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Monday Black OPS Missions

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  • [AAR] Monday Black OPS Missions

    After Action Full Mission Report

    Monday Black OPS Missions

    Rescue the Pilot and take out the AAA

    Bravo 2 Squad
    SL – MadSoloSniper
    FTL - HaveANiceDay

    Bravo 1 Squad
    SL - Unkl – replaced by JohnF


    Mission report by:
    MadSoloSniper – Squad Lead

    I think I start every one of these the same way . . . and it’s just as true each time. . . AMAZING team work!!!!! TacticalGamer is truly a place to thrive and grow if you are into team play and like operating as a tight knit and well-oiled team. Our players are dedicated, respectful, and always learning and growing and it’s awesome and amazing to experience (I know I’M still learning) and to watch (You’re all awesome).

    I don’t remember much about the mission in super detail (still the blur of command for me, but I LOVE IT).

    I do remember my squad putting three (maybe more) rockets into an IFRIT (maybe more of them – or maybe we were shooting at the AAA (I never saw it as bullets were flying all over the place)and given that the protection squad was all but dead when we finally got to the AAA – just maybe). We ran from the IFRIT . . it followed us . . .we ran some more . . . . finally it ended up pinning us down in a warehouse . . . but we snuck out anyhow . . . tense moments, awesome stuff.

    I do remember lying on the floor of the warehouse with my squad listening to the EI and IFRIT motor outside while we waited for Bravo 1 to heilo in and save our butts . . . . which they did with precision and expertise I might add.

    I do remember watching Rudolf’s building (and entire squad) get pummeled by yet ANOTHER IFRIT, smoke flying . . . men screaming . . . . (B coughing as he lay there dying) . . . and we had to effect a rescue mission on the fly (awesome stuff Squad . . .well secured, managed and executed) . . . goose bumps just remembering how well this group works together.

    I remember dying (stupid on my part) – attempting to get good video of an IFRIT being blown up . . . guess I was a little TOO close . . . . dumb . . . staying operational is more important than a good video moment . . . lesson learned.

    Change of Squad leaders in the middle threw me for a bit . . .but it was all good. Execution, team movement, covering, and a good dose of comms . . . . we achieved our objectives (except that Rudolf had to kill the pilot . . . . he loves doing that I think . . . I think he hasn’t fixed the glitch in the code so he can keep on doing that . . . . lol) exfil back to base with all souls accounted for . . . . successful and I’m super pleased as a commander.


    Our teams do well on comms. At TG we all seem to play at a higher level of comms and comms standards. With that said and as a commander I would like to request that our team members remember that there is a lot going on when we’re in the field. Comms from other commanders, the pilot calling with JIPs, JIPs calling in themselves, people chatting on TS asking what to slot in as, and leading our own Fire Team and Squad . . . so, my comms request would be as follows:

    Use Direct
    Keep comms in “direct” when possible. When in a larger squad and the two fire teams are separated attacking an objective the cross chatter of 8 on group is lessened when directing two separate teams of 4 when talking in Direct (I’m guilty of this as well and continue to work on my use of “Direct”).

    Keep comms tight
    When communicating on Group (or any channel actually) begin all comms with “your call sign” and who you are contacting “command”. You can use call signs or roles “Command this is attack boat 2”. Then wait for your commander or other team member to reply, usually with “Call sign this is Command send it”. The “wait” is key as there may be other things happening that prevent that individual from responding at that moment, and just starting your comms by talking, sometimes (not always but more than I realized when acting as a squad member) just because you don’t hear anything on the radio channel, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a ton of chatter going on at that moment. Now if there is “EI Danger Close” then shout it out (good 3D calls please) but if not, it can wait at least a moment while other comms are in process.

    Keep chatter to a minimum
    Again, use of Direct for “chatting” keeps this to a minimum. Again, I’m working on my own “channel changing” skills and key binding to make it all flow more smoothly.

    Movement and reports

    Confirm movement orders after issue – “move 140, prepare to move, moving” . . . . “rgr, 140, moving”. Again, in direct.

    Updates on movement – “command this is fire team seven - 5 min from next waypoint (or wherever you are going)” – distance is good, but time is almost more important.

