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  • [AAR] Lights Out Event AAR

    Here is the place for AARs!
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Re: Lights Out Event AAR

    So we alexei team(morbo,steve,vilky,siger) went on a patrol to the West hill of our base and as we went up hill we heard ryker go on the radio "this is ryker do you copy?"I heard him and saw him i sneaked behind him and shot him in the back,then vilky or steve i belive shot him again like 5 times in the head after that we tried to revive him ...we continued to advance toward the enemy and i heard ghadlan or corpduty say "possible enemy at the SE of the the hill"morbo dint hear that...i whispered "they are here shut up" we spread out and started to scan i found ghadlan he said "we got enemy behind us South" at that moment i opened up on him after that i kept looking for the other guy then i heard cracks and started sprinting up hill after 1-2 secs of sprinting the fire got more and more heavy with 203's and MG's thats when i fell and bled out...that was my experience.Great fun!
    Hope we can do more missions like this in the near future.Thanks to garthra for putting this togheter!
    Siger out.


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      Re: Lights Out Event AAR

      Alexia squad goes on its patrol were all war ready and cant wait to get in the fight as we make it to our patrol point at the top of the hill "we all know what hill were talking about" we had bagged two all ready and alexia was ready for more. Once we get to the top of the hill we realize were not the only ones there, whispers were whispering and every one was trying to situate them selfs as Alexia crested blufor and opfor found them selfs point blank and then the bullets started to fly casualties on both sides occurred then m203 rained form the sky as I took cover I realize my hole squad was taken out, all alone and ready for vengeance I flank around the hill and dropped two guys conversing about what to do. I fall back and report my situation to command and was informed that back up was on its way. Waiting it out and hoping friendlys would be there soon I stick my head in the ground and wait. After several minuets I see 4 Blufor run down the hill straight to me I'm in shock and suppress then run for my life at this time magelka squad was at the base of the hill coming in for support I make my way to them in haste and say "FINALLY YOUR HERE" adrenalin running and in shock still I come to mind and say to my self "my squad is all up there, there all alone, and in pain, who knows if there dead or alive but why guess I'm going back for them" I make my way back up the hill and here Blufor just to my right I go in for the flank and died trying to reach my squad in hopes to save them.

      I knew I would die there......
      as it was my ultimatum......
      I knew it was my duty to fight......
      To Die...........
      For my Brothers............
      FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        Re: Lights Out Event AAR

        On the switch side. Blufor inserts ready for a fight with my squad at the south part of the map with the remaining Blufor forces to the north our plan was a sandwich tactic. While clearing the town to the south my squad was spotted by areal reconnaissance. We pulled back and headed north to support our remaining forces we found the Opfor base and pushed in. At this time our fire team only consisted of Morbo Chichco and my self we breached the compound and cleared the area. As we approached the last part of the compound Opfor members spotted us and called in reinforcements Morbo and Chichco we shot down and wounded horribly. I fraged the hut the Opfor members were hiding in and continued to clear. I noticed Opfor moving in form the South North and East and I managed to salvage some demo charges and planted them in hopes to destroy the genorator. *That plan failed* after the explosion Morbo had awoken and finally was killed. I was all alone, adrenalin pumping, heart pounding and in survival mode. Frags came down on my direction from the front gate and I lost my legs scared and close to death I managed to kill the last Opfor inside the base. In a final attempt to destroy the genorator I use my last three he grenades to take it out.

        My mission was complete.............
        My brothers at my feet..............
        The last one to Live..............
        The last one to die..........
        SEMPER FIDELIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          Re: Lights Out Event AAR

          AAR Mission 1: Russian Team, Michail FTL

          D3viant was Command. When we started out we split our force into 3 pieces. One Fire team on the western hill (from the middle base) one on the eastern hill. My fire team was left in the base, with primary responsibility for our north. I put one man up in the tower bunker (Scotty) and one man on the ground at the northern exit (Speedumn). The hill to our west took some fire, and we lost radio comms. The order was for me to take my fire team and help them, along with the medic and the MG attached. Somone was still alive, but he was surrounded and needed help! We pushed out, slowly going west along the road until we approached the hill from its West. I figured the enemy would be oriented toward our main base to their east, and this would catch them off guard. Someone said he spotted something on the hill and I told him anything on the hill was hostile. If there were any friendlies left, they would flee to the base to the east, so anyone looking west, I felt safe presuming was hostile. As we approached the tension mounted. I couldn’t see anyone, but the report from command and the survivor was 4 or 5 enemies up there…. Where were they? Just then a man runs down the hill right at us. I almost killed him before realizing he had a Russian uniform. Then I refocus on my eyes on the hill. What is he running from? There must be something there. Then BANG BANG BANG. I drop to the ground at the sound of heavy MG fire to the front. A second burst and the world fades to black. My last thought is of my poor men dying so very far from home under my command…


