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The Greeks Ep5: Operation Theseus' Deeds

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  • [AAR] The Greeks Ep5: Operation Theseus' Deeds

    Thank you for taking part in episode 5 of the Greeks campaign. Despite low attendance we managed to accomplish all objectives with enough action for everybody. Very enjoyable one this one. Scoreboard.

    • All Fighter Jet assets were used safely and utilized to the fullest. They will be available on the finale.
    • Catastrophic loss of UGVs and UAVs have resulted in no availability of them in the finale.
    • Successful theft of enemy armors have resulted in FIA forces having those assets available for the finale.
    • Destruction of CSAT helicopters as well devastation of the Western Altis have resulted in AAF forces to surrender. They are no longer a threat and we hold Western Altis.

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    Re: The Greeks Ep5: Operation Theseus' Deeds

    I would like to count 3/4 of the UAV destruction due to mapmaker error (they self-destructed as soon as we connected). And technically one UGV was only flipped (albeit in the middle of nowhere). Other than that I had fun.
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      Re: The Greeks Ep5: Operation Theseus' Deeds

      I had some early connection issues again and dropped out just as we were about to lift off. I live out "amongst the cows" so am a long way from my exchange which seems to get hammered Sunday night from about 6pm GMT. I quickly updated some QOS settings on the router and things were a bit better once I reconnected. Sorry if I made you guys wait :) Other than that I had a fun if occasionally frustrating mission as the AT dude. Our squad movements felt well coordinated and instructions were very clearly given.

      Once I rejoined after reconnecting we got over watch on the helicopters and soon found a tank was trying to flank us. I fired two rockets at it and the crew bailed. Then we shifted fire to an AA truck that was parked at the helicopter base. Some relatively poor shooting with the RPG at 500m meant that (despite one direct hit) the AA was still up and I was out of rockets. Seconds later I was cut down by AA fire. Eventually Texaport managed special forces his way forward, place some explosives and take it out.

      After manoeuvring to track three armoured contacts we realised that we didn't have the hardware to take them out, so we quickly retreated. Texaport and I then returned to base to rearm whilst the rest of the squad moved to a waypoint overlooking the helicopters. Upon returning we moved quickly and efficiently through the airfield, with Grunt's fireteam clearing the bunkers whilst B's fireteam placed explosives on the helicopters. Moments later we were clear and ... "BAM BAM!" objective completed!

      PHOTO: The enemy's air power in flames

      We legged it back south towards our next objective - to capture two enemy vehicles. The base was heavily defended as we took up an observation post, but moments later we spotted a couple of tanks moving quite close on our left flank. I pulled out my RPG and let off two rockets in quick succession - both direct hits on the nearest tank's turret. The turret stopped moving (pointing away from us) so I shifted fire. Two more rockets on the other tank, both on the turret. I reloaded my last rocket and looked back at the first tank, its turret was pointing directly at me! A split second later its machine gun lit me up.

      Once the medic had me patched up we took inventory and realised we had nothing left to take the tanks out. Additionally, nearby AA vehicles were closing the area off from CAS. Frustrated once again, we returned to the LZ and to base. There we piled up a civilian truck with all the missiles and launchers we could find and lifted it back to the AO. The tanks had moved some way from the last place we had seen them and when we took up position again they were about 600m off. Now equipped with multiple launchers, our squad fired a stream of rockets from the hill and after about 6 or 8 the tanks finally were destroyed. On the other side of the hill we found the AA vehicle, hull down but with the turret still visible. Four or five rockets later the crew bailed and were cut down by our waiting rifles.

      We then stormed the hilltop encampment where the enemy vehicles where, and quickly cleared the camp with only a few wounded. An enemy attack helicopter (which must have been on CAP when we destroyed its base) roared overhead but was eventually cut down by the massed fire of captured machine gun emplacements. Enemy infantry began a counter-attack, but it was sporadic and disorganised and we were able to beat it off. Grunt's fireteam moved off to a nearby village following reports of an enemy tank, and after a few more salvos of rockets we were able to force the crew to bail and cut them down. Once more Texaport moved forwards with his explosives and destroyed the immobilised tank.

