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  • [AAR] Aggression Debut Event

    Please add your experiences, thoughts, screenshots and videos here for the Aggression debut event.

    The mission was an experiment and we wanted to use it for an event to debut the mission as in house TG made. It is a very large scale mission in which you can almost do anything you want as long as you choose the role for it. That being said I might have overdid some of the areas affecting the mission performance. So I am gonna edit it a little bit and release it for pick up games.

    As Dagger 1 SL my job was made easy by the stellar squad members. We traveled great distances and engaged many foes. Many thanks for taking part in the event.

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    Re: Aggression Debut Event

    I was Dagger 1 Missile Specialist usually under Hito as FTL and B as SL, streamed for 4 hours and got some people to check TG out, here's the full raw video in 720p - - most of the action is around after one hour and in the ending. I also catched Unkl's flying skills in a strider at 03:40:15 :)

    edit: props to whoever flew that CH-47 mohawk at 01:23:30 and onwards :D
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      Re: Aggression Debut Event

      I've also uploaded 2 mins of video. Thanks for the full length Xorilliz. I showed up on OP 64 just as you guys were joined by Dagger Two at OP 65 and I had no idea the intensity of the fight going on over there. Great work by everyone.

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        Re: Aggression Debut Event

        Unkl, I had no idea you were standing right near the helo crash. Here we were getting all proud of ourselves for sleuthing out the site by ear alone when we could have just asked :)

        Altogether I had a very harrowing and intense mission running as fireteam leader for Dagger 2. I had [MENTION=80858]Ramna[/MENTION] [MENTION=8737]viper1986[/MENTION] [MENTION=88856]Dany1n[/MENTION]^CanadaQc, [RTMC]Humlan, Scotty and Zig in my fireteam although not all at once. With only a couple of regular TG guys there were a few initial comms issues to sort out, but nevertheless a great bunch of people. B certainly outdid himself this time - when we first crested the ridgeline overlooking Rodopoli (?) I knew we were in trouble. There were literally a hundred guys in the town, all running out to get fire on us. We fired away constantly for a couple of minutes and dominated the enemy, my fire team didn't take a single casualty and caused I don't know how many. I think it was pretty impressive given we were shooting at about 400m with 5.56 ammunition!

        My connection died, so whilst I was re JIPing Viper took the lead and the moved fireteam through town clearing buildings. Waiting back at base I heard a message on command that my little fire team (currently 3 guys) was on the other side of the Church from an enemy squad! The guys kept their cool and came through ok.

        After rearming at base, things started to get really messy. Some magical vehicle dopplegangering lead me and Ramna to carry out a very confused conversation. It turned out that each of us had driven the same vehicle to the dismount marker, but separately. I'm still confused. Matters only got worse as we drove forward with Humlan on the gun calling out multiple contacts and chattering off rounds. I'm not entirely sure how or what happened next but basically I was distracted from navigation and we just missed the turn off, we then took sporadic contact pushing back on to the road. I decided to push through the contact but when we rounded the corner there was a squad or two of infantry and an Ifrit staring straight at us, equally surprised. Ramna floored it and got our vehicle to safety but unfortunately the other vehicle wasn't so lucky. Not really sure what I should/could have done differently in this situation, although I feel that Convoy Operations should be the next TGU course I take!

        It took us quite a while to pull things back together enough so that we could make a push towards the airfield. I could hear snatches of B's cackle of laughter echoing in my ears as Dagger 1 pushed forward. As we waited back at the compound (not sure if we were meant to move up as well as I was AFK for 2 mins when it kicked off) all we could hear was gunfire and explosions and the shouts of wounded men. I felt like Private Upham in the Radar station assault in Saving Private Ryan - hiding behind a cow whilst all hell broke loose just out of sight. My squad set up a CCP and tried to drag as many casualties back as we could find, all the while taking continuous fire and throwing out streams of smoke grenades. Ramna, Dagger 2 medic, was working overtime, patching and reviving like crazy. Finally, reinforced and rearmed we made the final assault across the salt flats, bounding in squads in an unstoppable advance.

        I have to say I really enjoy running as FTL, its a completely different take on the game and a whole new set of challenges. I don't know if I'm getting any better at it, it still takes so much concentration that I sometimes forget to shoot! It also feels a lot worse when something goes wrong to your fireteam like the convoy going down. :( After four hours of it I felt a bit washed up!

        Thanks all for another fun event and as usual B for the (evil) mission making - seems like Aggression has a lot of potential!


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          Re: Aggression Debut Event

          Watching Xor's videos I saw myself making several mistakes. Also I saw what caused the weird thing that happened when the vehicles started to disappear/teleport. I was driving and in Xor's view the car stayed in one place. I even came out of nothing suddenly, when in my view I was disembarking from a vehicle. I think the server had trouble with keeping up with sync as well as all that enemy AI.

          Also I saw Unk's flying car. That was hilarious. I think Hito's team saw the most of action as they got sent to different places for small side missions. They seemed to be constantly in engagement running around doing stuff.

          When Will's team was ambushed, we stretched ourselves too thin and lost several wounded men. Part of it was when Hito kept telling me about them in the shack I just seemed to ignore it.

          Also when I came back from AFK the initial assault was taking place on the airfield. The scene was a chaos. We lost people left and right very fast. I say it is a good thing that Will's team stayed back to watch the horror. I was in utter disbelief when they got me back up. We could not even hold defense on that CCP compound. We had to retreat, it was so crazy.

          Loved that last offensive on the Airfield once Unk brought my casualties back. We executed that pretty professionally. Even though things were pretty hectic on that second push.

          So since Rudolf sent us North initially mistaking that the red marker meant enemy area, we kind of chose our approach from there on. I did not think we would make it all the way to one of the Airfields. I thought we would clear couple of towns and call it a day. But as ambitious as we are, with half of allotted force, we accomplished some daring stuff.

          After that four hour session I was also super tired that I had to sleep early. I would like to think that Agression is a long haul open ended mission where no clear specific direction is given, but rather some very general objectives are presented. So the CO in game must slowly chew away on the enemy presence area by area by choosing what to do. But as we can see in Xor's video there were recover, assault, rescue, transport, reinforce, defense missions embedded in there.




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