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02/03/13 23:30 zulu

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  • [AAR] 02/03/13 23:30 zulu

    Great mission shame we had to call it early when many people died a lot, no time to do an AAR so i'll just point out some names:

    CO: Puerto
    XO: Lonewolf70
    Medic: Zypher and GreasyMnky
    Harbringer 4'1: Crazi (SL), Garthra (FTL1), Biggs (FTL2)
    Red Toad: (sorry don't remember)
    Harbringer 4'5: TicTac, Ghadlan (later)
    Tango 1 (M1A1): Spaz, Ghadlan, Jaktehlad

    Sorry to say that even after the mission this is all I can remember if anyone can clarify even more I would be greatly happy

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    Re: 02/03/13 23:30 zulu

    Was commander of Tango, the M1A1 in the mission. My gunner was Dekul and my driver was Stephen (?). Thought the mission went pretty well actually, even considering the AI got a huge boost in toughness. There was an almost unrelenting trickle of enemy infantry from the hills, but we were able to position ourselves to destroy the vast majority of them without taking hardly any damage to the tank, despite multiple RPG hits (front armor only) and several AI attempts to snipe me when I turned out of the commanders hatch. Note - AI was smart enough NOT to snipe at me when I was turned in, only firing rifles when I popped my head out.

    I'm sure the infantry had a much harder time, but seemed to keep formation together pretty well, and there was excellent communication from actual to coordinate both ourselves and the infantry.

    Although much of the time I had no visual on friendly infantry, I was aware of their position and the direction of enemy contacts. In addition, I think that we used combined tactics surprisingly well, supporting the infantry and vice-versa.

    My only lament would be to say that we stole too many of the kills. Sorry about that, guys... but then my gunner (dekul) had an IR scope, so...

    Overall, after the catastrophic destruction of the AAVP in the beginning, the mission maintained a good steady pace of action and advancement. We only had to fall back one time, otherwise it was steady pressure and progress. Towards the end the actual objectes seemed a little unclear, although we did mop up the vast majority of enemies (95+%).

    Thanks everyone who played, I think it was the best mission of the day!

    Idea for another mission: perhaps we need to think about using lighter armored vehicles (vulcan M113?) in Lingor, with larger infantry support. Like 2x squads and 2x armor.
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      Re: 02/03/13 23:30 zulu

      It was indeed a good mission and one I would like to play again. Special mention and thanks go to the members of FT2 - TalkingBeerMug, Vilky and A.N. Other (sorry m8 but I can't remember your proper name). Beer especially kept me alive by dropping close targets with unerring accuracy.



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