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Operation "Panorama"

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  • [AAR] Operation "Panorama"

    Day 1
    Operation Panorama has been going on for about a day now. We have conducted initial operations to clear immediate surrounding areas of our base, Anar, Timukalay and we have also advanced towards South Airfield of Takistan.

    Both Python 1 and Adder 1 participated in this operation. Adder 1 cleared outskirts of Anar to secure our flanks as Python went in close and personal. 3 hours after the operation started we finally could call Anar a safe area.

    A synchronized attack was conducted on Timurkalay. Adder 1 provided overwatch while Python 1 attacked the town to go door to door. While providing overwatch Adder 1 spotted an armor squad and AA camp right on the North side of Timurkalay.

    Enemy camp North of Timurkalay and tank squad
    3xtanks were spotted guarding an AA camp. Adder 1 and Python 1 sat tight without knowing what to do and was waiting for orders. CO came to the rescue to use the TOW missile and engaged 2 of the tanks successfully. Adder elements were able to position themselves overlooking the camp and was able to engage and eliminate the tank and occupying forces. One of the FTLs had a camera on them of this attack. Video.

    Loy Manara
    Small suburbs outside of Loy Manara was cleared with ease. But Loy Manara itself was a different story. Loy Manara was heavily occupied with infantry reinforcing it from Airfield. It was an uphill battle and we almost lost control once. CO charged in with his engineer driving like a maniac through the town. They were both gunned down. Adder 1 fought through to reach them and was able to rescue CO but his Engineer died right in my hands. just before I was about to finish performing the necessary procedures to get him up.

    Mortars, 50 caliber machine gun overwatch and we finally took Loy Manara.

    South Airfield
    I was part of a motorized team overwatching another team who assaulted the Airfield. The taking of Airfield and clearing the surrounding areas went smoothly thanks to Riker and CO himself leading the big squad.

    Night operations were carried out after this point. I do not know what happened. But I am eager to see what will happen on Day 2. Map so far:

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    Re: Operation "Panorama"

    Very nice B! Catch you today for some more action.

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      Re: Operation "Panorama"

      Day 2
      Day 2 events can be chronicled with a lot of action and a lot of butt kicking. A continuation of South side of the map as well as taking and clearing of the one of the biggest city happened on Day 2.

      Early small squad action took place in Sultansafe. Rhino, MaxxPro was used after one squad almost got killed trying to recover a vehicle. Oh Madcat, our engineer, got blown up trying to disable an IED. I was AR in Python 1. I moslty remember driving a lot under fire, firing like a maniac through smoke to direction of enemy fire as two guys behind me argued about how to tow a vehicle.

      AFK during this time. No idea.

      Chak Chak
      Chak Chak was a tough one. Chak Chak is divided into three main groups of buildings. Even if you clear one side the other side would engage you. It was like clearing 3 small towns in one swoop. As we struggled to push on, a chopper crash happened. CO Lowspeed was also concentrated on getting a relay station up. Long range was full on. I had no idea what was going on. We got pulled out to RTB before finishing this town. We did come back much later to finish the job.

      Only things I remember is wounded squad mates, friendly fire incidents, chopper crashes, retreats.........

      CO wanted to make sure we do not have any choppers getting shot down as soon as it leaves base. I think we had two choppers shot down over Southern side around Huzrutimam. Hopefully they will be recovered. So commander wanted to clear Kakaru as it is the immediate town towards our West. The fight went smoothly and the town was taken within an hour.

      Feruz Abad
      Feruz Abad was our biggest challenge. Under AdeptAbyss's CO we took on that challenge. Roadblock, BTR, countless enemies and treacherous terrain made this town a tough town attack. Luckily patient soldiers waited for the engineer to set up a TOW and take out the BTR. A careful advance towards the town by an infantry squad and about an hour and half of firefight and constant gunfire resulted in liberation of Feruz Abad. May be it is because we attacked at night. But Feruz Abad seemed easy after finishing that huge town.

      Map progress so far. Some of night owls are preparing for another raid.


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        Re: Operation "Panorama"

        Temp closed.


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          Re: Operation "Panorama"

          Thread is open again. Post up your AAR's guys...I hear we came very close to extending the event. How was it from your perspectives??
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