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  • [AAR] Operation Furious Poke

    Here is the link to the video of my stream.


    “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” -Albert Einstein

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    Re: Operation Furious Poke

    My first After Action Report with the TG team.

    What can I say other than truly amazing. “B” put together a fantastic map. The teams worked (from where I was watching as Sniper) fantastic together. Movement was well coordinated and the two teams were able to maneuver very well confounding the enemy. “Sesks” provided expert spotting and helped this new guy with some amazing advice and direction all while keeping me in the TL role (thanks Sesks – I owe you one). Command was excellent and even remembered the Sniper team when pulling out (we get forgotten so often – LOL).

    Perhaps many aren’t into the recon, over watch, sniper role but for me (especially at this stage in the community) being able to help with recon and troop strengths and provide solid intel for the teams as they approach an engagement (and take a few out from 500+ meters as well) was truly awesome. We were put in ahead of the main elements and got to sneak around in the brush and avoid contact and get “eyes on” whatever was coming (or waiting) for of our teams. Solid stuff and I think we did our job pretty well.

    Ok, Likes and Dislikes:

    One the Likes side:
    Teams were awesome and worked together well
    Structure of the teams and the mission was fantastic
    Command did a great job in the role and worked it well.
    The mission itself was very nice and took advantage of some “non contact” time as well as good contacts
    The engagements were balanced and well placed.
    Sniper on the tower at the road block (good pick up Sesks)

    On the Dislikes side:
    Not having a night sniper scope options (I was able to see but it “weren’t easy”) – way to “hog tie me” B . . . lol

    OK . . . So I just watched Butler’s vid from his perspective (makes me wish I recorded the Sniper view) . . . for the “over land to avoid the mines” trip . . . .we were wondering what was taking you guys so much time . . . too funny (thanks for the mines B) . . oh and Butler thanks for not taking out those two targets to your 1200 while in the truck . . . . that was your us wondering what all the explosions and fire was.

    Awesome stuff guys, can’t wait for the next one.

    MadSoloSniper - not so mad . . . and not so solo (thanks again Sesks – awesome)


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      Re: Operation Furious Poke

      Originally posted by MadSoloSniper View Post
      oh and Butler thanks for not taking out those two targets to your 1200 while in the truck . . . . that was your us wondering what all the explosions and fire was.
      Whenever SNOT is in the AO, it's always best to ask. Especially if it's just two targets under thermal's ;D

      “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” -Albert Einstein


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        Re: Operation Furious Poke

        Awesome video. When you are on the gun you can zoom in with Thermal. NUmpad +. That pizza looked good.

        The event started with a few hickups. We started 35 minutes after our planned time due to technical difficulties. We also lost our commander. Thanks to Dagger 1-1 (Bola) and Dagger 2-1 (Grunt) who took it upon themselves to carry on the mission. Also they changed their callsigns to Alpha and Bravo when there were callsigns assigned to each element. Axe became demon. Needle became Skullcrushers. As the mission maker I also forgot and let them rename everybody. Anywho, My perspective of accounts was as a missile specialist in Bravo.

        First objective was chosen as the destroy radio tower objective. Sniper team was inserted first by helicopter while the two fireteams (Dagger 1 and Dagger 2) was to drive into the objective bringing along two HMG Hunter MRAPs. On the way in, as a driver I saw dead bodies already. Sniper team cleaned up the route for us. We had a few contacts here and there and reached the objective without much difficulty. Once at the radio tower all things went crazy. Started to take fire from North, and a few enemy infantries walked in on us. Butler went down. I was trying to get him behind cover. Doing that I got grazed myself. Out of the blue the Alpha fireteam brings in their MRAP and lights up the contacts, their medic patched me up and got Butler up. Their explosive specialist planted satchels on the radio tower. We fell back and destoryed the tower. Things were looking up. I got in the driver seat and started to RTB. Trying to get into formation I took a hard left on the side of slopy mountain, our car starts to roll. I think to myself "oh great, things never go smoothly.". We roll once, and it seemed like we are gonna once more. On the second roll I spin the wheel to the right and it takes and car stabilized.


        Second objective was chosen to be the destruction of the roadblock. Sniper team cleared our way and the road in was very quiet for me. By this time the night was fast approaching. We sat on a hill for a while watching Alpha manuever through the town of Agia. Finally we started to move in. We were moving fast thinking Alpha and the sniper team cleared eveything. Just beofre reaching the objective, all of a sudden Chichco and Bola goes down. Gunfire erupted and I see Butler spraying the balcony to our right. Several contacts were eliminated and downed soldiers were treated. So we stayed looking at the roadblock for a good 20-30 minutes. People kept stepping on enemy Anti-PERSonell mines. The explosive specialist (Rykier) could not get close enough to plant the satchels on the roadblock. We had to watch while the engineer (Stirling) deactivated the mines.

