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  • [AAR] TheIsland

    NATO Operations After Action Report (The Island: Ep 1)

    Date & Time: 24JUN2035 0200-0510

    NATO operation Night Fox was successful and NATO forces were able to secure the Airfield for FOB. Radio transmitter box was destroyed and NATO was able to maintain take the CSAT by surprise. Supplies and assets are flowing into the area for building of the FOB as well as personnel. Several squads are deployed forward in order to deter and recon any counter attack and to lock down the area.

    Personally I had quite a fun playing as the medic in Will's squad. We functioned well together as the first team and even after disconnects and the new guys. Night operation made it a little bit easier for us stay hidden as long as we moved away enough. Responding forces seemed to be looking for us at our last location. But then again, we had several intense firefights as we moved along. I died once due to getting shot in the back by a friendly(LOL).

    As part of the Shield 2 team we were always ahead of movement and first to engage most of the targets. Starting with limited ammo and decision to go for the radio transmitter box really drained our supplies. I used all of my First Aid Kits by the time we got to the ammo drop and I was on my last mag.

    Once we made it to the ammo drop, we had quite a bit of time lost due to technical difficulties. Once everybody was back together we maneuvered into an ideal attacking position towards the airfield and was able to assault the airfield easily.

    Please share your videos, screenies, stories and all that.
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    Re: TheIsland

    this was the most awesome quadrotor UAV gameplay I've had in a while, I enjoyed being Shield-1 Operator. I didn't stream or record this sunday but I'll hopefully do next sunday :). im still curious to how the UGV which was previously marked and destroyed on north-side airfield could be mistaken as being alive and not a wreck... then again my settings are high I suppose

    good commanding Solo
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      Re: TheIsland

      A very fun mission which had all the things that ArmA needs - NGVs, LZs, DZs, long walks on the beach, Haxorz, Ban Hammers, getting shot from a random direction, friendly fire, blowing stuff up, and B calling out "CONTACT CLOSE" just before about half of us die. I was FTL for Shield 2 except for the 10 seconds or so when I forgot our callsign. Initially in my modified fire team I had [MENTION=4091]|TG| B[/MENTION] as medic, [MENTION=8737]viper1986[/MENTION] as marksman and [MENTION=49710]Toptonic - Butler[/MENTION] as AT and LoneWolf as Demo. Eventually we gained [MENTION=46169]sesks[/MENTION] as AT gunner once Butler had to go back to real life.

      The mission started at T-60 with a very detailed briefing from Solo - he obviously put a lot of work into it and it was great going in with a detailed plan. I ended up with a page of notes and a printed map with writing all over it! For the most part casualties were light and the only real deviation from plan was that we finished up in daylight instead of darkness. Obviously the server weirdness didn't help there. My squad had point most of the time although I think there were plenty of enemies popping up all around us so everything was pretty fluid and fun. The only thing I really wish for is NGV brightness settings for ArmA 3.

      I'm currently rendering out a video of highlights, which I'll post a link to once I've uploaded to youtube. Going back over the footage it was quite a funny mission, with some pretty embarassing moments as well [MENTION=52868]Xorilliz[/MENTION] :)


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        Re: TheIsland

        After Action Full Mission Report

        Campaign "The Island"

        Ep1: Night Fox

        Squad Lead - MadSoloSniper
        Shield One

        Team setup was somewhat fluid given the “game time” changes and some of the “commercial time” changes and some of the “RL losses” and pickups during the mission. To ALL the men of the squads no matter how long you were with us or when you came to the fight, I thank you all.

        Mission report by:

        MadSoloSniper – Squad Lead – Shield One

        To the men of the squad I owe you a hearty thank you. To the TLs I owe you a commander’s thank you. To the men that were wounded by “some random crazed team member (cough)” I owe you a sincere apology and to the team as a whole I say Well Done, but I have to say I have come to expect nothing less even in my short time here.

        Amazing, awesome incredible, and with the Teams I had under my command . . . you guys make it all so easy (good thing too because I was pretty darn nervous). My first Sunday Event SL and what a rush. TL’s Mecharius and Googol operated with precision and each team member in every single squad brought their A-Game to the server the other night. Movement was very fluid and we kept going (right up till the airfield, but I’ll get to that – and it wasn’t you guys). We operated with somewhat “modified” Fire Team setup but we molded to the occasion and made it all work. Our kits were good and we had what we needed to get underway, but a few more suppressors to cover the team would have been a nice addition at the LZ.

