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  • [AAR] Cloak&Diver

    Cloak and Diver AAR

    Well that was a stressful mission for me as the commander. I will try to chronicle what happened as the story is full of hilarious misfortunes. We dove into the objective expecting the ammo cache to be there. Instead we were greeted by an ambush and an empty building. Upon being killed first we waited for the medics to show up and save us. No radio channels meant no communication incoming or outgoing. This caused one chaotic scene as people tried to figure out what to do and where to go. Once the medics reached us, and I was revived, I ordered everybody back into the water. This is after I realized that supply drop is actually far north of us. Although bodies splashed into the water immediately several guys took shots and we had to separate as only one fire-team makes it to the supply drop.

    After this rocky start, we actually made it to the ammo box and geared up while more than half of the team is nowhere to be found or incapacitated. Although all geared up, I took a bullet and saw medics also being killed in quick succession after me. By this time, the chaos and our desperate situation getting even more dire as most of the team spawned back at base with a few soldiers trying to take the objective. Tired of gearing up every-time after diving in I wanted us to insert via helicopter to the far South of the AO. By this time, the forces were scattered, people were confused and I was debating about opening up the radio and try to salvage the mission. But Arma gods have another plan for us. Another misfortune struck us when a fully loaded ghosthawk land a little too hard and killed everybody at the LZ. Lonewolf somehow survived with another guy.

    A small group of soldiers who attempted one objective was killed in the field. Now only two guys are at the LZ while everybody else is back at base. We got our butts kicked again and again. We have not even seen the objectives. So opened up the radios and ordered loud weapons authorization in order to confront this with brute force instead of stealth. In addition I restructured the teams giving the medics to the squads. Second aerial insertion attempt was a success with everybody rallied up.

    We moved towards the objective in a semi-organized manner, encountering a few resistance. On the first objective we took the objective but the demolitions guy did not place enough explosives to destroy the AA gun. So we had to take that hill twice and blow it up two times in order to accomplish the objective. It is the same thing that happened in Island 1 episode. Put down enough explosives for the objective. This is happening all the while as we are engaged and flanked continuously even losing a whole fire-team there.

    Finally we cleaned up enough to be able to move to the second objective. Taking the second AA gun was costly but we were able to keep it together and accomplish the objective. Extraction went smoothly and the mission was complete.

    Share your videos, screenies and stories.

    EDIT: I found Xor's stream save...

    I glanced through it and he stops recording right before our luck started to turn. But we can watch what went wrong up until that point as Xor crashed at the end of the stream.
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    Re: Cloak&Diver

    Yeah, that was pretty hard work, but in a good way. Things went bad from the start because for some reason ARMA decided that radio silence meant "disable your microphone" so getting coordinated once we landed was a bit hard until I worked out what was going on. By the time I'd done that B was up and yelling "Back in the water!" and so my fireteam jumped back in and moved up to the real supply drop. We tried to move up on the objective but it was absolutely pitch black - we couldn't see a single thing. It took us a few minutes to work out that we had chemlights that we could throw down and the guys started to gear up.

    I must have been a bit rattled by the comms becuase I forgot to change out of my wetsuit or pick up NVGs. We started to head into town back towards the objectives, and within seconds B went down, then I went down as our team went to investigate. Eventually we all regrouped and had a pretty sedate heli insertion with some nervous passengers calling out altitudes every five seconds and clutching their helmets to their heads. Never has there been a more smoothly executed landing in the dark in the pouring rain with very little visibility!

    With our radios in use we began a much more controlled advance through the island, we met very stiff resistance and a couple of times whole fireteams were knocked out but in the end we completed the objectives and extracted through the HLZ.

    Thanks Unkl for the mission... I'm enjoying the different things we have been trying out the last few weeks, showing how versatile ARMA can be! I've got some footage but it may take me a little while to cut a video together. I'll post it up here when I do.

    The fireteam today was Biggs, Sesks, The Thing and Unkl - there is a lot of ARMA experience there so once we had comms things seemed to work pretty well...

    Highlight was probably storming the second objective and having an enemy pop out from behind a bush about 1m in front of Sesks and I. I think I sprayed about 30 rounds into the dirt, tracing a lovely dotted line around the guy in my surprise.


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      Re: Cloak&Diver

      Well... first off, I'd like to say how refreshing it was to not be in charge of anybody or any specific assets. Thank you to the leadership in place this mission for stepping up as always and leading well.

      Shoomfie was in Alpha team as an automatic rifleman, under the leadership of Mad Solo Sniper. Also in the team were Rudolf with explosives ordinance, Liquid as grenadier, Orbital replaced Liquid about 1/2 hour in, and Lonewolf; who was assigned to Alpha team as their medic when command re-approached the objective, weapons loud.

