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  • [AAR] Joint Ops Libra AAR

    Please post your After Action Reports here.

    Documenting our missions from your point of view helps chronicle our journey.

    Even if it is just to summarize what you remember, please post something about what you remember about the event.

    I will post a lengthy report when I get the chance tomorrow.

    Thank you for playing and outstanding work.

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    Re: Joint Ops Libra AAR

    Sunray left me in the middle of the desert with nothing but a toothbrush and a lemon, and i still made it to Foxhound in time to set of the mightiest explosion i have ever seen in my time here at TG arma.

    Kudos for that explosion Dimi, it was very well made.

    P.S: The enemy soldiers had NVGs, found out just after the final charge had started.
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      Re: Joint Ops Libra AAR

      Come on guys! Someone post a nice long AAR so I can live vicariously through you! :) Sorry I missed it.
      The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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        Joint Ops Libra AAR

        I have to make this short cause Im on my iphone...

        Started off alright in Savage (armor squad) we got where we were headed with out issue. After some time sitting around in the hot desert and one downed little bird, Foxhound and Whiskey infantry squads came into contact.

        I had Noah as my gunner in the Warrior and Crazi with Cole in the second Warrior. We maneuvered to get eyes on hostile infantry and armor just inside the north side of the city, at the IED factory. After some semi confusing contact reports from 6 people at the same time we managed to rack up a few dozen infantry kills and nearly half a dozen vehicles.

        Not long after that Foxhound and Whiskey started to move up and encountered some nasty road blocks littered with infantry, emplacements and BMPs. We did our best to move back and forth between the infantry elements to engage priority targets and eliminated most of the baddies.

        Unfortunately, the last remaining BMP spotted by Foxhound squad was in a perfect hull down behind a HMG emplacement giving my gunner only a shot on the ATGM tube. It was already too late by then and we took a missile to the face, destroying our warrior. From what I could tell our friendlies took alot of casualties after our second Warrior pulled back for what was only a few short minutes.

        After my squad regrouped, manning a freshly stolen jackal from command we moved back up with Crazy and his Warrior to rejoin the fight. While trying to reposition it looked like Foxhound decided screw the fire support and Leroy Jenkinsed it across 100m of open ground infront of that same hull down BMP. Not wanting to waste another second I instructed Crazy to Leroy as well and Cole managed to kill the BMP.

        Kinda quited down after that however. I believe Foxhound was healing their wounded and after a few min of trying to locate the engineer the most ridiculous explosion took place! Some more standing around after that and then regrouped with the rest of the team for resupply and orders.

        After topping up the vehicles and having Whiskey squad ride with us we moved south into Fallujah. It was a short trip south before coming across about 8-10 contacts directly on our hold point...Cole, our Jackal crew (Kujo and Drakkhen), whiskey and Foxhound squad made quick work of those guys. Right after that, Wet Team (516) lead by Axis showed up after elminating 2 HVT elsewhere. We continued west and took minor contact but a little bird ate an RPG.

        We waited around for what seemed an eternity after that. I couldnt really gather what was going on but after 20 min, sparatic inf contact and one wounded the LB was repaired and took off. Until about 15 seconds later when there was a massive explosion and someone said it had crashes..yikes.

        By this time it was nearly pitch black and with our infantry not having NVGs, Unk decided to call it. But not before we had one chance to zerg rush the objective to try to locate 6 caches. We did just that, and not too bad actually. I think 2 or 3 were detonated but then Unk called it.

        All in all pretty good match. Comms coulda been better, I know i struggled a bit between squad and long range comms as well as directing my gunner. The Warrior is a powerful vehicle with its devastating 40mm cannon and I know Noah enjoyed it. Id like to thank my squad members Crazy, Cole, Noah, Kujo and Drakkhen for being patient and great squad members. As well as everyone else for a job well done and had we been given NVGs im sure we woulda made it all the way to the end.


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          Re: Joint Ops Libra AAR

          Had fun. I want to clear a couple of things up.

          Some of my guys in Foxhound were complaining about Savage element getting most of the kills. Most of the time we had to rely on them because we did not have the range or equipment to engage that nastiness that awaited us. If we looked for action we would have been mowed down pretty easily. Plus my fun factor is based on me looking at them killing the baddies by our request. My fun is not always about me pulling the trigger. I hoped you can share that with me. I also do not want to be responsible for us failing as a unit which results in feeling of disappointment and frustration. So I made the decisions for us to be successful and I tried to maximize the amount fun we can had.

          I still stand by our charge through the open ground. Because I had intel that one of the BMPs were disabled which was not the case. But we came through that with minimal damage to ourselves and Savage finally charged in with us to clear two roadblocks.

          Many of the decisions were made by me in terms of how we took down the IED factory. That was because CO said he will not issue specific orders and gave me the task of plotting the route and approach. CO only wanted sit rep every half an hour and if our situation changed drastically. I extended this allowance and coordinated Savage and Whisky. So communication upward to the command was minimal. So I am sorry if I overstepped my bounds. I keep hearing complaints about lack of comms. I think when it mattered we had everything under control with smooth comms. But that was from my perspective.

          Given what we faced at the IED factory, I think we did very well thanks to the Savage unit. They stayed back behind the infantry and let us spot threats.

          I never had any downtime. I was very busy the whole time. So I had a lot of fun. For the event to wave 2012 goodbye, I think it has served its purpose very well.




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