          AAR Mission 2:
          We swapped and now I was American USMC. Under Bola we inserted on the north of the island. I was a grenade launcher and a “FTL” of myself and Speeddumn. When we inserted, the other half of the tema took the RHIB and went off to another insertion point. I lost track of them, focusing on my mission. Our goal was to approach the northernmost base from the east, and ensure it was clear. Speed took point and we moved out, command trailing behind.
          As we approached the base we heard a biplane! We dropped to the ground and froze as it flew overhead. We did not want to engage it in case it had not yet spotted us. When it was gone we continued. It made periodic flybys, but we held our fire, as we wanted surprise if at all possible. Once we had cleared the northern base we pushed south to the middle base. Meanwhile the rest of the force in the boat used its MG to hit the plane and draw their attention away from us, we hoped. They must have hit it, as the next time it came round it was smoking black beautiful puffs out of its engine. Get Some boat crew!
          We Kept moving north, and stopped temporarily on a roadside to plan our next leg of travel. Our goal was to take “hill 66” a nearby high ground which would help us against the central base if it was occupied. Suddenly “WHhhhiiiRRRRR---BOOM!” An RPG landed in the middle of our patrol, injuring me. I went crazy and shot smoke grenades on our right flank, thinking the fire came from there. Someone noted the smoke gave our position away, a good point, but I figured if they just nailed us with an RPG they already knew where we were. Well they did now, I kept shooting smokes 50-100 meters to our right flank in the close treeline, and 200-300 meters on our left flank, towards the middle base across a clearing. We started taking MG fire from the left flank and I responded by a barrage of some 12 HE grenades judged about where I thought the fire came from. I couldn’t see the enemy exactly, but darned if I was just going to sit there and die with all this ammo still on me! Meanwhile the medic was working on the wounded. We were all returning fire as best we could but I don’t know if anyone actually saw the enemy. We all knew we had to move, get to some cover, but we had multiple men down and didn’t want to leave them. So we shot rounds and prayed. I put out another mag of smoke and HE out of my m32, on both the right and left flanks. Around then “WhhhhiiiRRRR--- BOOM” and I was out.
          I came too a while later. I found myself unable to treat my own wounds, so I set to work on Bolagnaise, the closest casualty. I also radioed to the guys in the boat that we were down, and they were on their own. Not sure if they got the message, and I briefly contemplated if I was spending my last words in the right way. I kept working on bola as I bled. I had him patched up and was injecting morphine when he died in my arms. I had just enough time to curse and then I died beside my comrade. Semper Fi.
          The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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            Re: Lights Out Event AAR

            In 1st battle I was in Victor team as rifleman.
            ...After timelimit was out and BLUFOR run to base from West dropping smoke I open fire from East hill of base by RPK but not very effective I think :( I take main rifle, report to Dimi and run to South wall of base. At SW entering of base I saw OPFOR guy near corner and looking on me, I think we both were surprised that enemy in 5 meters aimin at u. I open fire first, so he fall down near bunker. Over radio somebody said that enemys at N enter.
            After that I run by West wall to North gates. At NW corner of base there was tree line and some1 start shoot me in back from this treeline through chain wall. Its took a time to look around, find him and take out.
            Last one I saw when he entering N gates and shoot friendly in bunker. Ive got him in back coz was running behind carefully. When I trying move in bunker and help teammate Ive took shots from SW enter, so was run back to wall and heal myself. Mission end in 1 min.

