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Patrol Ops Boots: Steel Rain and Missing Bunker --12/29/2012 @ ~6pm ZULU

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  • [AAR] Patrol Ops Boots: Steel Rain and Missing Bunker --12/29/2012 @ ~6pm ZULU

    Brief notes from FCO regarding HE misses on bunker at 0588, 0915, elevation 2128.

    CO: Hellstorm
    FCO: Garthra
    Map: Patrol Ops/Boots/Taki

    -Generally rounds were on target during the course of the mission. (bombardment of 2 towns, and a 4X smoke mission.)

    -Gun Reset
    At one point gun reset to its deflection 3200 setting and 2400 azimuth setting for unknown reasons. (Although gun was no longer aimed at 3200 on the collimator). Rather than try to puzzle out the cause I simply switched to the second gun. If there was time I would go back and try to determine the cause and fix it. Might have been due to changing the gunner (Ops and myself).
    This caused a delay in one fire mission.

    -Missed target bunker:
    First shot was given the correction "[move] 30 meters SE." (correction by Crazi)
    Corrected for roughly 30 se.
    Second shot was given the correction “Bad effect. Move 300 meters SE.” FCO confirmed miss was 300 meters off target.
    Based on a miss of that extreme magnitude, I rechecked my steps. Concluded I had entered the wrong charge. This was likely because I used pre-prepared shells, which had been set to the previous fire missions (wp, charge 1). The first shell could have been corrected to charge 2, while the second was not. A failure to correct the second shell would explain the vastly increased miss on the second shell.

    Did not get a chance to test the theory, as I had to leave for real world activities.

    Lessons Learned:
    Always double check your rounds against your fire mission when loading.
    There is a reason the formal procedure calls for the loader to READ the ammo type and charge as he loads it, and the gunner to check it.

    In any case, my apologies to the commander (Hellstorm) for the delay due to gun reset, the bunker error and any resulting delays or difficulties.

    FCO Garthra
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    Re: Patrol Ops Boots: Steel Rain and Missing Bunker --12/29/2012 @ ~6pm ZULU

    I would just like to add you did a good job Garthra. The smoke you put down for the movement of the troops was really good. everyone made it to the hold point without coming under fire to me that was the most important part.




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