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The Greeks Ep3 - Operation Odysseus Horse

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  • [AAR] The Greeks Ep3 - Operation Odysseus Horse

    Thank you for participating in the third installation of The Greeks campaign. This was executed almost flawlessly. I had a lot of fun. It was very nice to see the air assets being used effectively along with the infantry movements.

    I was gonna be a helicopter crew at first. But became the ammo bearer for the Arrow at the last moment. Boy it must have been different up there. We started at dawn, very dark. As time went on light caught up with us. I would say the team was a dream team. Very professional squad members and lead.

    TL: Sesks
    Med: Harpo
    AT: Walrus
    AR: StarBegotten
    Ammo Bearer: B

    We got inserted pretty far out and inched our way in slowly towards the prisons. Only one hickup occured during the movement where, two infantries sneaked up on us taking out at least 3-4 friendlies before I took them down. I am pretty sure the flyboys had a lot of fun. We would go in and the from the sky I could see them lighting up all kinds of stuff around us. Us ground troops cursed them when they fired upon the prison so much that structure started to fall apart. One of the prisoners were tragically crushed beneath the ruins.

    We were feeling pretty safe and cocky until we watched our commanche crash in front of us in the desert. Immediately after that enemy helicopter comes in hunting us down.

    We must have stayed in one place helpless for about 20 minutes. Helicopter would make a pass on us. We would shoot at it. Walrus tried to hit it with the laser guided Titan twice. No luck. Finally our commanche comes back and takes out the enemy helicopter with ease. We stormed the compound. Tried to make a hole in the wall with 3 explosive charges. Those walls were tough. Stormed in and rescued 4 people from there.

    Our team then moved out to get a position on the second prison. On route we encountered 8 men team. We were moving from cover to cover and was able to engage them and eliminate them easily. Sesks' patience paid off on that. Solo the sniper was attached to us. He sniped Texaport accidentally as we watched the Greeks storm the second prison. As we crossed the sand towards the prison, we could see the commanche hovering very high above us. Its high explosive rounds landing behind us in the bushes... Something must have been there.

    I just kind of watched a sector while everybody seemed to busy collecting the prisoners. I saw two ghosthawks come in to extract the prisoners and the everybody else. We were all extracted and the mission was a success.

    Results summarized:
    1 x prisoner died due to excessive friendly fire.
    9 x prisoners were rescued and treated at base.
    1 x friendly ghosthawk crashed, mandating a replacement ghosthawk.
    1 x friendly blackfoot commanche attack helicopter crashed, mandating a replacement blackfoot.
    6 x friendly personnel died without being retrieved by medical team. (2 helicopter crashes killed 4 pilots and 2 infantrymen.)

    (80+) x enemy infantries were killed (mostly by the chopper).
    5 x enemy armor targets were destroyed.
    4 x enemy motorized vehicles were destroyed.
    1 x enemy helicopter was destroyed.

    FIA freedom fighters will continue their full support towards the NATO effort on Altis island against the CSAT forces.
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    Re: The Greeks Ep3 - Operation Odysseus Horse

    I dropped in at the very end. I had 2 helo ride's back and forward between the POW's camp's looking forward to all the AAR's and video footage.
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      Re: The Greeks Ep3 - Operation Odysseus Horse

      Great mission, my first one in Arma 3, good fun. Until the chopper came like a persistent mosquito. Poor oul Sesks took the brunt of it :P
      Not much of an AAR at my end, but I did take a few snaps during the mission:

      Looking forward to the next episode of The Greek Unit!


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        Re: The Greeks Ep3 - Operation Odysseus Horse

        Thanks Harpo . . . a picture or two (almost - door gunner on the way home,can see my hat) of MadSoloSniper . . . . awesome stuff. AAR to follow



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          Re: The Greeks Ep3 - Operation Odysseus Horse

          After Action Full Mission Report

          Campaign "The Greeks"

          Ep3 - Operation Odysseus Horse

          CO – Grunt
          TL – Sesks
          Sniper Team

          Mission report by:
          MadSoloSniper (Joe) Sniper - -Olexa

          We started at our forward camp with all squads arming up. After a few equipment issues (like no ranging binocs for the sniper team) things sorted themselves out and we were able to move to our first positions by heilo insertion. With no spotter I attached myself to the Arrow squad and moved with them.

          I don’t know where the crazed EI came from but I was watching NE at a low wall near the two story building and was shot from behind (and saw him run past me as I fell) so I know the hole in ours security was somewhere on the OTHER side of the two story building we were at. Medics made quick work of getting me back in fighting action (I like the spectator option so I can watch as I’m carried, fixed up . . . and then wake up in my skin – cool stuff) and we were moving again.