            In 2nd I take FTL of Vilky and (sry dont remember nickname).
            ...After some trip over map on boat and hunting plane we (red team) move to W side of island. We saw generator at middle base and run there by same treeline at NW of base from 1st battle. We get inside through SW enter, =MeRk= Morbo513 said that we should find explosives. Ive run to ammobox and was shooted from N enter while checkin for satchels gear. I saw Vilky above box, he was trying to help me. In several seconds there were PKM shoots over my head and I disconnect coz was sure that Vilky down.

            It was fun, thx for good game to all and Garthra for mission :)


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              Re: Lights Out Event AAR

              We were advised from high command that the enemy were making an attempt on our generator this evening. From the intelligence reports, we were expecting a full section inserting by boat...somewhere on our beloved Utes.

              We had little time to think. Our vehicles had fallen into disrepair over these harsh winter months and we were low on supplies. More of a liability than an asset, I decided we would not use them. We were always last on the list for supply drops; something that would prove difficult this evening.

              No time to waste with the eminent threat. Fire team leaders scrambled to their positions. Alexei, led by Morbo with Siger, Vilky and Steve set up on hill 71 to the West of our base. Viktor, led by Dimitrius with Chichco, Tic Tac and Funsize evil set off to overwatch hill 66. Mikhail, led by Garthra with Scotty and Speedumn stayed at base temporarily.

              It seemed like in no time there was contact at Alexei's position. Casualties incurred and team Mikhail sent in to assist along with Banshee the medic. As we hoped for the best, the radio silence followed by the silence of weapon fire told the tale. Alexei was down for sure and only Pvt. Speedum and Pvt. Scotty reported in from Mikhail with enemy still near. Team Viktor was now double-tasked with eyes on the west as well as their current task as overwatch of base. They held tight, reporting in even if there was nothing to report.

              As if by some miracle, Pvt. Speedum limped back to base. Scotty didn't make it. He and I kept close watch on the entrances to our base. With time on our side, and no idea how many enemy were still out there, we only had to wait...tick tock.

              Opfor won, but Blufor hit us hard. It was a great time for all. Thanks to all who played and to Garthra for the great mission.


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                Re: Lights Out Event AAR

                My AAR. Victor sat on Hill 66 for the entire mission, moved around a few times, licked off a few rounds after the mission expired, then Priceline shot me in the face.

                good times.

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                  Re: Lights Out Event AAR

                  AAR from a Private's last words:

                  It was rougly 1540 when I overhear my NCO's chatter about possible USMC insertion to UTES. Immediate panic set in because I knew I only had a limited amount of rounds and 1 RPG(it had been weeks since our last resupply).. Not to mention the worlds most ruthless fighting force was assaulting our island but I mustered what strength I could and remembered my basic training. My NCO, Garthra, immediately noticed that I seemed to have a bead of sweat on my brow although it was a nice day and a soft breeze. He snapped me back into focus and put me into a watch tower Looking North/North-West. He also put Pvt. Speedum into another tower, I got a quick laugh because I watched him climb to the top only to slip on the last rung and fall to the ground... needed our platoon Medik to come repair his wounds. Our orders were clear even with little warning of the USMC landing, guard our tiny base with our lives if need be. Within 30 minutes we had our first barrage of gun fire as one of our foot patrols became face to face with the swift insertion team. I was distraught and aiming in on even leaves moving in my line of sight.

                  Things became increasingly real when the fire team that was protecting the west hill was taking heavy fire and causalities. I could over hear the last moments of the people I was just talking to an hour before on the comms of my fire team leader. Once the last comms went silent and a feint voice could be heard, it was Alexia checking in, saying he was wounded and his squad was decimated. Garthra received orders to retake the hill and rescue any members that were able to be saved. We quickly mobilized and took off at a quick jog stopping only at road ways and providing cover while we crossed. Within 5 minutes we were there... The hill that many men had already lost their lives on. It was a very steep hill, with a lot of trees and shrubs. We approached slowly and in a line. Audible pops start passing over head and we all hit the dirt. There was no cover... we were caught. We tried to hide LOS by breaking up our body outlines behind shrubs... grass.. downed trees ANYTHING, but we were exposed. Within a couple minutes the Marines were canvasing the field we were prone in with 203's. Many of them missed but a few did what they intended to do. Knocking some of our members out from concussive blasts, shrapnel wounds, and a couple killed instantly for our whole squad. I could no longer hear anyone on comms... I reported in one last time and just laid still. I had no visuals. I was motioning to my buddy Speedum to my right about 15m away... he was in very bad condition, unconscious but still visibly gasping for air. I heard whispers.... within seconds a Marine came from out behind the treeline to check Speedum. I put about 4 rounds in him starting at the right shoulder and working my way up. Half a second later more audible pops that shred my legs and that is the last thing I remember before fading out.

