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ALIVE Missions - 01-12-2014

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  • [AAR] ALIVE Missions - 01-12-2014

    After Action Full Mission Report

    Mission: ALIVE Missions

    OPS: Take out tower, re-take barracks

    SL – Mad Solo Sniper
    Alpha 1-1 Squad
    One JIP right near the end - sorry I don't have your name as you were not in our squad and I did not get you on my pad of paper before the missions ended

    Mission report by:
    MadSoloSniper (Solo) – Squad Leader

    Let me lead by saying it is always a pleasure to lead you guys. Most have a million more hours playing then I do, and your dedication and professionalism (all of you) is what makes TG what it is and what is such an amazing experience to play and to command.

    Next let me say that it is intimidating as “all get out” leading you guys for all of those above reasons. The responsibility is fantastic and taking all of you into the battlefield, well let’s just say I know you all have my back no matter what we run into.

    Let’s get on to this week’s missions:
    The short version – light, easy, and almost in my mind, a little too easy. I like to run my mission with as little interaction as possible with the mantra of “get in do our mission parameters and get out” if that can be done without any enemy contact then I consider that a good and successful mission. I was able to complete two of our four assigned missions (as well as our storming of the airfield which was mostly an “off page” assault) without firing a single shot, and I think that was perhaps the case for some others in the squad as well. So, I saw it as a success in our mission parameters, but I’d be happy to have some stiffer resistance in the fray, even at the expense of having to have some of us HALO back in to rejoin the scrum.

    Mission Commander Comments
    Squad assembly – Excellent – Our kit-out was clean and efficient. Everyone stuck to their slots and distributed loadouts in preparation for, well, just about anything.

    Squad movement – Very good – Formations and movement was like all TG play in near flawless execution. My only comment would be for all squad members to watch their lead and follow points (Squad members) for effective spacing (again not a bad thing but just to keep us as sharp as we all expect) also when we reach a hold point some movement from the hold point is fine but don’t get too far away from the squad as it makes finding and then retrieving a downed squad member tough if you run into stiff enemy contact while you’re “out there”.

    Squad comms – Very good Plus – Excellence as always, the commander could use some practice with command / group / vehicle and side comms and was defaulting to side so everyone could hear what was going on. Also, I would like see us stay tight with comms setup across the board. When in command there is a lot of comms coming in and sometimes contact reports were coming in while command channel conversation was coming in as well. Solution – begin all comms with “Command – <Squad Member>” wait for command to respond to your comms request, usually “<Squad member> Send it”. Keeps from cross chatter and when we’re on side or even in a larger group like this mission it keeps from talking over each other. Didn’t happen often, but as a commander who would have liked the mission to run at half speed (still getting used to this command stuff and it all happens SO DARN FAST) keeping it all straight and making sure I’m getting good intel to help NOT send you guys into an ambush is always on my mind.

    Enemy Contact – Excellent – We didn’t have many but what there was, the team handled with excellence and EI was dispatched quickly. Once we got the armor we got a little “gun happy” and there wasn’t enough reason to leave the comfort of our tanks and slow down our RTB to the field (I wanted to get a chopper and get back to get some more explosives for our next mission – which it seems was also canceled)

    Side Note – Have mission parameters indicate that missions will be timed and canceled within xx time – I didn’t realize we had limited time to get them done – didn’t even realize that one had been canceled and that meant we couldn’t do it (did it actually mean that??) Just helps with mission commander planning and loadout planning not to mention movement and if we move from one to another without an RTB.

    Back to Enemy Contact – when I command I like to make sure all members of the team have something to do (as much as possible) even if it means changing what might just “work” to something that will “work with more contribution from more members” so I’m always looking to move people to point, move them around in the formation, spread the marksman and scout out for some overwatch and intel gathering. I even wanted to get the heilo pilot back into the action with some attack littlebird work, but when he crashed (again – lol) we needed to get him back to the Base first before he could really contribute that way. Except for the medic (sorry there wasn’t more business for you this mission) and the demo expert (like HE needs any more action (LOL . . . JK Rudlolf)) who I like to see protected just in case we run into heavy contacts I thought everyone got to spread around for this quick 2 hour mission set.

    In all guys it was amazing, just as it always is, but I have to say at the end of a mission of commanding I don’t have much detail to share as it all still happens so fast for me that it’s hard to remember specifics, it’s more like one big blur. A good blur but a blur never the less

    Full Mission After Action Report
    Respectfully submitted by Squad Leader – MadSoloSniper (Solo)
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    Re: ALIVE Missions - 01-12-2014

    Nice AAR. Man it makes me wish I was there even more!
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      Re: ALIVE Missions - 01-12-2014

      great mission, I made some confusion there as an operator when marking "ei", I completely forgot to mark it unknown instead to begin with. they ended up being FIA (blufor).
      overall in squad efficiency, it looked great, the only thing I was confused by in the formation wedge is how the man in front of me had his gun up when crossing the fields, which means I'd do the same, except the pointman never had his up
      when we were in the slammers it Went fluid. Quick movement, good spotting as well as shooting when circling the tasks. I was amazed by how we took out approximately 4 opfor tanks, 3-4 artillery vecs and a few mechanized vecs in the Town above the airfield
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        Re: ALIVE Missions - 01-12-2014

        Here are a couple of my comments:

        Luck of the draw kinda of sucked as far as our targets. We were given random targets, that just happened to be in contested battlespace where the friendly AI was already fighting. Believe it or not there was over 4000k enemy AI and we saw sparse fighting.