      After Action Report - Operation Cloak and Diver - 8/3/14 - 1900 HRS ZULU - Classified

      As described by Alpha fireteam, Auto-Rifleman, Shoomfie - Irregulars detachment:

      "We were in for a tough one. I can always tell when the **** is about to hit the fan. They're always going to be hard when command is asking for volunteers for an OP. Still, I signed on... it's not like I was planning any big party at base or anything. And it had been a couple weeks since I got my hands dirty. With a whole weeks notice, I decided to spend some time ahead running some Challenge courses. Mostly CQB and night-ops based training. But enough of that.

      Briefing took place 1/2 hour prior to insertion. Comsig was given and mission details were passed down the chain of command. We were also given UAV surveillance of the AO, recorded 24 hours prior.

      The night of the operation at [redacted] zulu on [redacted] went poorly. Alpha, Bravo and Charlie teams inserted west of [redacted], via SDV and moved towards our rally point. Near-immediate enemy fire broke out. Apparently we're quickly spotted by an enemy patrol. We tried to set up a perimeter around the RP, but they just kept coming, from every direction. We couldn't move forward, or flank. Command gave the orders to retreat back into the water, to try and get cover with the seawall. [Redacted], my FTL, and [redacted] also from my team were WIA, on the beachfront, also [redacted] was KIA shortly after.

      The following night, [redacted], went much better. Command scrapped the silent op and we were cleared from radio silence. Our Infil this time was airborne, Piloted by [redacted], via Ghosthawk, at LZ Enigma, south of [redacted]. [redacted] was assigned to us in the field as our combat medic, also joining us at this point was [redacted]. I was put on point as we moved around the outside of town, avoiding direct contact until we reached S&D Objective White. Bravo team, moved right of us and started engaging contacts at that objective while we approached from the left flank.

      Upon clearing EI from the objective marker, all teams set up a perimeter as our explosives specialists planted charges on the enemy AA emplacment. We were under a lot of fire as we were exposed on top a hill. teams fell back and we triggered the detonation. it had little effect. The AA was a tough egg to crack. We retook the hill, still under fire, as our demo crew set more explosives. Our Medics were kept busy, but were effective at keeping the whole team from falling apart. Falling back a second time, we detonated the explosive, and destroyed our targets at objective White. During this time I expended roughly 300 rounds which left me with about 50-100 rounds for the next objective.

      Further north into town, was objective black. Contact during approach seemed much lighter. Bravo team set up an overwatch position back at Obj. White. Charlie and Alpha flanked right behind the hill and approached Obj. Black. during the approach we came under light fire, and [redacted] was wounded. Overwatch team, shot the heck out of the enemy while [redacted] and I, retrieved [redacted] from the street and into safety for our medic to patch him up. Eventually all teams regrouped at Compound 5 where I also got a couple of extra belts from another team-member.

      Alpha Held Compound 5 while Charlie and Bravo moved in to secure Obj. Black. From my position I could hear enemy fire, once again erupting from the town. I had my eyes watching the corner of the hospital building. Cleared to fire, I laid down area fire to the direction of enemy EI, adjusting fire right of friendly forces. Once there was a lull in the fire, [redacted], our TL tried contacting the other fire-team leads. After a few agonizing minutes of waiting. Word came in that Obj. Black had been taken, with many casualties. Alpha team quickly moved in to reinforce security as the medic teams, once again, were working quickly to provide aid to the assaulting teams.

      Charges were set at the Second enemy AA, and all teams returned to Compound 5. Charges were successful and target was confirmed destroyed. All teams fell back to LZ Baby Blue, at the SW side of [redacted]. Up until the last 200 meters of the hike to the LZ there were no contacts. a small patrol engaged us at LZ blue, and were quickly dispatched. At [redacted] Zulu, all teams were exfilled via Ghosthawk and Returned to base."


      Helmet Cam footage - for Archival records - Classified 8/3/14:

      Pre-mission Briefing and UAV recon:

      I had fun guys. Thank you UNKL for the mission. And thanks to B for leading, and SOLO my FTL, and the rest of the team. It was lots of fun... even if plan didn't work out exactly like we'd planned (which... you know... it never does. :D )

      Shoomfie out.
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        Re: Cloak&Diver

        I'm sorry I dropped connection mid-game, I gave up after an hour of trying to get back in

        heres the first hour of the event out of the uav operator's view in 720p -
        I realized I asked for the other chopper's altitude without thinking of collision lights, silly me. there was some fun in the last 20 minutes anyway, the rest of it as we all know went very... not according to plan
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          Re: Cloak&Diver

          Excellent footage, Shoomfie. Very good work. I watched the whole thing while commuting to the city today.

          I could use a few of your scenes as educational footage during training sessions.

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            Re: Cloak&Diver

            Will's footage.


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              Re: Cloak&Diver

              Great editing. Love the mood music...really captures it!
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