                  Tell my Girlfriend I love her and my parents I am sorry.


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                    Re: Lights Out Event AAR

                    USMC special forces unit assaults the island of Utes, in search and destroy mission. Russian forces unknown, but presumed to be squad sized with limited ammo.
                    Deployed with fireteam charlie as the grenadier, armed with 40mm M32 grenade launcher, and a sidearm.

                    It felt like forever, since we departed from the main vessel. We sat in our boat, cold and wet and hungry. We were just about ready to assault the beachhead, when my radio gave out, stalling us for about 10 precious minutes. Eventually, I got everything working again, and just in time, as our Boat Chief, ordered the move. I was armed with an M32 grenade launcher (whose idea was it to give Shoomfie a semi-auto grenade launcher anyway?). Comms went silent for a while as we skirted around from our south-west landing point of the island, over to the lighthouse to the west. I was attached to fire-team Green, as we moved towards the suspected location of the generator. Between our three fire-teams, there were 9 or 10 of us. I'm not entirely sure what happened next. Apparently someone spotted movement up on the hill to our right. To this day, I'm sure whether it was the ruskies we were supposed to be shooting at, or friendlies. All I know, is I was given the word to fire... so I did. I let out a hail of 40mm grenades on top of the hill. Until someone started yelling check fire. I'm not entirely sure why we didn't go up and confirm the targets, but I guess it wasn't my place to say. Our fireteam, "charlie", and the squad leader SmokinJoeCamel, moved North, to the hill to support whatever was left of blue fireteam (or something like that). Once on top, we were directed to make a west-east firing line on top of the hill. I didn't know where the enemy was at the time, and so to conserve rounds and avoid friendlies, I held my fire. Eventually we found two targets running east to west, on the ridge of the hill just north of us, and I let them have it. unloading all six rounds onto the hill. Green lead, Jakthelad, and our Squad Medic, DJ22, moved west down the hill to provide medical support for some of our team at the bottom of the hill. Leaving myself, along with SmokinJoe, and a third guy, who's name slips my mind (sorry). I was ordered to move down the hill with the rest of the troops on the hill. I relayed the command... no answer. Smokin joe, was engaged in active fire, and the other guy had gotten hit. I pretty much spent the rest of my time on the hill dragging bodies off the ridge, so DJ22 could patch them up. We had reached about 5 minutes to mission fail. And we got the order to charge. Interestingly enough... it almost worked.

                    Things that went well:
                    • Use of overwhelming firepower.
                    • locating the target
                    • initial planning

                    Things that could use some work:
                    • Communications (specifically locstats)
                    • Aggressive forward movements.
                    • re-communicating important info down the line. (I had no idea what I was actually shooting at most of the time)

                    MISSION STATUS:
                    Failure to complete objective.
                    Had fun anyway!
                    [must find old banner on my machine now, filehost disbanded my old file... "dissatisfied-with-photobucket.jpoo"]

                    "WARNING: Don't let me throw frags!"


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                      Re: Lights Out Event AAR

                      OBSERVER: PVT Lord Fuzzywig
                      ELEMENT: 1CO 1PLT 1SQ Bravo FT Demolitions
                      PRIORITY TASKS: Locate and destroy enemy mission-critical power-generating infrastructure.
                      WHEN HELD: 092000ZFEB2013

                      I. INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES
                      BLUFOR forces were to move to the island of Utes, search for and destroy OPFOR mission-critical equipment. BLUFOR forces consisted of one squad, three fireteams with attached medic and squad leader. OPFOR forces consisted of one squad, three fireteams with attached medic and squad leader. BLUFOR was to insert on the island by RHIB from USS Khe Sahn, OPFOR was already well-established on the island with LP/OPs likely set-up and a civilian populace with whom they were familiar, though not necessarily in a cooperative relationship with. BLUFOR INTEL indicated the mission-critical equipment was in one of three locations on the island. HUMINT, however, was unclear on the specifics of the precise location.

