at the ammo boxes which worked out well to keep the grunts away from messing up their kits. There he instructed me to grab a long range for which I was relieved. Puerto later was assigned to Alpha FT. Adept said we would be loading up in Warthog and moving across Zargabad. Simple. We started to hear gun fire around the airfield and assumed we had base defenses who were being engaged by insurgents. The order was to load up and get off the airfield.

    That was what we tried to do but the desync was causing player losses. The battle was adding to the confusion. 1-1 didn't all fit into the back of Warthog & I was trying to sort out how we would split between the Bradley and the medical Stryker. Where was that medical Stryker anyway? Well, it took a long time to get there as we began taking fire inside the hesco bag compound from through the front entrance. Adept wanted to move the Bradelys in position to provide cover but we now had casualties in the way.

    We opened the server to deal with the player loss and this added to our desync problem again. By now Tyranical_Tim & Napoleon had disconnected and Puerto was assigned to Alpha. Some infantry had moved to the front entrance & we had casualties there. 1-4 was trying to get to them all and remain alive but we hadn't assigned enough infantry to secure the area yet & the Bradleys were just getting mobile.

    Adept orders the front entrance secured and 1-1 & 1-2 wasted no time in getting to the gate and the runways were clear in a moment. As 1-1 SL I saw that there was a fence on the NE side of the airfield and likely contact on the north so we moved to secure that. This was what the squad needed. Our first significant maneuver. We engaged several infantry contacts and 1-2 moved up. We had the area secured (see marker A on the map). We then moved our way south along the hangars to the fence line on the north side of the B marker. There was contact inbetween and behind the hangars and as we approached the fence line we were exposed the entire west side of Zargabad. It got crazy fast.

    We had taken a few hits and had adopted the strategy of leaving the wounded for the stretchers. We could not afford to lose any forward momentum in getting off that high ground. Warthog took up position firing down the street from the B marker and I moved 1-1 on the south side of that street with orders to capture the fire station at marker C. Warthog went down to an RPG. We kept moving and got the station secured. I asked Puerto to move slowly up the tower when he replied he was already at the top. I pleaded with him to stay covered as much as possible. I'm not a fan of high positions. You won't see me order my men up a ladder without a real need for intel that I can't get any other way.

    I focused my attention on the next move. Moving to the fence on the east side of the fire station I saw 1-1-Bravo already moving beyond the next building to the east. I wasn't very diplomatic about it. This can be evidenced by the fact that almost all of Bravo disconnected very shortly there after. Still had to move out and Adept had just given the order that we would move out to take the mosque as a forward strongpoint.

    A quick look at the map told me that moving east along the current roadway would leave us exposed to long range fire while we tried to deal with contacts popping out of our flanks. I chose to move north and through the middle of the buildings where we could keep the ranges short if we kept the fire teams together. Well, not much point in thinking any more about it, we moved out once Puerto was healed up from a shot in the tower.

    We took contact from the direction we were moving and sporadically from the north flank. When we got to marker D the teams were spread thin and Bravo was being reinforced with new troops. I'm sorry I don't remember the names as I was more focused on the teams movements, capabilities, where 1-2 was and the support of our new Bradley that had filled in as Warthog and was just arriving on station. I remember we suddenly started taking gun fire from the south and shots were coming in close. I was trying to peek to get a sense of the enemy strength. My new squad member OPS was now close at hand and we were soon the only 2 left from 1-1 that were combat effective in that compound. We took up to hiding in the 2 story building in the middle of the south side and I took a grazing hit from peeking a second story balcony. It was a painful and I knew it was a matter of time before I'd pass out. I remember OPS seemed very concerned that I was not aware of how strong the enemy was around us. He was saying we were surrounded on all flanks. I remember being frustrated that my vision either due to combat stress or due to crappy frame rates was failing me in knowing any of these details.

    But, I soon had a rest to chill out as my world went dark and I hit the floor in a thud.

