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The Greeks Ep4: Operation Perseus Sword

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  • [AAR] The Greeks Ep4: Operation Perseus Sword

    Thank you for participating in the Episode 4 of The Greeks campaign. I present you the top 9 players and what they have been up to... In total, we neutralized more than 400+ enemy combatants. That was very ambitious undertaking. The mission lasted for 5 hours and 30 minutes. :o

    Memories of the medic

    Squad Lead: Butler
    FTL: Sesks
    GR: The Thing
    AR: MadSolo / AxiomGreen
    Demo: Chief
    Enigneer: Walrus
    AT: Mofiden(?)

    Everything started out strong and organized. Almost every role was filled. I geared up, gathered with my squad and waited to be deployed. Without a long wait we were boarding into a ghosthawk to babysit a staging area. The one we were in was being escorted by a Blackfoot commanche helicopter. We hovered in our greenzone waiting for the a go ahead from the blackfoot for a while. We get word that blackfoot commanche has been shot down trying to clear the HLZ. Pilot makes the decision to fly low and fast and still insert us onto the frontline. Many factors might have contributed to what is to happen next. Butler requested a new HLZ in the last minute. Liquid (pilot) was flying very low and tried to correct for the new LZ. A tree was planted a long time ago which would collide with us. One full squad tragically fell victim to an accident which could have been avoided. Bumpy start.

    After losing two helicopters and an infantry squad, commander took the other squad out with ground armor vehicles.

    After coming in as new reinforcements I am back with the guys at base. We are inserted once again via a ghosthawk to the frontline where coyote 2 is waiting with the armors. It was great to see so many components working together so well. Tanks and armors taking out distant targets, covering our movements. Helicopters hovering overhead with their gattling gun firing over our head.

    My first action was when me, Walrus and Chief was sent to see the intentions of the AAF forces. We approached an AAF installations carefully to see if they will shoot at us. So three men approach the observation post to find CSAT forces side by side with the AAF forces. The jig was up. We were very close before one of the AAF shot at us. The three of us took out two machine gun nests, 6 guys on the tower. This observation site would later become the armor's firing position because of its high altitude.

    After regrouping with my squad we seemed to look onto the first objective for a long time. The armors were firing into the objective as well as take missiles and grenades from there. Finally one of our Panther IFV blew up critically wounding the crewmen inside. I was sent back to the observation post we took to try to perform emergency medical attention. Trying to drag out the wounded from fire we lost several men to fire. Finally everybody was back up except the commander... We lost the commander in fire.

    Going back down to Butler I hear another explosion. The same crewmen blew up their replacement armor IFV once again. I was sent back once more to rescue them. During that Butler attacked a small roadblock. During the attack they lost Sesks to a bullet. I had to rush back to their location to help Sesks.

    So far things were eventful for me. We finally attack the enemy compound. Coyote 2 took down the radio tower. By this time, we have been at it for hours. So many things going wrong early on plus the size of force introduced delayed organization. As a result we lost many men. We loaded into the Armored Personell Carriers for the next objective. There was one significant engagement on route to the second objective. I was just hanging in the back and rescuing the crewmen after they ate another enemy Titan missile. Blackfoot commanche overhead was engaging enemy infantry closeby while the Marshall APC was enagaging enemy light vehicles with tons of infantry to the distant. My squad was firing into an enemy squad. I was waiting for the fire to be out next to a destroyed armor.

    We took the Marshall and used it to cross the water to maneuver on the second objective. After some running we were finally looking upon the large enemy base. By this time there were a handful of infantries. This assault was full of action. Grenade launchers going out to the enemy tower. Fire incoming and outgoing, we were really going at it. True infantry combat. After some fancy bounding and explosions from grenades we breach the enemy base guns blazing. Sesks' fireteam stayed in one section while Butler's fireteam was a little bit up ahead. We start to see large explosions... It seemed to be consistent with the friendly CAS helicopter Pawnee missile. Those missiles were landing awfully close. I kept asking "What the heck is that?". It felt like we were getting mortared... Finally two large explosions found Sesks's fireteam. Friendly fire has occured and we had 1 shell-shocked grenadier who is all bloody and cannot walk calling me "we have 3 down, I cannot walk." I leave Chief and Walrus and run towards there. The scene was horrific. "The Thing" just sat down on his butt in the middle of the firefight looking at his fireteam buddies. Later we found out it was PBWolf who sent that fateful missile.

    After getting everybody patched up, we search the compound. Found the officers and eliminated them.

    The long operation is taking a toll on everybody. We lose a few more. Now we were lacking any type of transport from base. Only two crewmen were left. Also we did not somehow have any transport to the third and fourth objective. So 8 guys on foot hiked for 3 kilometers to the final objective. Commander gave the third objective to the blackfoot commanche helicopter.

    On the hike in, a couple of small engagements occurred. As the heavy medic I could not keep up with everybody else. I was always lacking in the back... One remamrkable engagement was Zeven's awesome shot at the enemy helicopter. We lacked all types of support and I could feel Commander's panic when we saw that attack chopper heading our way. Luckily Zeven was lugging around that Anti Air Titan since the first objective finally pays off. May be it was Kizz... Our chopper has been enaging the heavy targets on the airfield prior to our arrival... The skyline was full of smoke generated by destroyed vehicles.