        Meanwhile, CAS helicopter was called in to engage enemy infantry squads in the distance. Enjoying the show I relaxed a little bit when an armor starts to fire on the CAS little bird. Bola calls on me to take that armor down. I am finally useful for my purpose. I try to find the armor, and it was moving fast. I only catch a glimpse of it. So for the next several minutes I watch for its return. The CAS chopper is nowhere to be found and the enemy squad is approaching our location. I scan and scan and I finally see the enemy armor's full body. Happy to use my Titan launcher, I let one rocket fly. "Boom". The skyline lit up with the armor on fire. And the CAS chopper comes in to mop up the enemy squad. FInally, the engineer cleared most of the mines around the roadblock and the Explosive specialist planted the charges. I hear them counting down the controlled detonation. And boom goes the roadblock.


        After a RTB and brief rest we headed out again to a FOB location with vehicles. The missions were to clear two sites. On the way in, driving again, I hear Bola see a mine which I ran through. Our tires go out first and then the whole MRAP blows up. Suddenly I see the team AR (butler) waking me up. We were headed right into the minefield. Convoy was rearranged to let the Engineer sweep for mines in front of the vehicles. We reached out FOB after a long slow journey. After finding a few mortar sites, Bola used the enemy mortars to bombard the enemy sites. Softening up the enemy before going in... Out of nowehre Bola calls me to take out another enemy vehicles. Laser pointers were lighting up its location and I got to use another Titan missile.

        After watching another series of bombardment we finally went into Camp rogain to finish the job. Few infantries were left and it was cleared with ease.

        With all the main objectives complete, we headed out to our destination Kamino. We had one optional objective which we did not attempt. But by this time the evnt has been going on for longer than planned. 4 hours.

        Thanks for making this one a success. Thanks for those who stepped in midway to fill important slots and kept the mission going. Special thanks to Bola for taking up the torch and doing a fantastic job at commanding the whole force and leading the fireteam.

        We have one more coming down the pipe. This one will be on Altis.
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          Re: Operation Furious Poke

          Originally posted by |TG| B View Post
          When you are on the gun you can zoom in with Thermal. NUmpad +.
          I didn't know that! Thanks!

          Originally posted by |TG| B View Post
          Please share your link Bagiuar
          I think after the event Bagiuar said that his stream never ended up working because he had it set on preview mode.

          “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” -Albert Einstein


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            Re: Operation Furious Poke - Sniper team AAR

            After Action Full Mission report
            Sniper Team – Skull Crushers

            Misison One - Elim tower
            Sniper team was deployed ahead of the mission team to gather intel and troop strengths at the objective.

            Chopper deploy was awesome and getting nearly On-Station in one hop made life easier for the sniper team. After an initial position to gain situational awareness my spotter rightfully suggested a better nest for us and we made our move to the location. We spotted a two man guard team on the approach to the objective and at least one full squad patrolling behind the objective. The mission team pushed up in vehicles. Just ahead of their arrival to our location on the ridge the snipers took out the two guard patrol clearing the way for an easier mission team approach. Continuing to provide over watch and security to the north and northwest of the objective the sniper team engaged two additional targets in the valley and eliminated them.

            The full team including the snipers pushed to the objective and the explosives team placed charges and we moved a safe distance away while the tower was blown. With the objective complete the mission teams took their vehicles back to base and the sniper team was returned to base via chopper.

            After reloading and a quick break Command setup the plans for our next objective – Removing the Roadblock in Agia

            Mission Two - Eliminate the Road Block in Agia
            The sniper team was again deployed ahead of the main mission squads on a hilltop 500 meters from the objective. From our excellent position we were able to spot a small patrol team guarding the approach side of the bridge and elements of a security team at the base of the tower near the road block. The awesome eyes of my spotter were able to pick out a sniper on the tower itself. All tangos were reported to command for the mission teams who were making their way on foot from the base to the objective. With the guard patrol identified Command had the snipers take first shots at the patrol to eliminate as many as possible and draw them to the fire teams and an effective choke point where our squads had strategic advantage. All the guards near the bridge were eliminated and the snipers were able to dispense with one of the guard patrol (and possibly a second – but it was hard to tell as we never made it to town to confirm (more on our movements in a moment). With the bridge patrol eliminated the teams pushed to the tower and the sniper team attempted to eliminate the sniper on the tower, but it was only with help from the ground teams were we able to eliminate that threat. Once in town the ground teams encountered a full squad deployed on the second floor veranda of a building out of view of the sniper team. The ground teams dealt with the threat and the sniper teams began movement to provide covering fire and support for the mission teams once the roadblock was eliminated and the team was beyond the roadblock. Night began to fall and we needed to switch to night vision goggles to proceed. We encountered a few tangos in the town along the way. The spotter was able to dispense with a few and we continued to move parallel to our ground teams on the opposite ridge line.

