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  • [SOP] Patrol OPS MSO Vanilla (Alpha)

    Myself, ZAP, Sarge, Unkl, Phrat, Strling_SAS, |TG| Steve have been working on this patrol ops in Alpha server which has been running since yesterday morning. All of the AARs can be found in game in Notes section. Currently the operation is still in progress.

    After a full day of efforts, Eastern and Western zones of interest have been cleared. In total US squad which usually consisted of less than 5 people were able to engage and eliminate more than 200 enemy combatants. Although Western zones of interest have been cleared at one point, repeated enemy presence in the towns of Ahmaday and Chak Chak kept those towns hostile to our patrolling forces. We have seen presence of number of roadblocks, heavy and light armors only in that region. As last night when the darkness fell, civilian HUMINT reported enemy combatants' movements in Ahmaday.

    Recommended action
    : Set up a FOB near Chak Chak and Ahmaday to better control the area.

    Last patrol yesterday as the darkness fell was to conduct a combat patrol towards the closest Northern zone of interest which is the town of Timurkalay. It was cleared after an engagement with sporadic enemy forces.

    So if you are to join and conduct any type of operation please consider that this is an ongoing effort. The assets at base including the signs must be taken care of. AI soldiers in the game are there to defend the base. Do not take control of them and remove them from their posts. If a major encounter, movement, logistical decisions were made and executed please write up an AAR so a player who leads later on will be able to read them and catch up on current status of over all mission.


    - The mission is a blast and a lot of fun.
    - Treat assets and AI with care.
    - Don't call in special missions and fail them immediately. Do not call in special missions without a considerable size of force and proper chain of command established.
    - Write up AARs in game so it would be saved in the Notes section.

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    Re: Patrol OPS MSO Vanilla (Alpha)

    Sounds like a lot of fun!

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