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Campaign "The Greeks". Ep2: Operation Heracles' Fist.

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  • [AAR] Campaign "The Greeks". Ep2: Operation Heracles' Fist.

    Now that was realistically chaotic with comical difficulties. FIA seemed to do very well. They breezed through their objectives. While NATO forces' start was rocky. FTL's made mistakes which resulted in full failure of the intial attack. NATO regrouped and pushed on and was able to finish all of their objectives as well.

    Anyway, thanks for participating. I had fun making the mission and seeing everybody play through it. Would like to hear your thoughts.
    Post your stuff here.

    Ep3 of the campaign will be delayed due to other factors.
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    Re: Campaign "The Greeks". Ep2: Operation Heracles' Fist.

    Good stuff. Thanks Ratatonic for leading that.

    Grizzly team was very effective in supporting Coyote. Our only shortcoming was maybe not having a large enough team to utilize both the Tank and the LAV... well that and being blown up by an enemy gunship. But I had fun commanding my team. And I think we communicated very well considering technical comm issues. I'm uploading my video to youtube as we speak.
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      Re: Campaign "The Greeks". Ep2: Operation Heracles' Fist.

      So I was watching the video. Some funny comments caught my attention.

      Mines were result of Episode 1 performance. One of the optional objectives was not complete which is why the mines were present. So it is all Yink's fault. :row__536: Also mines were only on major road intersections with 50x50 radius. It could be noticed. Every time we came to an intersection, mines were there. I did not litter the whole countryside with mines. When enemy engineers were placing mines they will not ignore the only highway between the two cities. Some seemed to be so surprised by their presence on that road. Mine placements were not evil trying to defeat you guys. I truly tried to think like the enemy engineers.

      We had difficulties because we tried to bring everything in one swoop. Did not even use any of the other armors except for transportation (Crewman slots were filled last. They are not so popular. Plus all the armors were there so that one crewmen team can pick and choose. Not try to manage every single armors. 1 crewmen team, 3 armors. Funny thing, after the slammer was destroyed the crewmen team waited for the slammer to respawn instead of using other armors.) Even with the intel saying mines were placed, we chose the huge convoy strategy. Agile approach would have worked out much better with UAVs recons, aerial insertions, multiple RTBs.

      Also, there was no announcement on any time limit on the event. Frankly, I expected less than 2 hour gameplay, NATO finishing their objectives first and going to the AAC airfield via helicopter. FIA did not have helicopters. They had those slow civilian trucks and possibly a larger AO. Definitely more number of objectives. They did not have any of the high tech equipment. No UAVs, no nothing. But we probably saw only 5 death messages from their side.

      Anyway, I am planning to release the two sides' missions separately as Episode 2 - FIA and Episode 2 - NATO for general consumption. Add more randomization and more AI. Now that I heard the comms on the command channel I am happy I was not in a position to hear that or better yet one of the FIA leads. That would stress the hell out of me. Complete inconsideration for the FIA leaders.
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        Re: Campaign "The Greeks". Ep2: Operation Heracles' Fist.

        Hey all.

        Great gamer over all. I want to thanks B for his mission it was well done, good challenges and well balanced. I want to apologies for my early departure we had a power outage at about 0500 pm east here.

        There is a couple points i want to stress

        -Coyote one did an excellent job overall, great coordination with other assets.
        -Parrots, you guys saved our ass and did a great job clearing up and watching our six
        -Octopus, im sorry your uav was bugged, you should talk about it to B so maybe he can figure out why
        -Grizzly, again great comms and great leadership

        Overall i was very happy with my leaders , comms were easy with them and they supported my ass big time.

        Other points for B

        -The mission was well done, but keep in mind that when you create a mission you already know the 'best way' to do it. I try a convoy approach simply because i didnt want to have to do more difficult coordination of having multiple units spread all over the place. I choose that path and i think it when 'ok' . Not extremely well but it did the job. We did an insertion for tower 1 and it work pretty well (Grunt bring a weapon next time ;) ). I dont think the mines were over used, i just didnt have a lot of experience with them and couldn't figure out the best way to approach the problem. Finally Coyote one (rudolf) decided to lead the convoy dismounted with his engi and it worked surprisingly well.

