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AAR Patrol Ops Takistan - 17JAN2013

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  • [AAR] AAR Patrol Ops Takistan - 17JAN2013

    I'm to tired to write something about the mission now, but feel free to post anything you like about it here. I would really like to hear from Bl1P and LowSpeed who where both with me from start.

    Mission : Patrol ops Takistan, reconstruction
    Time: 0000Z (I think?)
    Command: |TG-6th|Spaz
    2IC: |TG-Irr|LowSpeed
    Bravo team lead: Bl1P
    Delta team lead: Siger
    Chief Medic: |TG-Irr|Puerto

    Quick info about the mission: Used a convoy of M2 hmmves, a Land Rover, Medevac hmmve and a transport truck to move cargo into position. Set up a radio mast and then head back to base.

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    Re: AAR Patrol Ops Takistan - 17JAN2013

    Mission: To deliver a radio mast to be set up on the mountain top on the SW of Nur.

    Convoy order (initial)
    Victor One - Bravo Team 1 - Humvee M2
    Victor Two - Command - Humvee M2
    Victor Three - Humvee Ambulance
    Victor Four - Precious Cargo - MTVR
    Victor Six - Bravo Team 2 - Humvee M2

    The convoy order was given, followed by the COs' own Convoy SOPs on halts.
    The comms were established, and we pushed out of the base.

    COs' initial intent was to clear the near village of Shamali. Establish a safe route into Nur from airbase. Then skirt around the mountain to set up the radio mast.

    The convoy left the airbase without any complications. Arrived at the pre-designated waypoint-1 marker. Which had a good line of sight into the northern section of Shamali. Once there, Bravo squad dismounted and pushed into the northern settlements to clear.

    Few mins later, I alt tabbed out of channel to discuss admin stuff.

    Ten or fifteen minutes later.

    I rejoined with Spaz, and he filled me in on what happened. "You missed a great CQB action from this position"
    I was tasked to ferry the JIP players into the front line. I drove the landrover (which was driven here by someone whilst alt+tabbed) back to the base to pick up 3 x JIPs.

    Few mins later, I have dropped off the JIP players. At this stage, Bravo was clearing the town of Nur.
    Light contacts, mostly small arms fire. No casualties and no complications.

    Town was declared "CLEAR...ish" (verbatim) via Bravo leader. They then retraced their route back to join with command.

    The convoy was reorganized due to more vehicles and players. "Convoy, engines on" was called, we pressed the accelerator.

    Once we were about 800m away from the location of the radio mast placement. The two humvees of Bravo was ordered to line up and push forward from the rest of the convoy to recon by force.
    Viking (CO) keyed his PTT key:
    "Bravo SITREP"
    "Bravo, Viking SITREP!"


    Delta was called to dismount and check out what is going on with Bravo and their halted vehicles on top of the ridge.

    Few minutes later...

    Small arms fire, followed by a louder bang.

    "DELTA this is Viking.."

    Co and I dismounted and located to get some line of sight onto Bravos elevated position. Nothing could be seen but of their halted rear humvees. I informed CO to push forward and flank up that position to secure and find out what happened.
    We both pushed forward, upon reaching the peak. I saw an enemy pointing his HMG towards one of the humvees.
    I took aim, shot three rounds. Pushed forward more and cleared the area.

    Practically the whole of Bravo squad and Delta was wiped out. Some made it, some did not.

    The Radio mast was built in record time, with a "kick."

    We reformed up in our new convoy, and headed back to base.
    With the slight mishap of drawing our tracks in the sand with our vehicles wheels in a large circle to get our bearings, but we made it home alive.

    Game over

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      Re: AAR Patrol Ops Takistan - 17JAN2013

      The Clearing of Nur.
      From a bravo perspective.

      Bravo team :-



      Puerto (medic)

      3 buddy teams + medic

      Bravo was ordered to garrison a compound NE of the town of Nur then to proceed into Nur and clear the town.

      From the initial compound Bravo team took fire from their SW from an elevated enemy position which gave the enemy a good fire position on Bravos initial compound.
      Bravo sustained 1x WIA apex upon entering the compound with 2x m2 hmmvs.

      Bravo lead had the 2 m2s placed behind a wall with guns facing the enemy position.
      the wounded apex then took one hmmv back to CCP to get healed by the medic.

      The single M2 remaining then provided suppression m2 fire on the enemy locations so as to allow the remaining Bravo infantry time to move up the slope to get into positions of hard cover around the enemys house locations.
      M2 suppression provided by mons and then apex once he returned from hospital.

      Bravo forward infantry started to take small arms fire from left, right and forward of their position.
      M2 fire was whizzing over our heads as we started to move north to clear our first compounds.

      Once the compounds North where cleared.
      Both m2s left cover and apex and mons rejoined the Bravo team on foot.

      3x 2 man buddy teams then proceeded to clear 3 large compounds along the NW side of the main msr in Nur. shortly joined by the combat medic Puerto.

      Once the 3 large compounds where cleared the teams split into two teams in order to facilitate a speedier clearance of the remaining compounds on the east and south of the main msr.

      Green and Blue joined into 1 Blue 4man team lead by drakkan they took the larger south side of Nur
      While white and the medic took the smaller east side of a small side road in Nur.

      After several small fire fights and at least 2 wounded in white team.
      And from what radio and sounds i was picking up quite a few fire fights for blue team.
      Both teams reported their sections cleared.

      Viking actual was informed and Bravo was orderd back to the main holding and CCP area for debrifing, reorg and further commands .

      Excellent job by all Bravo team was a pleasure to lead them.
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