    Attack on the final objective was very bumpy. I lost comms to everybody as I was trying to catch up. Everybody was down next to the hangar. Me, Walrus (heavy AT) and Shoomfie (late reinforcement) were catching up and had to take on the airfield by ourselves as well try to rescue the downed soldiers. I sent a panicky plea for help to the Blackfoot chopper for Close air support. Boy, they delivered. With 6 guys down, I could only save 4 of them. Butler and the commander died next to that hangar.

    The airport runway lit up with high explosive gattling gun bullets from the sky. Enemy infantries running around. Me hunched over a wounded soldier with bullets landing on the ground next to us. Naked machine gunner (AxiomGreen) next to me firing his MG and yelling "Ow, that got me. I am hit."...

    Some crazy scene. We took the airport and mission was successful. But at what cost?

    Some notes about the mission:
    • I used the vanilla vehicle respawn modules. Sorry about its weirdness and unexpected explosions experienced by the flyboys.
    • The mission was divided into area which could be activated. After the second objective a helicopter activated many of areas at the same time causing the server to cope with large number of AI. Performance was degraded. I also might have had the assumption that this would not happen and added some large number of AIs. Still a learning experience.
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    Re: The Greeks Ep4: Operation Perseus Sword

    (I took that format from MadSoloSniper :) )

    After Action Full Mission Report

    Campaign "The Greeks"

    Ep4: Operation Perseus Sword

    Coyote Team
    SL Zeven
    FT - Biggs

    Mission report by
    TG-Irr Ratatomik AutoRiflemen - Coyote 2-6


    First of all, i want to thanks the Arma admins and mission maker that made that event possible. Its not always obvious but their is a lot of work behind this, and i recognize that. I would also like to express my joy of seeing this community alive and well, for a couple weeks in a row now i saw that we have a 20+ players and the skill level is getting pretty good. We also have a steady flow of new players and im happy to see them integrate our rank with ease. Im also very happy to see 6 Irregulars plus myself at the same time in an event. To all you gentlemen, i raise my hat to you.

    AAR, bullet-point style (this is an explanation of the game through my eyes) :

    -The spawn

    Spawn part of the mission went pretty smooth, the player-specific boxes is a very effective way to simplified the sometime confusing spawning period. ( i will def. use this script in my mission, its great)

    -First leg to LZ NO GO

    After a good waiting period we finally got a ride with Grizzly, protected by a Slammer we made our way to the first LZ. After a dismount without incident, we waited for a while until the other squad join us by chopper insertion. We then re-mounted and made our way closer to the other LZ to the north, where we dismounted.

    -First contact and first assault

    After a quick survey of the area, we moved by bounce with the other fireteam until we got closer to enemy compound. We stood fast and covered the east side of the hill while an assault was taking place in the compound.
    We then moved north some more with Coyote-1 to inspect the compound where the comms. tower needed to be destroyed. We then got the go from command to push on the west side of the compound. We were ready for some action and assaulted the west portion of the outside wall flawlessly, clearing the south-east tower at the same time. Coyote-2 then stacked up against the wall and push center west.

    -Clearing the compound

    After waiting restlessly, stacked up on the wall for a solid 20 minutes, we finally got the go green for the assault. Coyote-2 entered the western part of the compound very quickly, clearing the way with grenades. We then rigged the tower with explosives when command ordered us to sweep the compound for any more OPFOR. We cleared every buildings very rapidly and effectively and i was impress by the level of play during that phase. We couldn't wait to see the tower blow up so we hurried up, finish the work with some grenade clearing and finally got the go to destroy the tower. After 3 hours of play i thanked everyone and signed off.

    Now comments on the mission:

    Mission over all Well done B. Well balanced. Good use of building and map features. Everything went smooth from my perceptive. The new 'u' key feature is simply a game changer for me. My situation awareness was a big step ahead with that script. Again the player custom equipment box made things a lot easier at the start of the game. The selection of gear was limited (im not complaining here, its a good thing.) but i had everything i needed to complete the mission. I really like the choice of clothes and headgear, im always at my best when im rocking a t-shirt and bandanna to war :)


    Coyote 2 Squad Leader: Zeven did a very good job. His orders were clear and concise. We were never left in the dark and it was easy to communicate with him. He was patient with us even when we were using the group channel maybe a little too much.

    Command : I was not in contact with the commander during the game. From my perspective everything went smooth. The waiting time was a little frustrating at the end of my session but its something i accept when playing this game, its part of it so dont worry about it lol.


    Great session, no problem from my point of view. Im really happy to see the skill level going up as well as the amount the coordination being done at the higher echelon. Well done everybody, this is definitely the way i want to play this game.
    I got plenty of footage and i will make a small video on my down time, i will post it here and on the video section.



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      Re: The Greeks Ep4: Operation Perseus Sword

      To complete my AAR:

      Ratatomik's Coyote 2-6 point of view. Heavily edited.
      Lots of action starting at 05:30
      3 hours of gameplay reduced to 10 minutes



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        Re: The Greeks Ep4: Operation Perseus Sword

        Had great fun. Got some trigger time too. ;)
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