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Enemy Assault 22-DEC-2013

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  • [AAR] Enemy Assault 22-DEC-2013

    The last gaming of 2013 for me... and a very fun night all around, albeit spoilt for me a bit at the end by some unplayable lag. Highlights for me were:

    - Seeing about 300 infantry spawn into town in Diary 2 through the thermal sights of the Hunter HMG... :D
    - Great squad and team leading all around from Texaport, Jack Bauer, and Sesks and some really structured team play
    - a big turnout of players

    Some lowlights were:

    - Lag (see video below - I suspect this is because my wife was watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice on Netflix and our rural internet can't cope :/ ). Also, dying as I lagged off the top of the ladder in the hospital
    - somehow not seeing this guy:

    I'm out of town for a few days so won't be around next Sunday for Diary pt 2 :( Have a good Christmas everybody and see you online in 2014!

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    Re: Enemy Assault 22-DEC-2013

    After Jack's game we started a new one with 6 objective at once. Here I experienced one of those moments where I shouted into my mic uncontrollably with gratitude.

    So the situation is as follows:

    We had a UAV operator (Xor) who deployed a CAS fixed wing, and an armed UGV to the AO. We also had a jet pilot (Sesks) overhead engaging enemy jets. I led a four man team as eyes and ears on the objective. We setup and started engaging targets from afar. After a few missiles go out I tried to maneuver onto one of the objectives. As we descended down, enemy incoming fire became stronger and deadlier. After trying to push a couple of time, we realized we are getting our butts kicked. I told Gumby, Ferret and Hitokiri to fall back and we started to fall back under fire.

    We fell back 600 meters constant fire exchange in and out; each member getting hit several times needing patching up. We were in a truly desperate situation. The map showed 20-30 infantrymen advancing on us as we make it to some hard cover and decide to call it Alamo. Then we lost Gumby who was our medic. Now we are just spraying out as we take constant amount of fire towards us. Xor says something over the Command channel but I could not hear him due to contact report chatter and Ferret's hysterical shouting. I send out one message.

    "This is the infantry team. We are at marker Alamo. We are under heavy contact being pursued by 20 guys. Three CAS markers marked on the map. Lase is up.".

    I lase a general area of the infantry concentration as the bullets flew by me. I can hear Hitokiri complaining about "Does anybody have a first aid kit?" and Ferret being just completely crazy shouting "Oh my god. That was a smoke grenade.". The whole scene is a chaos with Gumby's body next to us. And as we watched a GBU drops right on a cluster of enemy squad kicking up dust killing so many. We all gasped "Yeah!!!" as we hear a machine gun and grenade launcher engage everything in front of us from the hilltop on our right. I get a glimpse of it and it is the UGV that was making his way from base finally here to save us with Xor controlling it from base.

    Sesks then comes in in his jet and gattling gun spraying the everything as marked. We were finally saved as we watch them get decimated.

    So that was one of the best awesome scenario which happened accidentally. It was truly exhilarating. I was looking forward to seeing Xor and giving him a virtual kiss at the ammoboxes as we made it back to base. I see the value of UAVs and UGVs.


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      Re: Enemy Assault 22-DEC-2013

      Had a blast playing this afternoon! Thanks to all who made it a great time.

      Good to know you had several other great games today!

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        Re: Enemy Assault 22-DEC-2013

        to continue on B's post about Enemy Assault -
        I was the unmanned vehicles operator under command of B who was CO/infantry leader
        Losses: two armed UGVs, one ATGM UAV

        first recieved order was to spawn a CAS UAV circling the base at standby and an ATGM UAV to scout out the AO 2 klicks South of Pyrgos city. I had an armed UGV move into Pyrgos and keep it hidden until it was needed, while I spotted a squadron of two enemy jets, a gunship flying around the AO as well as two motorized and two mechanized CSAT vehicles with the UAV. I kept doing reconnisance for a while and kept things updated for both command and Sesks, our fixed-wing pilot.

        Later into the mission as I flew my UAV not 6-8 kilometers but 2-3 kilometers from the AO to spot infantry, Sesks saved my UAV's from being engaged by keeping their Aircrafts distracted, unfortunately, my UGV had been destroyed by the enemy jet from miles away with a guided rocket among the houses in Pyrgos and I had to send Another one. Once it reached there, I called out on Command channel that the UGV was holding at OP Terra, but almost immediately moved to assist the friendly squad in clearing large numbers of infantry marked on the map and that were sent out as a call for aid in terms of CAS. I suppressed and killed around 15 CSAT infantry and moved up side by side with the infantry squad listening to their direct Communications and finished tasks with ease, except the vehicle got a tyre shot out by an enemy marksman in the end followed by getting destroyed by a RPG.

        When the tasks finished, a new AO spawned, two enemy jets flew into the base and destroyed one UAV but got shot down by the base defenses. I signed out after scouting out the next objective for Texaport who had parachuted in there and was automatically given squad lead once B had left just Before me.
        I do not have much information on my GBU runs but I can tell that this was different from arma 2 as I was only able to "lockon" 2 kilometers or less away making my UAV vulnerable. I expected the bomb to find the laser farther away on some runs and those missed

        edit: I may have forgotten to turn off fire at will on my UAV, in that case it shot down the two motorized vehicles by itself. my mistake there :)
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