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Resistance - 23-JAN-2014

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  • Resistance - 23-JAN-2014

    as per request I'm making an AAR for this one night that had the most amount of people online in a long time, with 20-23 people around constantly, now since I was playing from midnight to 9 am (GMT) being the second most online player just behind ty ty that night, I'll have a tough time remembering these events

    It started out with ty ty leading for a couple of hours. Our plan was to capture nearby AO's while maintaining our secondary task of recovering any enemy assets, such as our three kajmans, few ifrits, an APC and one MBT which we had taken during the night. We had also taken the North-west airfield (AAC?) which gave us the AAF fixed-wing (never used) and a motorized asset

    Once 15+ people or so had joined, Shoomfie volunteered to take command and assigned some squad leaders, usually around around 4-5 four-man teams and we cleared out the remaining towns just east of our base to follow-up with a convoy in a heading towards Athira, one of the three mission tasks. Halfway, we took contact on our right side on the hillsides covered by forest and within 5-10 seconds all our vehicles had been destroyed, at this point half of us signed out and the remaining of us manned up a kajman with crew and a groundforce with no command or organization for a few more hours

    I'll post some screenshots in the screenshot thread soon. Feel free to fill in, I was very consise in this
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