        -I will upload my video when i have the chance to do it.
        -I will push some ribbon nominations

        Thanks everybody and i hope you enjoyed yourselves!


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          Re: Campaign "The Greeks". Ep2: Operation Heracles' Fist.

          I had to leave at 5 pm, how did the mission conclude?

          - IMO the concept was nice but those mines were just to much! I know you pointed that out, however, in the future, if I have to die I would prefer to be in a firefight or in a glorious armor battle! Not in a stupid mine field :P
          - Also, most of the team did not participate in the first two objectives (towers 1 and 2) maybe command needs to delegate more to the SLs so they can involve their squads.
          - Finally COMMS! I was Coyote 4 (medic) and most of the time I had no idea of what we were suppose to do.
          - SLs needs to pass down the info from command.
          - I would also strongly recommend the use of ACRE for the next mission.

          Still had fun, but I was a bit disappointed.




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            Re: Campaign "The Greeks". Ep2: Operation Heracles' Fist.

            I had no problem on command channel as the FIA leader once someone reminded me to mute players individually. This worked perfectly. In fact once we had taken the airfield I would assume we would now have access to a long range radio and I was just cancelling the mutes on the Nato leaders when Yink came flying in the chopper to pick us up. Going to have to do a test today on how the mute can function and if it might be a way of creating a second or third command net. You could always type to the people you mute I suppose if it is required.

            Anyway, to my AAR: I got into the mission by chance as I didn't expect to be able to make it. However, Rudolph told me the lead for FIA was open and I got nervous after seeing how much preparation Ratatomik had put into his planning. But then I remembered that the FIA was an independent force, perhaps a bit of a rag tag team and I thought, ok this is going to be fun to play. First thing is I was way less formal on the coms.

            As expected the first objective was a little rough for us. We were just getting used to how the teams would maneuver. We sent a team up forward to take a long range overwatch and they went further up the hill than I had intended. Thus when they popped around from the back side and further up, silhouetted against the horizon, we thought we had enemy danger close to our overwatch team and started shooting ourselves before attacking the enemy. I learned again to be very specific in my orders or to be very cautious of friendly positions not being where you expect. This did not happen again until the confusion of attacking the anti-air base.

            Anyway we did some great bounding and kept two fire teams supporting each other with the long gun overwatch. When an enemy team came around the corner right in front of my teams movement, the second team mowed them down in 2 seconds. We then worked our way in through the enemy controlled castle and dispensed with all enemy with ease. Now we had our coms worked out. Our basic movements and groups organized and we got into the groove.

            Anyway, I don't want to spoil the replay of this great mission and you don't want to read a wall of text. There were a lot of great moments with this team and only once did we get split up with enemy forces in between us. The practice of sending back drivers to the vehicles makes for a great way for gamers to have a break in a long mission but, we got caught with enemy infantry around the vehicles back at the AA base. Another lesson learned. Always keep a head up and don't assume that having moved through anywhere before means that the area is clear. I would keep the entire team together in the future.

            Thanks to the group. Sure appreciate you guys going along with the plans and maintaining the fire discipline. Fun game.
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              Re: Campaign "The Greeks". Ep2: Operation Heracles' Fist.

              Parrot-2 here. Had a good time providing air support with Grunt, early on it was mostly recon and some transport (with some hi-jinks, like landing on mines and our engine getting nailed by small arms fire).. I agree that coordination on the first two objectives wasn't great. Chief loaded up with us to take out the towers, but we ran short on explosives and the chopper went down due to aforementioned small arms fire. Grunt and I were without weapons (oops) so Chief had to take care of the squad we found.

              It was mostly smooth sailing once we got in the attack chopper. We honestly should have started with the attack chopper instead of the Blackfoot - it was much easier to mow down the infantry and the optics would have helped on visibility with regards to our first task, which was to recon the easy red route. Not to mention we would have had a faster response to the enemy gunship that caused some casualties in the convoy.

              All in all, there is always room for improvement, but I had a good time!


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                Re: Campaign "The Greeks". Ep2: Operation Heracles' Fist.

                Some more great work from B on the mission and I enjoyed the structured briefing from Rat - clearly a lot of work went into it! It also meant I had a chance to get to know the terrain a bit better before hand and I always knew what were doing beyond the next way point which was nice.