                      BLUFOR commander's intent was to insert units on the SW portion of the island. BLUFOR lead took this approach on account of visual recon which did indicate a structure for rendezvous and high potential for concealment from the majority of the island to the east.

                      Two BLUFOR units had malfunctions with their radios and were stranded on the island near the lighthouse on the western portion of the island. The majority of BLUFOR forces inserted without incident. BLUFOR Blue FT moved NW to rendezvous with two stranded members of their squad. Enemy small arms fire was heard at the location to the east. Blue team moved east to the next piece of cover and concealment, where they did engage in soft contact, 2 men at a range of 300m.

                      Upon passing the contact report up, a BLUFOR round was discharged, potentially caused by negligence, causing the OPFOR soldier to seek cover and concealment. BLUFOR blue team did engage in hard contact at this time with that OPFOR unit. Blue team was ineffective in fixing that target at range, as blue team was equipped with suppressed weaponry. OPFOR soldier was then in defilade to BLUFOR forces and BLUFOR blue team swept S/SE to the southern portion of the hill the hard contact came from. Blue team did observe two BLUFOR casualties from red FT in this location and multiple OPFOR casualties. BLUFOR blue team took hard contact from the N/NW of their position as they swept the area to find and confirm enemy KIAs. Blue team was successful in fixing two enemies and then was sustained heavy casualties and at least one confirmed KIA by green team fratricide. This concluded my observation of the event.

                      III. KEY EVENTS/THEMES/ISSUES for BLUFOR
                      Upon PID of enemy combatant on top of the hill, BLUFOR should have engaged in a squad attack of that unit/units. Red team was away from other BLUFOR units, and did not establish a shift/lift order as they moved from the south to the hill where green and blue elements were engaged in hard contact. BLUFOR did fail to maintain momentum and violence of action in their movements, and bounding overwatch was not observed in a hostile area on a squad level. Upon blue team's first casualty (myself) by a unit in defilade, other fireteams should have moved expeditiously to suppress and fix the enemy. It took approximately five minutes for other units to arrive by which time the two enemy combatants had been fixed by blue team at 30% casualty rate.

                      PID was not maintained after contact was sustained. BLUFOR did engage in reckless application of high explosive weaponry, resulting in multiple BLUFOR casualties. Fratricide was a prevalent issue.

                      IV. RECOMMENDATIONS
                      To remedy the key issues of this event, I suggest more frequent battle drills in high-intensity, high-stress environments; review of basic infantry doctrine and TTPs with particular attention to reaction to contact, fire and movement, squad attacks, and suppression drills.

                      V. SUSTAIN/IMPROVE

                      BLUFOR SL-

                      1. Communication with units
                      2. Tactical movement through the battlefield

                      1. Command presence -- own your position.
                      2. Fireteam organisation and direction -- all teams could have benefited from a break contact order.

                      BLUE TEAM-
                      1. Team-orientation and tactical movement -- overwatch was never lost and team knew its whereabouts at all times.
                      2. Communication between members -- all members knew FTL's intent

                      1. Communication. Green team would have been able to dig blue team out of the hole they were in on Hill 81. With more suppression, enemy could have been more easily fixed.
                      2. Stealth -- Unfortunately, we were generally unable to use our suppressed weaponry as we were utilised as a spearhead element. We could have been a tremendous force multiplier for other FTs if used for hasty ambushes and flanking manuevers.

                      GREEN TEAM-
                      1. Organisation. You did well to stick together.
                      2. Communications with operation lead.

                      1. Aggression. When engaged in hard contact, do not hunker down and fight. Either attack or break contact and set up a hasty ambush.
                      2. Weapon safety and fire conditions. Your team spooked the contact on the hill, resulting in the need for blue team to stop their visual recon of the area and engage in hard contact.

                      RED TEAM-

                      N/A -- no observation of this team.
                      1. Positioning. Your team's survival would have greatly been improved on the western side of the hill.
                      2. TTPs. If you're moving perpendicular to friendly units, make certain to call out shift/lift commands. You very well could have been the victims of fratricide if blue/green did not PID.




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