        Let’s break it down by phase:

        Initial Intel

        Gotta give a shout out to my UAV operator on this one. I know the temptation to loiter and get as much intel as possible is a strong one, but Xor got the bird up, got us the initial intel I requested and then got it back handily to the LZ and we were on our way. Having the added intel of a UAV in these situations is priceless as it helps to know WHAT evil I’m leading you guys into at least, and an operator like XOR was a gift.

        Take out the comms “transmitter”

        Movement up the coast line was perfect. We kept low and quiet and moved to the first strike point well as a full squad. Took out the four man team . . . and then BAMM those IFRIT’s were on us darn fast. I know UAV got a good look and saw nothing in the vicinity so I can only assume they responded from the base on the hill and somewhere else (given that there was NO armor support in the base when we got there this was my thought). Teams worked well to support Shield 1 and our move on the base, we came in from the “back door” took out the enemy presence there handily and moved to the task of taking out the “transmitter” Ok, prior to the mission I talked to command and I clearly remember asking more than once “Not the tower but the small building next to it?” (mostly because I was surprised it WASN’T the tower) to which the answer (I thought) was YES. Turns out this was NOT the right thing to blow (Not your fault Chief, you did exactly as instructed) we waited until we were out of the compound and then lit our charges off. I was expecting more of an enemy response to this event which is why I wanted us out of the compound and looking to where I thought they would be coming from. A few squads to engage which were dispatched handily and we were on the move to the DZ. Our UAV had gotten no sign of anything in the town of Feres (which initial intel had indicated was a hot spot) so I had to pause and take a good look myself . . sure enough an IFRIT tucked in under the lights between two buildings (lights probably obscured the IR and the buildings the LOS on the target. Missile team was able to take a shot from the DZ (near it) and the IFRIT was down. I waited on a further response, and there was none I could see so we moved to the next phase.

        Move to the DZ and reload

        Move to the DZ and reload, good thing too as we were running low on just about all supplies so the resupply was a welcome relief. . . we’ll skip over the crazed squad member(cough) . . . and move on to movement to the next operational point. Movement back to the LZ went well. We did have to skip back up to the church to help out Shield 2 as they came under fire from some EI (NO idea where those came from) got their medic back up and back to the LZ all was well.

        THEN WE HAD A COMMERCIAL BREAK . . . . . . as the evil overlord of BEC (Battle Eye Client) seemed to kick out and BAN all of our AT . . . we waited as “technical difficulties” were sorted out and got our UAV back in the air. Found a bunch more Armor and I decided that without some sort of AT we really could not proceed. Swapped out a few remaining members of the squad to fill the roles and then we pressed on down the beach.

        COMMERCIAL OVER . . . . ok, now it seems our men CAN get back on station . . . so we wait . . . . . .a few join run down the beach . . . . a few more . . . . and then one more . . . it took a while to get them all back in and up to their teams. A little confusion with who was now on who’s fire team, but it all sorted and we were back to running through the hills of Southern Altis. Time lost to our commercial . . about 20 to 30 min depending on when you consider the start.

        Move to hill 88

        Up the coast, the ridge line, checking for EI along the way. Good use of cover and we were up to “Almost Hill 88”. Seems the SL got his bearings a bit twisted and I put us on a ridge just North of where I had originally intended. No worries as it still gave us awesome overwatch and even some shots on some of the Armor on the airfield (wow having advanced weaponry helps). A few missile shots later and we were moving down slope to the airfield.

        Assault on the Airfield
        Here is where things got a little sloppy (me not you guys). We move on the airport, kind of as a big amoeba. Arrow places themselves near the town (sorry I don’t remember us taking out that Marid but I guess we did – again excellence all the way around). I bring Arrow up to our “amoeba” and we all push onto the airfield.

        What I SHOULD HAVE DONE was have this part of the plan a little more thought out, but I had no idea what we were going to encounter, where we were going to get the response from and since we had taken out so much armor from the hillside I was left wondering what else there was that the enemy had in store for us. So we pressed into the compound, Shield 2 cleared buildings while Shield 1 provided security (waiting on possible response force) and Arrow pushed further into the airfield along the Southern edge. A few well-placed shots on an armor hulk (awesome shooting Sesks) and one more Static HMG take down by the Shield 2 marksman (I think) and BAMM we have the field under our control and can wait on reinforcements to arrive. NOTE TO SELF – plan that movement a little tighter, at least HAVE a plan even if the opposing force is unknown, and then modify that plan as needed once you get there.