    Next thing I know, I'm waking up in the 2nd floor hallway. I get up and I see 1-2 has secured the southern entrances to the compound. Command is here and of course the medical detachment. I move 1-1 to the southern side to get eyes on any more enemy. OPS spots 3-4 riflemen over 100m south and marks them with red smoke. Warthog is on station and I contact them with the info. "Pull up to the intersection in front of you, look south, to your right to the red smoke, 4x infantry". My team starts engaging contacts in the street far to the east that keep popping out of the buildings. Warthog pulls past the intersection and I tell them they've passed the mark but I know they haven't heard me in the fog. I can't worry about it because we still need to take that mosque.

    I start moving 1-1 to the east and find myself following 1-2. After 60m of this I realize that their weak flank is the north side since Warthog is on the south. We move to the buildings on the north and engage targets that were about to move in behind us. There is also heavy infantry contact far east down the road towards the mosque on that north side. Knowing that there is only this last set of buildings on the north side of that road of any consequence, I decide to move the team across the roadway so we can get a glimpse of what is in the open ground on the north. I din't intend to stay there as 1-2 is still moving east and we are now in danger of getting cut off.

    This gamble proved to work in our favour. We may have taken out a few baddies on that side but more importantly we had a new firing position down the long open road to the east. It was great. We then moved along the road on that north side until we got to the mosque. 1-2 had secured the mosque and were dealing with their casualties and command had moved in to consider the next move. I asked for ACE report from my squad and we were green up so we moved along the outer perimeter of the mosque block to take out any stragglers.

    That done and things calmed down. Adept ordered us back to the mosque and we regrouped. 1-2 had the east entrance covered and our next move was to secure the building at marker G. Just as we got through the buildings on the east side of the mosque a whole new world of armed civillians began to attack us. This time 1-1 took a few more hits and it was slow going from there to the G marker. From there we got set up and healed up again.

    Oh, somewhere along the way here, a propaganda transmitter had been identified and taken out by one of the Bradleys. 1-1 never came in proximity to any of the transmitters.

    Warthog had moved down south-east to the intersection at marker H and we were ordered to that point to move to marker I. Off we went. From H we moved on the right side of the road after making sure the buildings were secured. Didn't want any suprises at our back. With one team as base of fire we moved the other team all the way up to the compound wall at I. Only light contact on the way & the second team moved up.

    Now we had eyes on the villa and the vast open ground. 1-2 was ordered forward from their postion I think between G & J on that north road and they took the south building at J. We followed shortly and took the north buildings. Our next move was along the open ground again and 1-1 was tasked with point to the gatehouse at K. After that we would move around the roadway to the militarized compound on the east side of the Villa, while 1-2 would breach the Villa and secure the diplomat.

    We moved out in a wedge from J and switched to a loose formation to sweep the gatehouse. Then moved in line east along the roadway about 20m and then stacked up in column on the wall to enter the compound. We cleared our area with little fuss and heard shots ringing out in the Villa and 1-2 report they had the diplomat secured.

    Now we had to get back to the airport and take out the remaining transmitters. 1-1 was ordered inside Warthog at M to move out far to the south at an identified transmitter. Just as I was about to get in the back an RPG hit the vehicle. I moved back behind the gatehouse figuring the driver would be backing up....woosh...the second RPG hit the Bradley and killed all but one of my team.

    Tango is now ordered to move back to the airfield to get the rest of 1-1. Off we go, then we move out to get the transmitter but someone beats us to it. We RTB and kick back and I presume prepare to move north to relieve the northern base of the insurgents surrounding it....but that must be another mission.
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    Re: Massive bloody firefight through Zargabad - Dec 1/12 BRAVO server

    I had fun too Unkl at least while I was alive. It was a brutal beginning with all the base attacks.


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      Re: Massive bloody firefight through Zargabad - Dec 1/12 BRAVO server

      then we move out to get the transmitter but someone beats us to it.
      Sorry that was me...

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