      We returned to the hilltop encampment and took up all around defence, taking more sporadic contact, until the helicopters returned to lift us and the captured enemy vehicles back to base.

      PHOTO: Captured enemy vehicles returned to base

      Grunt's fireteam:



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        Re: The Greeks Ep5: Operation Theseus' Deeds

        Revive script plus UAVs might have caused the explosions. But I have heard that once you lose a UAV while connected to it, you cannot connect to others before elsewhere. I guess the UAV is another playable unit which when connected is actually the player. If destroyed some of the revive functions kick off causing weird stuff.

        That being said as far as the campaign goes I would like to bid farewell to it. I did have one finale in mind but I am afraid I am on an extended leave.

        Finale idea I had in mind. Airport and surrounding three military bases would be occupied. An officer is hidden somewhere to run away North on some trigger. NATO troops and FIA troops push onto the main Altis airport to kill/capture the officer. That is the only objective. If anybody wanna take this up and give me and those who participated loyally some closure by creating the finale, I am not going to fuss. All previous missions are on the server and can be hacked with my guide on how to hack into missions.

        I learned a lot during the campaign development. I would like to think that as the episodes progressed, the quality did as well. I learned new tricks, script usages and avoidance of bugs in the each new episode. Those of you who have participated, led a squad and commanded my missions as well as the admins who helped setup the server for events, I thank you greatly.


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          Re: The Greeks Ep5: Operation Theseus' Deeds

          THANKS B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . .Awesome stuff. . . . I hope "extended leave" is only regarding mission development, and that you'll be here to lead some squads and continue to show this learning cub the TG ropes.

          Have an awesome day, see you in game soon!!!!!!!!!!!!



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            Re: The Greeks Ep5: Operation Theseus' Deeds

            Here's my take on the event. Thanks go out to B for making these missions, and to our admin team for organizing the events - i have enjoyed them quite a bit.

            Of two objectives presented, Abdera airport was deemed the priority threat. We inserted via air from the seaside into hills 5 kilometers east of the objective. Alpha took the lead and started advancing west, while Octopus was moving in assets. Unfortunately, enemy must have noticed the air traffic and came to investigate. They came in from our south flank and ended up pinning down Octopus, causing loss of lives and assets. Alpha had to be called back to assist and hostiles were driven away. During this, enemy called in a helicopter gunship, but Falcon made quick work of it. After regrouping our forces, Alpha advanced to the objective again, with Octopus watching their backs using UGVs.

            Helicopter base proved to be well defended by heavy armor presence and as it turned out Octopuses only airworthy UAV had been shot down. Falcon seemed to be experiencing technical difficulties as well, so it fell to Alpha to deal with armor threat. At one point they even had to resort to taking out a vehicle with remote detonated explosives. In the end all the hard work paid off and we were rewarded by a line of explosions lighting up the entire enemy airfield.

            Afterwards we pushed past the town of Abdera straight to the other objective. We came in contact with more armor on the way and when Alpha ran out of AT, Sparrow was called in with the Pawnee. Unfortunately it got shot down by enemy AA, so we fell back, resupplied and cleared the way for final assault. Although the helicopter base had been destroyed, another gunship showed up during assault. We had no real air defense capability at the time, so Alpha pushed towards the objective. The gunship destroyed all remaining UGVs and went after Alpha, but they had taken position in the enemy installation and managed to take the gunship down using static HMGs. During this Command took cover in the town of Abdera, but got pinned down and eventually killed by enemy vehicles that had not been spotted before. Remaining forces and assets were airlifted out, completing the mission.

            On a personal note - if you have some constructive feedback that would help me improve, i would appreciate it.


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              Re: The Greeks Ep5: Operation Theseus' Deeds

              as a medic directly under B's squad and fireteam, im gonna make this short and say I enjoyed the event. Out of all the resistance that alpha squad met including enemy armor and gunships, I only had to revive people 5-8 times or so during the whole mission, and managed to get one kill from a 10 meters distance in the very end, my one and only kill. despite this it was a lot of action with patrolling, reconnisance, charging the enemy bases, sometimes retreating when tanks came and watching our supports lit the enemy bases into dust, nothing here mentions mission length but im gonna assume 3 hours give or take?

              Great Campaign, I enlisted on every episode on the events
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