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Operation Condor - 16AUG2013

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  • [AAR] Operation Condor - 16AUG2013

    At approximately 2200 on the 15th we received our brief for the mission. It was going to be a simple twilight push from our current position inside a compound in Kamino Firing range towards the airfield. The CO had chosen an all-star squad to conduct the secret raid. Leading Alpha Squad and the element was Shoomfie, with Harpo running as the doc. Dimitrius served as Alpha team leader, with Chief as his AR and Wartime as his Asst. AR. BL1P led Bravo team, and Liquid was his AR, with myself as the Asst. AR. Joman rounded out the team as AT. Of course, we also had Rudolf sitting in as SL of second squad, attached to us. (I believe, correct me if I am wrong or forgot anyone)

    The plan was fairly simple. We were to move out of Kamino Firing range along the roads west, where we would eventually reach Camp Rogaine. Alpha team was to maneuver on and eliminate all threats while Bravo team stood fast, later bringing up the vehicles and picking up the rest of the squad. We would then move along the winding roads south-west until we hit a group of radio towers on a hilltop, designated OP Sunshine, clearing compounds of enemy units along the way. Once at the OP, the squad was to split with Alpha team attacking the airfield along the coast from the south and Bravo team assaulting from the east.

    Everything was going well during mission prep, but when we went to move out several technical difficulties removed key players from our roster. We still had min-force, so the mission was still a go. We reorganized and loaded up into our GMV's to move out along the road.

    I was tasked with driving the lead vehicle. Immediately upon leaving the compound I noticed that we would have a difficult time navigating, as the fog was so thick and dense this early in the morning. We hit an obstacle right away. As soon as we left the gate, an explosion rocked our vehicle and we lost several tires. Radio silence hit as we all tried to figure out what had just happened. My first instinct was indirect fire, so I quickly pulled the vehicle to the side of the road with what mobility it had left, and dismounted looking for cover.

    Instantly upon exiting the vehicle, another explosion set off, and the world faded to black. In my last split second of life I saw the other vehicle in the small convoy reverse towards the compound, only to fall victim to my same fate.

    When I awoke, the radio was alive with chatter from Shoomfie, trying to organize the injured into a CCP while maintaining security with the rest of his forces. I moved towards the sound of friendly gunfire and was struck in the side from a Enemy somewhere just outside the compound walls.

    Over the next fifteen minutes or so, the team eliminated all contact, who proved to be an enemy dive team tasked with hitting us with a surprise assault, and regrouped inside the compound. After a small investigation, it seemed that the area around our compound had been mined. Without the proper equipment to detect and disable the mines, we were limited to moving out on foot. Shoomfie re planned, and we moved out north-west up the coast line towards a construction site. We had a positive ID on several enemy targets within the walls, so shoomfie took several guys and made his way to eliminate the target, while myself and two others stayed behind to provide over watch and cover. It didn't take long for them to clear the compound, but several of us had been killed in the process. Upon respawn, shoomfie decided we would fly one of our two helicopters to the compound to pickup the friendlies and then make our way to OP Sunshine and continue the plan from there.

    I was placed as pilot of the bird, only to be blinded by the fog. My negligence caused me to put the bird down sideways in the valley, effectively killing the three or four friendlies on board. I was relieved of my pilot duties and shoomfie took over. He expediently picked up the friendlies and then we moved off the coast around the north end of the island towards OP Sunshine.

    Once we landed at the OP, we started to make our way west towards the coast and then cut north towards the airfield.

    Before we reached the airfield I was experiencing some audio difficulties that forced me to remove myself from the scenario. I was absent for the next thirty minutes or so. As far as I know, during my absence the friendlies cleared the eastern edge of the airfield.

    By the time I came back into the scenario, the airfield was almost entirely clear, and I was with Dimitrius, CanaDave (Sp?) and Chief. Several contacts had made their way into the compound, so Dimitrius and I took them out, and then under Dimitrius's command we began our 3k movement west towards our friendlies at the airfield. By the time we made it almost to the OP, Shoomfie had acquired a vehicle (I'm not sure how) and picked up Dave and I to bring to the OP. He went back for Dimitrius and Chief, and by some grace of physics, managed to run me over. Once again I found myself at the Firing Range. After some time Shoomfie came back to pick me up, and we moved out toward the OP once more.

    Currently, we had six or so players in the game. Rudolf, Grunt, Dave, Chief, and Shoomfie. Shoomfie had to DC, so he left tactical command to me. After I reached Grunt on comms I learned that he had met with Dave and Chief and they had made their way to the south end of the airfield (which had previously been cleared). Rudolf and myself loaded up into our vehicle and met with them at their location. I split the team into two groups, Grunt was in control of Chief and Rudolf, and Dave was under my control. We made our way up the eastern side of the airfield, and began clearing the western section from north to south. Immediately we spotted a squad or so patrolling the runway through the fog, and we got on line and began to clear west. Out of the fog a few shots rang out, and the enemies superior eyes and aim claimed three of us instantly. With only Dave and I left, and blinded by the fog, we began to break contact and move for cover when higher called the mission on grounds that we had hit a logistics wall.

    In conclusion the mission was well put together. Several traps were placed through the layout, and we fell into all of them. The first one caused the most decisive and brutal outcome, that being the mines. Rudolf placed mines around the compound and accompanied them with healthy amount of warning signs, all of which we seemed to ignore. Personally this taught me a lesson on how sometimes very obvious things can be overlooked as aesthetics and therefore be the cause of quite a bit of pain. Attention to detail, ultimately could have saved the mission from the start.

    On top of this, the Beta engine and it's bugs caused quite a few issues, specifically technically. There were connection issues across the board, and we were constantly losing players due to this.

    Lastly, simple controls caused a few issues. The most notable control issue I saw was communications. It seems that we will need to setup an SOP on how exactly we are going to use in game VON. We resulted in using Direct Comms for inter-team comms and using group chat as inter-squad, while we used Side Channel as the Command Net. We had a lot of people using group channel to communicate with people within direct comms distance, therefore broadcasting to everyone. On top of this, we had a few AD's, specifically with grenades. I myself was killed by an accidental grenade once, and it slowed down the whole mission.

    If you haven't already, I am going to suggest that you switch your "Switch Grenade" and "Throw Grenade" keys. This way, just tapping "G" will switch grenade types and CTRL+G will actually throw the grenade. This has saved me from a lot of AD's.

    Great job Shoomfie in leading this one, and thank you for the awesome mission Rudolf.

    PS: I want you all to know that while I typed out this monster, my building was struck by lightning and the fire alarms went off. My adrenaline is STILL up a bit as a result, so that's why the end may seem a bit rushed. I apologize for that.


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    Re: Operation Condor - 16AUG2013

    Thank you butler for writing this great AAR participating and taking the lead when you where needed.
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