    Last are contact reports –Remember the comms request from above when making contact reports that aren’t critical.

    I’m no command expert and this is an AAR so if there is anything I can learn from this one let me know . . . love leading, and even more so love leading you guys (almost handles itself). Awesome stuff guys and I can’t wait to spend another 4 to 8 hours on the server with you all.

    As I write this I can think of one “Command learning” already . . . we had OPS as our pilot . . . and he was all kit-ed out and ready in the chopper (I now remember him telling me so - sorry OPS) to provide CAS when the IFRIT was wreaking havoc on Unkl’s (John’s) squad . . . . should have called that in . . . I promise to use you more effectively next time OPS (Heilo dudes) . . . . :-)

    Full Mission After Action Report

    Respectfully submitted by – Mission Squad Leader – MadSoloSniper

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    Re: Monday Black OPS Missions

    This was shaping up to be a great mission when I had to go. I was getting a little grumpy and my apologies to the fine folks on the server...I glitched out and had to disconnect, noticed how late the time was and thus explained why I was getting grumpy. I'm not good tired.

    However, some of what Solo is touching on regarding coms discipline is on point as well. There was so much chatter on the group channel I couldn't hear Solo on command and kept missing his replies to me. It was a function of JIPs needing to get caught up to our group and of course the fact that everyone has to turn down the effects in their audio settings to hear the "radio" channels but then direct is so quiet it's very difficult to use. Ah well, I was too tired to be taking a squad & should have known better.

    My team got wiped out when we moved to the factory complex to assist Bravo 1 and that was by a lone enemy who came up on our six! It was literally clear and 2 seconds later we were almost wiped out. I was trying to drag John to cover and ended up doing some kind of spaz dance that I had to disconnect to quit before he accused me of bad things lol.

    There was also confusion about blue on blue as well. It was hard to tell what was going on it was total chaos and I never did see Bravo 1 but I could hear you guys talking.

    Another solution for JIPs is to use text to lessen the disruption and be patient. When you have 8 people (two fireteams) in the same group it is imperative.
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      Re: Monday Black OPS Missions

      I joined in halfway for a couple of hours. I do not know what happened before, but the atmosphere was very different. Seemed to be a lot of frustration. Another thing was how Arma is played against how other games are played. There might have been some conflict of game niche culture. For Arma hardcore fans, the comms are always very minimal and chatter only happens when naturally a downtime is observed. While yesterday everybody was talking all the time about everything. So it is a matter of just catching up and getting accustomed to how we at TGArma play usually. In the meantime, grumpiness, frustration might happen.

      In the end I am sure we can remind each other gently of what is needed to maximize enjoyment for everybody, so the server can see continued participation by everybody. Intentionally, or without knowing, if you are a cause of a frustration, then population of the server will suffer. Keep in mind.


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        Re: Monday Black OPS Missions

        I was in from the start I had no Issues was just standing by for orders when I was in the CAS LB then I had to go and take care of some Combat Air Patrol Duties, I understand how complex the ground commanding can be so when I pilot I tend to call in and say what I have to support with and wait until something else arises that needs to be dealt with. All in All it was great fun.
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          Re: Monday Black OPS Missions

          As a follow up I like Unkl's suggestion of text when coming in as one option, and I also think that adding the task of "pre field prep" to the heilo pilot is a good use of assets. OPS was on command channel already so comms with him regarding what we need in the field could have easily been communicated to him, he could work with JIPs to make sure they were "field ready" and then update the commander in the field about who he was bringing out (based on mission and need might even affect where say an inbound group with an AT is LZ-ed) and what squads they were in and what they had slotted in as. Adds a layer of paperwork for the pilot . . .but when they're not "gunning and running" I think some desk time for them might be good . . . .(snicker).

          Handling JIPs smoothly is always a challenge; I also like the HALO option for missions when there isn't a dedicated pilot (or we have the heilo in the field and are all in the middle of a fire fight) Get's the JIPs on station quickly, helps with game play and brings people into the server knowing they will get to play sooner rather than later, and we can change the DZ as the mission progresses (just a suggestion to mission design for future reference).





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