          We got to the desert edge and were able to get good eyes on the first prison camp (South) and with the OK from command I was able to range at 600m and began taking out the snipers on the roof and the MG nests. It was all going so well . . . . until the enemy attack chopper began strafing runs across our positions for the next many minutes. Command authorized us to shoot for effect to try and take the chopper down . . . . no joy, so we waited for our attack heilo to take care of business. Took out a few more MG gunners (replacements to those we had taken out earlier) and the full attack force was able to move to the prison to extract the first of the prisoners. A patrol began moving from the north to assist the southern prison and the sniper was tasked with taking out as many as possible and keeping them engaged while the main elements was moving to the southern prison. Sniper team was able to eliminate two from the first team of four and a second team of three began moving in behind them. With one more taken out from that squad the remaining patrol members retreated back to the Northern prison leaving the main element able to breach the camp and extract the first prisoners.

          The extraction was a success and sniper team provided northern watch over the other prison camp while the operation was taking place. . . . . It all went well and I attached back to Sesk’s Arrow team and we moved up the edge of the desert to the next over watch point.

          Once in place we were able to get good eyes on the northern camp and our attack heilo had taken out most of the roof and upper level threats but the ground level MG nests were still intact. A few well-placed rounds and the northern side of the compound was clear for the attacking force . . . then . . . . our squad moved through a little faster than the Sniper team (Me) had anticipated and I took out one of our men as they moved into the nest from the compound (a lesson for good comms and keeping situational awareness of EXACTLY where friendly squads are at ALL times). With the second compound cleared the sniper team moved with Arrow to the prison and provided cover while the prisoners were rounded up for extraction.

          Both transport choppers came in and it was a quick ride back to the forward camp for a successful mission.

          Now comments on the mission:
          Good gun, good optics, plenty of rounds. There were limited ranging optics which left both me and my spotter lacking at the onset of the game. This was corrected when we lost some players early on (client / server join issues I believe) and their gear re-spawned back at the load out crate. I attached myself to the Arrow squad as my spotter did not rejoin and I was left “spotter-less” . . . . lol.

          Awesome mission, fantastic teamwork, great leadership. I still think we have some “comms” issues to work out but that’s an ArmA thing and a post for another thread.

          Full Mission After Action Report
          Respectfully submitted by Sniper – MadSoloSniper


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            Re: The Greeks Ep3 - Operation Odysseus Horse

            Thanks again to B and everybody for a really fun mission.

            I was the AT gunner for the FIA squad, so initially stumbled around in the darkness loading up HE And AT rounds for my RPG. There was a bit of concern form the squad at first because nobody had NVG, but a quick glance at our watches told us that dawn was fast approaching. We loaded up in the chopper as the last team to leave the base, narrowly averting disaster as the chopper semi-crash landed at the LZ. Luckily nobody was hurt too badly and we were able to get the show back on the road.

            Our squad leader Butler then broke us up into two files, and we followed the road to the East (on the Northern side) through several check points until reaching the edge of the salt flats. There was a brief period of excitement at one checkpoint where first two infantry managed to sneak right in amongst us without anybody noticing, then a vehicle was suddenly spotted on the road in front of us danger close. I managed to fumble about with my RPG and raise it to my shoulder, when a bright spear of flame leapt from the NATO squad at the checkpoint and fireballed the Ifrit.

            Next we moved on to the salt flats and set up overwatch positions. One brief attempt to enter the salt flats was aborted when we were a hundred meters in when the enemy attack chopper flew right over our heads. We were very exposed with not a spot of cover within a hundred meters, but luckily the enemy helo thought the NATO squad in cover presented a more attractive target. We snuck back in into cover with our tails between our legs.

            Finally the chopper was taken out and we once again ran out onto the salt flats, with Winters, Chief, baguiar (spelling?) and I peering through the front gate whilst others stacked up on the walls. At some point the supporting fire on the building got a bit heavy and one of the prisoners was killed. We also spotted about 20 enemy infantry at the Northern prison starting to get worked up and our helicopter seemed to them up. Eventually after watching the assault teams dent the outer walls with a couple of explosive charges, we same them run inside. After a few cracks of gunfire from the compound we were called to join them, and so ran in to watch the clean up. A couple of prisoners tried to take their sleeping pallets with them but were politely told that they would be provided with beds back at base. It was touching to see.

            All of a sudden it became a bit overwhelming for me and I blacked out. When I woke up (after restarting my computer) I was at base. The rescue helos were just leaving so - determined to actually finish a mission - I hopped on board. When the helo arrived at the Northern camp, I jumped out, pulled security and then boarded back up on the chopper for exfil... mission accomplished!

            Thanks also to Butler for leading the squad - the communication was really good and I felt like I knew what/how/why I was meant to be doing almost all the time. Also the show team mates option was very useful - if anything for me it made the game more immersive as I could tell who was standing beside me rather than just thinking of them as another 3D model of a player.


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              Re: The Greeks Ep3 - Operation Odysseus Horse

              I was the commanding officer for this mission. I want to thank all the players who participated and especially the squad and section leaders under my command.