        Leadership was spot on. SoloSniper was very methodical and precise, it led to effective objective completion with little to no loss of life.

        One thing we can all improve on will be the use of markers. All of us were kinda sloppy by marking everything we were doing as well as assets on the map with the standard circled X. There are virtually thousands of combinations of markers and colors we can use, that are pretty standard. I will work to see if we can get a template together of things like DZs, friendly/enemy Forces (and what type), assets, etc.

        Overall I had a blast with everyone. Great times and look forward to the next...
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          Re: ALIVE Missions - 01-12-2014

          Probably better in SOP Thread, but I’ll start it here for now.

          Funny you should mention this TBC as it has been a pet project of mine for some time (albeit on the back burner till this morning). A3 provides a wealth of markers (even though they are a bit lacking – but more on that in a bit) that can be utilized in-game to accurately mark known elements on the map. The issue is a lack of understanding (at least for me) and a lack of proficiency (again, for MSS at least) in the use of them.

          To that end I have sourced a number of documents on the topic and have taken the liberty to record all of the markers that are native in A3 (except for the flags – they seem self-explanatory in my mind).

          Links to the documents and pages where they can be found are available HERE - for now and we can discuss as a team how to use the “less than NATO” markings that A3 puts at the beginning of the list in a thread dedicated to such.

          For the moment I am working on the “NATO Standard” of what each mark means, but there are a number (like Exclamation point and Question mark) that do not have NATO equivalents that we can decide and standardize for the TG space.

          To this end I am working on creating a PDF document with the descriptions (Mostly NATO at this time) to use as a manual for the purpose. That begins with isolating each of the marker images to use in the document . . . and the time to complete the task.

          More on that as time allows.



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            Re: ALIVE Missions - 01-12-2014

            As always a fun event and thanks to BigC and others for organising.

            The mission started with those terrifying words "we need a volunteer for commander". After a very long pause (during which everybody seemed to spontaneously go AFK for a moment) Solo agreed to bear the heavies of burdens. We all kitted up whilst Solo got to grips with what assets we had and where our objectives were. Our first objective was right in the middle of an area where BLUFOR was making a big push, so by the time McKee and I set up on overwatch overlooking the objective, most of the infantry spotted by the UAV were friendlies. One EI made a counter-attack as we blew up the radio tower, but our allies in the base made short work of him. As Solo says - an objective cleared without a shot taken is a perfect mission!

            We then rescued our pilot and repaired the helo for a second time and moved to our second objective. As we came in to land I saw a fireteam in the fields beside our LZ. We landed, piled out and took them down quickly, however only moments later we heard a loud "boom" and reports came in that the helo was down again. We moved rapidly in to rescue the pilot - giving up the chance of a new pilot coming in with a helo from base in favour of never leaving a man behind. We were therefore stranded in the middle of nowhere with our objective several KM away.

            Solo quickly pulled rank and commandeered several Slammer tanks. Our infantry piled in and our cross-trained team members took vehicle command positions. What followed can only be described as blitzkrieg, as our tanks rumbled across the terrain taking out everything in sight. Watching from the passenger compartment on the external cameras, my ears ringing from the cannon blasts, I saw that the skyline was heavy with the smoke of our burning enemies. Our objective taken, we stormed the airfield, quickly taking out the garrison and using a slammer to move a captured enemy helicopter on to the flight line. From there we flew the captured enemy helo back home, with a brief air battle ending when our enemy pursuer was taken out by ground fire.

            A couple of thoughts:

            - Personally I don't mind having a lot of markers on the map, as long as the "expired" ones are cleared off
            - I did the "Solo - Mech" ... "send it" routine on radio a couple of times but mostly as soon as I get excited I forget. I can definitely tighten up on the comms if required.
            - The coloured "occupation" squares are good and bad - whilst they do provide a sense of a much bigger battle space, sometimes I found myself looking at them to work out how "on alert" I should be. On balance I dont think I'd be disappointed if this module was removed, but no big deal.
            - We always seem to have a problem selecting a volunteer for commander and sometimes people seem to be reluctantly forced to do it because nobody else can/will. Personally I wouldn't mind having a go "one day" but at the moment wouldn't have the faintest idea where to start. Not sure exactly how we "train up" a new generation of commanders to spread the load a little bit or if we even need to. Regardless, I thought Solo did a great job.

            Some quick highlights:





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