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Patrol OPS MSO , Takistan, 9th Jan 2013

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  • Patrol OPS MSO , Takistan, 9th Jan 2013

    Mission : Clear and secure Rasman, engage and destroy enemy infantry in Sakhe

    Time: 19:00Z-01:30Z (approx)

    Command: Bl1P

    Ground team leaders including FTL's: Bravo (Grambo, Jakthelad,Hawk_Eye,_____,_____), Echo team lead(Sir Jones/Hawk_Eye), Delta team lead (Crazi)

    Armou: Fury (_____,_____)

    Air : Liquid

    Mission 1: Clear RASMAN and surrounding enclaves.
    Implemented by: Bravo, Delta and support from HQ support team.

    Outcome: Success

    Casualties: Minimal, no KIA, WIA

    Enemy casualties: 10-15 KIA.

    Upon the issuance of the commands to take Rasman and secure the main MSR's for future objectives I began by sending Bravo team to secure the main intersection of Rasman, no contact was taken during this. Upon seizure of the intersection several IED's were discovered and marked on map for EOD.
    Proceeding in Blue(JaktheLad) and Green(Grambo) fire teams of 4 and 3 respectively we(Bravo) proceeded to clear Rasman as per command orders. Initially engagement was with armed civilians but as both teams progressed to the peripheries of Rasman resistance was encountered in the form of Takistani army units.
    Upon securing the immediate Rasman area Bravo proceeded to engage enemy forces in the hills directly to the SE of Rasman. After successfully engaging Bravo set up an over watch position looking WSW towards the next objective. Delta proceeded towards the next objective due West via the main MSR, sporadic infantry contacts took place and precise suppressive fire was provided by Blue fire team led by JakTheLad. Upon clearance of the target area, Delta was reassigned to recon duties, leaving Bravo to assault the next objective alone. Bravo team moved south following the ridge line and setting up recon/ over watch positions at hill 2108. During Bravo's recon a number of enemy forces were engaged, including at least one sniper.
    As contacts receded Green fire team consisting of Grambo and Spaz? Proceeded to clear buildings surrounding the South Eastern edge of the target area. During this sweep, Green fire team came into close contact with enemy fire team and required the assistance if Blue fire team in securing the Southern enclave of the town. As the assault on the enclave of buildings proceeded we began to receive casualties. Many enemies remained in buildings and a slow process of clearing began.
    Upon securing the area I made the desicison to fall back to the new CCP for rearming and healing. Bravo compare efficiency was waning now due to aim wobble from injuries and wounds, also the machine gunners required ammunition. At reaching the CCP bravo linked up with elements of Delta team who had lost members from D/C's, Bravo squad now numbered 8 members. Having lost Jak to disconnect, I assumed overall command and allocated Hawk_Eye to lead a team that would serve a Jackel. Command attached an armoured asset to Bravo call sign Fury numbering x1 Stryker M2. Utilising Fury and new Red in Jackel we assaulted the last objective following the main MSR encountering no contacts until reaching the main intersection of the objective. Upon reaching the intersection at the objective we came into contact with light to moderate nfantey forces in which Bravo lead was WIA as was The medic(Slim). After securing both intersections in the enclave with no further casualties, the objective was declared clear and all assets RTB'd to prepar for called mission. AAR for called mission will be posted as a reply on this thread.

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    Re: Patrol OPS MSO , Takistan, 9th Jan 2013

    2ic - Liquid-watcher

    2nd pilot TicTac and Puerto until Puerto took command of Echo recon squad (along with several newer members)

    Engineer - Spaz delt with numerous Ied threats.

    Fury - Vilky and siger

    Numerous other players that I fail to recall
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      Re: Patrol OPS MSO , Takistan, 9th Jan 2013

      The outro
      The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the devil's own satanic herd.


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        Re: Patrol OPS MSO , Takistan, 9th Jan 2013

        From a Command point of view it was a Great mission to command.

        2 infantry squads (bravo and delta then later echo)
        1 cas pilot
        1 transport pilot
        1 artilery unit
        The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the devil's own satanic herd.


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          Re: Patrol OPS MSO , Takistan, 9th Jan 2013

          From the POV of delta lead (later D/C)

          The mission started and we headed to the SE out of base with my 6 man team (Crazi,Hawk_eye,FunsizeEvil,Air_alex,Kaliber,Drakk han?) formed into 3 buddy teams Red, white and Blue

          Red: (Kaliber,Drakkhan?) = noted as "(r)"
          Blue: (Hawk_eye,FunsizeEvil) = noted as "(b)"
          white: (Crazi,Air_alex) = noted as "(w)"

          we started to clear buildings to the N/NE of rasman (right after a suicide bomber took out 1 or 2 members of Bravo) and came into moderate contact along the way (a few civilians and takistan insurgents), we cleared our first objective and then headed N to a high-contact area with (b) and (r) inserting into a compound while (w) provided over watch taking out 10+ foot mobiles in the area, with still 5 or 6 more taken out by (b).

          From there I sent a radio transmission to command who replied with a message of our next objective (the second town between Rasman and Bastam and asked if we wanted land or air transport to the AO, we asked for air transport and was referred to 2IC (liquid.watcher) and marked "LZ UK" on map for pickup. after 5 to 10 minutes we were transported to a point to the SE of a "vehicles" point and met up with command who then sent us on our way (after re-arming) to the WSW to a point to the W of the AO and from there recieved a radio transmission from Bravo asking if we needed any assistance in tackling the AO, I replied yes and after 10 minutes we had support on a hill to the E of the AO. We then proceeded into the area and encountered over 20+ foot mobiles and Bravo dispatched about 12 of those, once the area was clear we discovered 2-3 IEDs scattered along the road and a message from 2IC proclaiming that our friendly A-10 had been attacked and had been taken down NW of base and wanted a Recon team to search and destroy all targets in the area to discover what had happened. I accepted as we had finished in the AO and was ready to move to support.

          After a drive back to base we were mounted into a jackal (L2A1?) and a HMMWV (M2) and proceded NW of the base to discover a Roadblock containing 2x armoured units and multiple enemy infantry, after dispatching the targets we went further down the road the the NNE and dispatched 3x enemy snipers.

          this is the point where i had to D/C

          GG to all in the mission you all did a great job (sorry if I got any of the information wrong; please correct any mistakes in a post)


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