                I would describe my own experience of the mission (NATO 9-3 / medic) with one word... logistics! I spent 3 hours driving a HEMMT at the back of the convoy, and never saw an enemy until the very end... when my big chance finally came to do heal the slammer crew hit by the gunship I got killed by a rogue fireball as I was running up :)

                Episode 3???


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                  Re: Campaign "The Greeks". Ep2: Operation Heracles' Fist.

                  I must say, I loved the mission, as the FIA medic I had a great time, good job B!

                  My fellow FIA members did an amazing job, I was very surprised when we completed all of our objectives with as few assets as we had, and captured the airfield ourselves before NATO could even finish all of their objectives, your leading was excellent unkl, I would definitely follow you to battle in the future! =D

                  I'll take a look at NATO's POV later, should be interesting to see what held you guys up so much, other than that, great job FIA, you all did well =D

                  11/10 would play again =P eager for episode 3!
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                    Re: Campaign "The Greeks". Ep2: Operation Heracles' Fist.

                    Originally posted by |TG| B View Post
                    So it is all Yink's fault. :row__536:

                    the UAVs were bugged when they respawned. make sure to use when UAVs respawn
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                      Re: Campaign "The Greeks". Ep2: Operation Heracles' Fist.

                      As the long winded one (like most places - lol – I’m kinda used to it at this point) here goes my AAR

                      After Action Full Mission Report

                      Campaign "The Greeks"

                      Ep2: Operation Heracles' Fist

                      Coyote Team
                      SL – Rudolf

                      Mission report by:
                      MadSoloSniper (Joe) – AutoRiflemen - Coyote-6

                      First and foremost, amazing (AMAZING) pre-mission work “Rat”. Complete with images, maps, and a video to get us ready for what was to come when we hit the ground. Thank you Rat for the words, the mission planning and for the time and effort you put into giving us a plan to operate from. I love this level of dedication and the mission planning (video) to watch and get the CO’s perspective on the engagement was top notch (also helped with your accent for in game stuff – so thanks there as well). . . all I can say is WOW!! (the bar just got raised even HIGHER for my path to taking a command someday).

                      We got going with a column move towards our first objective and everything was going just fine . . . until the mines . . . holy crap they kicked our collective . . . butts . . . . good training on that elements (keep em coming B – we’ll outsmart them yet) Note to self – stay IN the vehicles until the Engineers clear the way (even to get out). After our initial little “issue” with the mines we got back on track, our heilo picked us up at base for “re-insertion” and then landed . . . . . in a mine field . . . OMG will the madness ever end??? . . . .lol

                      We did well on this one, everyone stayed put while the Engineer (and one commander) cleared the LZ and our path back to the vehicles. Mounted up and back on the road I was gunner in the Mine Clearing CAT. We cleared the path for the team effectively for quite a way until . . . . . WE got blown up by mines (WHAT??? . . . not sure how that works). Our team retrieved us from the burning wreck and revived us . . and we pressed on.

                      With our Engineer (on foot) up front clearing and disarming mines as we moved (vehicles) to our objective of blowing the first tower. Our Heilo support had cleared the objective and we only needed to blow the tower before we could move on. Objective complete we moved to the next tower . . . more mines . . . more clearing . . . and we kept up the good fight . . . . blew the next tower and moved on to take on the “camp” . . . more mines (see a pattern here???) and then at the top of the ridge before the camp we encountered . . . THE ATTACK HEILO . . . . .Yeah, it took out a tank (I love how the ordinance pops off as the burning vehicle cooks – thanks ArmA) and we all took cover while the enemy Heilo tried to take us out . . . well I survived that attack only to get “gliched” behind a rock . . . My medic had to shoot me (kill me) before he could save me (why does that seem wrong on so many levels – lol) well, once un-gliched we all were able to press on.

                      We moved towards the camp on foot and took an assessment of the enemy before making our approach. We did great until we moved around the back side of the compound AWAY from the only entrance into it . . . .no worries, we’ll just blow a hole in the wall . . . we can handle that, just place a charge (not sure who placed it) but it was bigger than command expected . . took out a bunch of the team (I had learned from past missions to give any placed charge plenty of room). So it was down to me and one medic (who neatly piled the bodies behind me while I provided cover and he revived most of them).Once back at a level of operational strength we pushed into the compound and took it eliminating all threats and taking no further casualties.

