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Rasman Patrol - Dec 8th Alpha

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  • [AAR] Rasman Patrol - Dec 8th Alpha

    Post up your AAR's here! Had a blast!
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    Re: Rasman Patrol - Dec 8th Alpha

    Date: Saturday, December 8th, 2012
    Location: Forward Operating Base Mandolin - Takistan
    Operation: Rasman Patrol
    Commanding Officer: maj. Dimitrius
    Executive Officer: 1stlt. Axis


    Summary: The following occurred during our mission to clear enemy combatants from the cities of Rasman and Bastam in northern Takistan.

    1. Intelligence (INTEL)

    Enemy numbers was estimated as platoon strength with support from light armor and motorized units. Rasman, its surrounding area, and the MSR to Bastam were to contain enemy infantry in unknown positions and patrols. Initial reports of enemy air assets were unknown at the time of the initial Intel report.

    2. Maneuver (MVR)

    Alpha Team was to be the tip of the spear in our efforts to clear the area in the enemy Area of Operation. They remained on foot and ready to confront enemy infantry at all times. Squad leader cpl. UNKL did an excellent job or leading his men through numerous intense firefights and he did not once give back an inch of conquered ground. His fireteam leaders were attentive and reacted to his every order.

    Bravo Team was motorized and provided Alpha with direct route fire suppression. Using the two SAW equipped HMVEE's, Bravo Team's leader, cpl. Grunt lead his squad diligently and effectively down the main MSR while Alpha cleared the valley floor to either side. His squads direct exposure to several hundred meters of unblocked MSR while providing area denial to any OPFOR crossing the roads directly south of Alpha was invaluable.

    Charlie squad consisted of my XO, a MG, an AT soldier, and my medics, Vilky and Bub. They provided soldiers with medical aid, base of fire and suppression, and assistance to command during times of heavy communications.

    Pilots Liquid and Pax Jerome made up our Flight element and helped on several occasions.

    3. Fire Support (FS)

    Fire support consisted of light arms from both squads, single MG and AT man-portable systems, and elements of motorized MGs. Our Blackhawk had a minigun for aerial platform enemy suppression.

    4. Mobility, counter mobility, survivability (M, C, S)

    Mobility was conducted with our Humvees, MTVRs, Black Hawk, and boots.

    5. Air Defense (AD)

    Anti-Air assets were man-portable Surface to Air Missiles. We utilized two SAMS through the course of the mission to much success.

    6. Combat Service Support (CSS):

    The entire mechanized platoon and flight element were supported by FOB refueling, rearming, and resupplying capabilities. Aside from the MTVRs, there was no field repair ability.

    7. Command and Control (C2)

    I lead the main assault with my XO assisting on the support and communications side. Tactical approach was discussed and mostly decided by my forward elements after receiving expectations from me. Alpha chose the initial path as we made our way through Rasman, sector by sector. Bravo broke off during a few times to clear side ASRs but mostly the whole platoon moved within several hundred meters of one another.

    I have started the AAR, let's get the point of view from you guys. Excellent mission, thanks to UNKL For making it, Tactical Gamer for hosting it, and you all for making it possible.

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      Re: Rasman Patrol - Dec 8th Alpha

      This was my first event and it was a good one! Not sure of the format to be used here but will keep it simple.
      Mission: Rasman Patrol Dec. 8, 2012.
      Situation: As stated above.
      Out Come: Allied Victory.

      General Comments:
      I was part of Alpha 1-1 as the AAR. Roughly about half way through our patrol our AR went down and DC after fighting Honorably. I was assigned as the next in line for the role of AR, and happily accepted! Under the command of Unkl, I was directed in a professional manner to give support to the rest of the team as Alpha 1-1 and 1-2 pushed to clear the remaining sectors. Over all I would like to say that the mission was a success, good communication between the lead elements and a big thanks to our supporting elements as well! Would not have been a victory with out them! Also was happy to see many new faces, and as always Thanks TG for all you do!!!

      Can't Wait for the Next Go Round.




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