              Sesks - NATO Infantry Squad
              Butler - Greek Partisan Squad aka FIA
              Yink - Helos
              PeanutButter - Helos
              Mad Solo Sniper - Recon/Sniper

              My approach as a commander is to lay out an overall plan then delegate pieces of the plan to various squads within the company. When it comes to executing the plan I'm hands off and typically task the squad leaders with executing the orders as they see fit. This is the approach I used for this mission as well. I laid out Landing Zones, RV and check points for the infantry. Beyond a handful of specific recon and transport orders it was the team leaders listed above who executed flawlessly my vision for the mission.

              While troops were gathering weapons and ammo I sent the Apache ahead to recon Kalochori and the surrounding towns. There was little resistance so we established a cold landing zone in Kalochori, about 3 clicks SW of the salt flat and the prison camps.

              I tasked the infantry with securing a series of checkpoints, Alpha through Echo, moving generally NE from the landing zone. I ordered the Apache to maintain a cover position while the infantry units moved ahead in the open country. We encountered light resistance at checkpoint Alpha but dispatched the enemy with ease and continued to checkpoint Bravo.

              Checkpoint Bravo was a two story building that offered a good visual of the prison camps from the upstairs balcony. I ordered the sniper to set up and gather any available intel then ordered the infantry SL's to assemble in the second floor of the house for a war council. During the meeting a two man enemy patrol made it through our lines and killed four friendly soldiers. Both enemy soldiers were killed in the ensuing fire fight. We quickly treated our wounded and prepared to move. Suddenly an enemy Ifrit engaged our small force at Bravo but was easily defeated by rocket fire.

              I then ordered the NATO and FIA infantry squads to move to points Charlie, Delta and finally Echo. The Apache provided air cover for the foward movement. With both teams reaching and then taking up observation points at Echo I ordered the Apache to begin strafing runs on the prison defenses. The Apache attack was realized with good effect but was unexpectedly damaged and crashed dramatically within 500 meters of our positions. Very shortly after I heard explosions in the distance and reports came in from Kalochori. The transport chopper had been destroyed by rocket fire of unknown origin.

              Seconds later we heard, then saw the beating rotor blades of an enemy gunship which then proceeded to strafe our positions at checkpoint echo.The strafing was more of a nuisance then a danger. No casualties were suffered. It did however lock us in place as there was zero cover crossing the salt flats for the assault on the prison. After some tense moments a second Apache came on station and dispatched the enemy gunship.

              The FIA team moved over the open salt flat to the West wall of the prison while the NATO team provided suppressive covering fire. The NATO team then moved up to join forces and both teams breached the main gate of the camp. Resistance in the camp was stiff but our forces overwhelmed the enemy inside and we then rescued most of the POW's from their cells. One POW was killed when the building collapsed. I called for transport from Pyrgos and moments later four POWs were transported back to base.

              The NATO team moved to establish an observation point overlooking the second prison to the North. Enroute they encountered several troops and a hostile vehicle. They maneuvered into firing positions and engaged and destroyed the troops and the vehicle. During this time the FIA remained at the South prison and engaged the troops at the North prison with a commandeered .50 caliber fixed emplacement machine gun. As the Apache came back on station I ordered the FIA team forward to the North Prison while the NATO team provided suppressing fire from the West. The Apache engaged enemy troops to the NE as the FIA infantry closed the distance to the walls of the prison. The NATO group moved East from the observation point and both infantry squads then breached the main gate as the Apache hovered overhead.

              Resistance was lighter inside the second prison and eliminated easily without casualties. Shorlty after the POW's were freed and I ordered two transports to the North prison for extraction. The Apache continued to provide top cover as we assembled and loaded in the helos. The three birds flying in formation back to Pyrgos was a very pretty sight. Kudos to the chopper team for excellent work and coordination.

              After we landed the POW's were ordered to the medical truck for treatment and the mission came to a successful close.

              Overall I think the mission was a great. We rescued nearly all of the POW's and while we did have casualties most of the casualties, apart from the helo crashes, were revived and were able to join back up with their unit with little lost time.

              It was great to have air cover overhead as we moved through enemy territory. There was a nice balance between the infantry and the air. Both sections had enough enemy to keep them busy and it never felt like the air cover was having all the fun. We've all been part of that equation.

              There were three areas I could've done better.

              1. The Apache was shot down because I ordered it forward to provide low strafing runs on the South Prison. One of the MG's was still up but I thought they had all been knocked out. In hindsight it would've been better to keep that Apache on station further back and engage at distance. I know she has the optics for it.

              2. At checkpoint Bravo I ordered the infantry SL's to deploy troops in a defensive posture. Diligence was lacking and the enemy made it through our lines to deleterious effect. I should've reinforced the order by asking my infantry leaders to provide 360 coverage.

              3. I was a little loose on comms using different call signs the entire mission. Sometimes a name, sometimes a unit, sometimes the call sign assigned by the mission maker. It didn't cost us anything and overall I think communication procedures among the leadership was effective but in the future I will try to maintain uniformity in approach.

              Thanks again to everyone who participated. Wish I had taken pictures to break up the wall of text...I will next time.
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