                      Awesome . . .as always, just amazing how the teams work well together, the level of professionalism of the leaders and all the team members. How well we operate as a fighting unit. Just GOOD STUFF.

                      Now comments on the mission:

                      Mission over all – Awesome. . . . A Learning experience. . . . Well planned. . . . . I like the strong use of “assets” in this one. It gave a sense of what the individual elements are capable of and what their limitations are. I liked using them and the commitment to continue to use them throughout the mission.

                      Mines . . . lol . . . don’t take them out I love them, but we (as teams) need to review how we handle proceeding when they are present. Also, I appreciate the mission designers and the use of mines, but with as many as there were, these guys (enemy) would have had the ability and been planning (and have access to an awful lot of assets) for a heck of a long time to place as many as we ran into . . . I’d like to ask that, that be taken into account when placing them.

                      Command – I suggest (IMHO) keeping fire teams as “together” as possible even when IN vehicles. (I was “back of the bus” a couple of times with only one other squad member in a unit that easily held 6 or 8) it all worked out, but I think it might have just flowed a little more smoothly if fireteams were together and then moved as cohesive units even when moving from the vehicles to their next commanded locations.

                      AutoRiflemen – I was issued a MK SW 6.5mm Light Machine Gun with a bi-pod and standard 30 round clips . . . 100 round drums would have been nice. As AR I thought the weapon of choice would be more along the line of a 7.62 (reach out and touch someone) to lay down some serious covering fire. It was all good and the weapon I had worked flawlessly in the field (thank you gunsmith team) . . I just thought as the AutoRilemen would be outfitted with “the shizzle”. . . . . lol.

                      Last words form the guy who never seems to run out of words. . . . .Thank you, thank you, thank you . . . . Very happy to be with the TG team. I look forward to more missions, more learning, and in helping out even more.

                      Full Mission After Action Report
                      Respectfully submitted by AutoRifleman – MadSoloSniper (Joe)

                      PS – I gotta change my Nic on Arma so it shows my Nic not my name . . . any help is appreciated.


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                        Re: Campaign "The Greeks". Ep2: Operation Heracles' Fist.

                        Originally posted by MadSoloSniper View Post
                        snippity snip
                        well that was fun to read =D great detail
                        that's odd that the NATO AR only had 30 round clips, our AR had larger mags as far as i know (not certain though)
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                          Re: Campaign "The Greeks". Ep2: Operation Heracles' Fist.

                          Originally posted by Yink View Post

                          the UAVs were bugged when they respawned. make sure to use when UAVs respawn
                          I think he was referencing you being at fault for the mines, with regards t Part 1 of the mission, which you commanded :)


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                            Re: Campaign "The Greeks". Ep2: Operation Heracles' Fist.

                            Firstly thanks to B for the great mission, I had a great time though long and exhausting. With convoys there seems to be too much energy spent worrying about the assets and they seemed to bog us down. I can only speak for myself that I am not used to the mine warfare part of the missions and it appeared that it was was the same for most and it took awhile to overcome it. I felt that our unit cohesion never really came together, it just felt a little off until the very end when we attacked the fortress. That is when I felt the comfortable movement and teamwork that I was accustomed to (until I blew B and myself up breeching a wall).
                            In my opinion because of the lack of a huge player base at the moment those who play here now are used to small unit operations with few assets and mostly the same players that we are used to their style of play. The small unit operation with few assets worked well with the FIA (I watched some while I was dead) , they appeared to be in their comfort zone. From real life in Afghanistan and Iraq we see that convoys can be a hindrance , a firey death trap. If they are to become a part of our normal operations we need a lot of practice, as we found out. One last thought, once the first shot is fired even the most thought out plan can go to crap and. we operate on training and experience while those in the "head shed" try to figure out what went wrong. We will work it out.


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                              Re: Campaign "The Greeks". Ep2: Operation Heracles' Fist.

                              Originally posted by MadSoloSniper View Post

                              PS – I gotta change my Nic on Arma so it shows my Nic not my name . . . any help is appreciated.
                              That's set in your ARMA profile - it's available on the main menu, under options I think. Can't change it, so you'd have to make a new profile.




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