        SL Comments on the mission:

        Much better. A few sightings that could have gone to TLs and then on the map, but much better and the chatter was tight and professional all the way around. Excellent work.

        Also excellent. We moved well, never sat in one place for too long, except for the commercial break, but that wasn’t us. We moved as a team, movement pace and spacing was good. We didn’t bunch up much (except for the airfield but I put that one on me) we got to and through objectives well. Awesome stuff.

        Again, executed with precision. Well timed and well-guarded. A few surprises, but it wouldn’t be battle without a few of those. My only note is to myself for the Airfield to have a more detailed plan on that last phase. It was all awesome and teams stayed together and moved to and through objective even with minimal pre-plan.

        MY TEAM - Shield 1
        Shield 1 got some (not a lot but some) shooting time in. We got to blow things up, some good UAV work and I think our medic saw some action and I know Dany1n got some marksman time in. I was pleased even for the SL team and their “back of the bus-ness” being part of the command team.

        I enjoyed it and look forward to going into the thick of it with all of you again soon. Excellent teams and teamwork . . . and that, after all, is what ArmA is all about.

        Full Mission After Action Report
        Respectfully submitted by Squad Lead – MadSoloSniper


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          Re: TheIsland

          Nice AAR Solo - yeah I think Viper sniped about 4 HMGs on the way through the airfield - as far as I can tell none of them were already dead? Also I forgot to mention before that E-Leader joined my squad right at the end - just in time for our glorious honour reclaiming advance along the fence.

          Here is the video of the mission including the infamous "UGV"... I'll let you draw your own conclusions :)



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            Re: TheIsland

            Lol... 00:27 Will gets shot... That my bullet going into his back... He moved into my line of fire. Did you know? So I healed you back up.


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              Re: TheIsland

              Wow, watching that video I couldn't understand a single word I said. I'll try and do something about that.

              In any case, I led Arrow team which I believe did a good job of engaging most of the armored targets and several more soft targets with the the two missile systems we were allocated. There isn't much to say about the cohesion of my unit other than it was fluid and had no problems. I'd like to touch on a couple of specific areas in the mission though.

              While holding briefly at the church, we had good cohesion going in that Shield 1 was focused on engaging hostiles at the beach while Arrow provided close security. Perhaps comms could've been a little better as I'm not sure if Will was aware how close some enemies got to our northern flank (~50m). It's good that we did get out of there while we still could despite having many more infantry targets to engage in the area. I remember that when we set up on overwatch between the church and objective 1, our previous location was swarming with enemy patrols. Had we stayed their longer we would probably have been wiped.

              I think the attack on the airfield went incredibly well. Initially, my team stayed behind and we took out several HMGs & Ifrits from the hill side as Shield 1 & 2. Enemy fire forced us off the mountain and we moved to a compound that sat between the airfield and Selakano. From there, were able to take out an AAV and intercept a Marid inbound towards Shield 1 & 2 from Selakano. We advanced into the airfield parallel to the friendly teams and took out a couple of stragglers. From there it was pretty confusing to find the [destroyed] UGV and phantom APC. Something we forget to do alot is to mark things on the map in the proper channel. I think its location was marked in group channel and not side so Arrow had a pretty tough time locating even the wreck.

              All in all great mission and good leading from both Will and Solo.


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                Re: TheIsland

                Some footage I shot during the event.

                TG-189ᵀᴴ ArmaXO TGU Instructor


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                  Re: TheIsland

                  Originally posted by Googol View Post
                  From there it was pretty confusing to find the [destroyed] UGV and phantom APC. Something we forget to do alot is to mark things on the map in the proper channel. I think its location was marked in group channel and not side so Arrow had a pretty tough time locating even the wreck.
                  im pretty sure I marked an AAA vehicle, armed UGV and a BTR on the airfield maybe an hour before we got to the airfield with red NATO markers... if it wasnt in side then I suppose its my fault. anyway as soon as they got destroyed I took the time to remove the marks and if command or anyone else thinks they should put a mark to indicate that its destroyed then they can do this in lets say, vehicle chat, just so it shows to that person alone or in side/group to show everyone

                  seeing as how I had the permission I both added and removed all those marks when the vehicles were no longer there

                  edit: I did not bother asking command if I should mark them as destroyed either because I didn't expect we'd be shooting at them again :) anyhow, I was only told to mark alive enemy units as I spotted them, by this I assumed that any killed or missing units should have its mark removed