            Then came the time to move through the valley to join up with our teams on the other side. We heard radio chatter of an armored element and additional units that our teams were encountering, but mostly we heard them “dealing with” a large installation of mines near and around the roadblock. We pressed through the valley and nearly ran across a few ourselves, but cautious movement and the fact that we were so far from any inhabited areas or main roads we only had to avoid three mines. Once we got to the opposite ridge line where our team would be advancing from once the roadblock was blown command made the decision to pull back to base and regroup for our next advance rather than push forward.

            Well, the sniper team wasn’t totally forgotten, but we did have to call in twice to remind them that they were chopper-ing us out. While we were waiting we identified a full patrolling squad moving toward us and made the prudent decision to move back near the roadblock for our pickup to avoid engaging a full squad WHILE trying to be picked up. Pickup went fine with a few stray patrol bullets flying our way while we left and we were back at base in minutes.

            Once back all the teams took a much needed rest and reload and command began making plans for our next “dual” mission – to secure the tower and to clear Camp Rogain in a two-step sweep.

            Mission Three - Secure Second Radio Tower – Clear Camp Rogain
            The Sniper team was again deployed ahead of the main mission teams (I’m liking this role a lot if you can’t already tell) at LZ Baldy and took up a position to gather intel on troop strengths, locations and roving patrols for the first portion of the mission, securing the radio tower complex, and for the second part of the mission, clearing the camp. We found a number of squads, some on the hill, some at the tower, a full squad in a group of buildings between the two. We spotted the armored vehicle making a roving patrol from the tower to the camp in regular intervals. We saw a number of squads patrolling the hill near the camp as well as elements in the camp (heads only) and reported troop strengths back to command.

            It was taking command and the main mission team elements a long time to get to us and we began to wonder where they were. . . that wonder didn’t last long as we heard (and saw) a large explosion in the valley behind our location. Curious and concerned about a possible ambush of our location we moved our position a little to see the site of the explosion. We saw burning and a lot of fire but the trees obscured our visibility to any troop movements (it would later be revealed that one of the mission team vehicles hit a mine nowhere near the road – and the devious nature of the mission designers name (B) was taken in vain more than once)

            Well, the mission team finally arrived at the LZ and targets of opportunity were identified (the armored vehicle from earlier) and was dispatched with a missile from the main mission teams. Command shifted from the targets of opportunity to the mission at hand and the push was on to secure the tower complex. The snipers again took up their “nest” and fired off (and took out) a few of the tower guards before the full team attacked the tower complex. (I think it’s good to note here that effective sniper team usage draws the enemy out (Even AI) and also takes their attention and focuses it the direction of the sniper team and AWAY from the advancing mission troops). The mission teams quickly eliminated all threats and secured the tower complex and were ready to begin their push to the camp.

            Command gave the order to the sniper team to engage targets at the camp to do what damage we could and to draw their fire and the patrols out making them visible to the advancing mission teams. While the fire worked well at drawing them out the sniper shots, even with the amazing .408 CheyTac that command gave us . . .

            . . . (Thanks B), hitting moving AI at 800M was proving a bit difficult. We did our job though and kept the enemy busy while the teams moved up, around and began engaging them (with great effect).

            Once we no longer had any targets (all had moved to the far side of the compound to engage the advancing teams), the sniper team took one last look so we didn’t run into any surprises and we broke nest and headed to join our teams on the far side (the North side) of the compound.

            We made our way and provided what limited cover we could to the advancing teams up the hill to the camp. The teams secured the camp, the sniper team joined them, we all secured the camp and waited for the choppers to pull us out. It was then that a lone enemy breached the camp and took out one team member before being eliminated (command and team leaders reminded us about security) positions were better established and the choppers quickly arrived and took us to the final phase of the mission securing Kamino Firing Range and End Mission.

            Mission End - Secure Kamino Firing Range
            Command decided to land a distance away from Kamino firing range and approach and secure the camp on foot just in case there were any enemy in our around the camp. The snipers took position in an abandoned two story building giving us excellent visual range to the camp and over watch to both teams as they made their approach from opposing corners of the camp.

            No enemies were detected and the Mission ended (just before the snipers could break nest and join them, but we were happy it all ended well)

            Full Mission After Action Report
            Respectfully submitted by Sniper – MadSoloSniper


            PS – “B” can I have one with a suppressor option next time

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              Re: Operation Furious Poke

              Excellent AAR MSS...
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