                  I also marked the first two ifrits and the marid in Selekano, first marked as unknown vec, in the beginning with same markers but I did not spot the vehicle in Feres - I had used my UAV once in the very beginning at low altitude and then once after we had destroyed that vehicle... that's why I couldn't see it in there behind the buildings at a poor low angle by the beach
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                    Re: TheIsland

                    CSAT Operations After Action Report (The Island: Ep 2)

                    Date & Time: 24JUN2035 1000-1130

                    A convoy operations carried out by the CSAT forces to investigate the sudden communication loss of the occupational forces on SouthEastern Island have concluded. En route several poorly equipped FIA guerrilla fighters were engaged as well as mines were disabled. As we got closer to the previous location of the lost forces we encountered well equipped NATO forces on the ground.

                    We believe NATO forces have landed on the South-Eastern Altis as a response to our presence here. The town of Panagia is cleared and wating for further reinforcements to be able to move in and eliminate their presence.

                    The mission was a pure convoy mission with a destination. Also with all the equipment we brought with us, it turned out to be very easy. Not many losses and craziness as Rudolf chose to handle the convoy with tight grip and chose an optimal angle to approach the final city.

                    As a medic I gunned Victor 4 and got to shoot a couple of guys. It was a very different experience in terms of mission. Usually we always end up in pretty hairy situations. But this one was controlled and executed flawlessly.

                    In favor of performance and the story, the resistance was not so heavy. FIA is a rebel forces with very few resources, while NATO forces only landed on the beach just a few hours before this convoy operations.

                    We did play Agression which was super fun afterwards.

                    Please share your videos, screenies, stories and all that.


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                      Re: TheIsland

                      had good fun on this episode, I was driving the first vector as a crewman (a BTR - heavy APC) with Sesks as commander and Chief as gunner, it was pretty straight forward where as I went where ever Sesks told me to and spotted 12 anti-infantry mines and 3 anti-vehicle mines along the route towards our objective, all stacked in groups of 3. we had two casualties by mines, vehicles turned out all fine except when we some time in the mission came up close on 3 offroad with .50's on them mounted up by the FIA, they fired first making our tracks turn status yellow before they were taken down by rear vectors. at the destination it wasn't too much action, at least not for the BTR
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                        Re: TheIsland

                        I successfully disarmed four landmines without blowing myself or my team mates to bits.

                        Mission success.

                        Kudos to Viper for FTL lead, Will for SL, Rudolf for CO, and B for mission making.

                        I approve of the cooperation and team work.

                        The mission was low on action, but high on camaraderie, team work, cohesiveness, and following the chain of command.

                        I consider it a success.

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                          Re: TheIsland

                          I was SL for Alpha squad which included Unkl, Ramna, Knives, Beckner, B and Dimitrius - a good mix of regulars and some guys who I haven't see around A3 for a while. We were the meaty middle of the convoy, split into three HMG armed Ifrits. Viper had half the guys as a fireteam and I had the other half.

                          Things went pretty smoothly thanks to Rudolf's iron grip on movements. We pushed through all contacts and the speed of our advance seemed to catch some of the FIA unawares - the first few squads we encountered just watched us with open mouths as we roared past them. Then things got a bit busy as they began to conduct vehicle ambushes of our convoy in groups of two or three vehicles. The comms were going crazy and at times there were three or four people all shouting in my ear at the same time.

                          Whilst sitting in the back of the fourth vehicle in line I didn't have a whole lot to do apart from act as a radio relay between command and Alpha squad, it was an enjoyable to ride along and watch the vehicles go to work. Thanks B for the mission.

                          Some short highlights:

                          We then had another go at Aggression, and it continued to be a lot of fun with enemy popping out from everywhere and some really hairy firefights. I got to sit back and "relax" as an AR. There was a little bit of danger close CAS:



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                            Re: TheIsland

                            It was a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon kind of mission... drinking coffee, reading the Sunday paper while playing Arma III. I didn't even break a sweat.


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                              Re: TheIsland

                              Thanks for taking part in Island Episode 3.

                              Share your videos, screenies, and stories. I will edit this post to include what has happened on the Island up until now.




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