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  • Monday Patrol Ops

    Yet another well run mission in the evening. It started off small as usual with me and Fluit where I took command around 1900Z to around 0300Z (8 hours). as the alone member in HQ section, I tried at some points to team lead as well which I felt did not go so well, but once we had 4 regulars on with: commander, team leaders and pilot slots I feel it went all well when I was on my own in the team observing the teamwork that was presented. In the end, as we lacked any support units or more regular TG people, I decided to send in UAV/UGV support controlled by myself to help take care of the task where we had to destroy 6 heavily armored artillery vehicles and all the other various armor and aircrafts that there was in the AO.
    now since this is.. my third time ever commanding a mission? I would like to get some input on what I can do better :) again props to following:

    Commander (Command): Xorilliz
    Pilot (Hotel): woesterudolf
    TL (Foxhound): Unkl
    TL (Warrior): Shoomfie

    these roles were not the same all the time as I was constantly changing around squad setups and their given roles. sometimes we had groups called Misfit and other names. Mission was largely based on light vehicles and air capable of lifting these, including the infantry we had

    seeing as how good this mission is built up, I can see how we could definitely control 40 people with most of them being pubbies as long as we have enough team leaders and if we set it all up right

    edit: the most hilarious moment was when someone came right up to my controlled UGV RCWS and told me there was a couple contacts up the road and on the left side (yes, people can direct chat around your controlled UGV), so I drove up with him behind me and supported a friendly squad I did not know was at that location. Simple riflemen can indeed change the tides of war it seems :D
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    Re: Monday Patrol Ops

    It was a good run last night. I joined saying to myself "Quick game only, must get back to the folks in my house". yup, didn't happen like that!

    Destroying 5 Scorchers with PCML & explosive charges at the end of the night was the one thing that drove our players away. It took forever! I was having troubles with the VAC system & I think others were as well. Anyway, with Solo's help we were able to get enough AT for Ramna to hit those dang mobile artillery pieces. Jaydon was a new guest who did a great job of sticking with the objectives and the team. He must have put down 30+ explosives on those tanks! Talk about tedious!

    Anywho, the teamwork was incredible. We had some crazy moments as we did a hit & run recon on the AO looking for the artillery position. Thanks for the game all.
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      Re: Monday Patrol Ops

      there is one thing that would have helped very much on those artillery pieces, Shoomfie was my JTAC for a brief moment after I had sent in a UAV CAS carrying 2 pieces of laser-guided 500 pounders, but the issue was that service back at base does not seem to service UAV/UGV, so I had no way of either rearming or getting a new one as it was not possible... hoping for a fix on this in the future, theres also the possibility of having the blufor jet in next arma update and theres also the blackfoot if we get the crew, but it was not easy to assign anyone else to anything. we lacked anyone experienced and willing to crew vehicles

      Thank you woesterudolf and Unkl for staying longer than you had expected
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        Re: Monday Patrol Ops

        <--- Human mule . . . . . yes it was . . . ."Solo go get more PCMLs" . . . . . . no?? . . . not enough . . . "Solo, go get MORE PCMLs" . . . . . . STILL not enough . . . . . I knew that part of the hill pretty well by the time we were finally done . . . . LOL . . . AWESOME stuff.

        The best was running into soldiers running the opposite directions to me getting more . . . ammo, explosive charges . . and Other stuff I guess. Tedious, yes, but it was what the mission required and I was happy to help (lowly rifleman with a backpack) . . . . again, thank you Ramna for just keeping loading and firing, Unkl for just keeping on letting me know that it was requiring MORE . . . lol.

        Also, the chopper popping in . . . and out . . . and back . . . and off again . . . wow, really wish I had been recording THAT mission, excellent team work and the individual squads just kept doing their particular part and it all just kept coming together till . . . . .VICTORY!!!!!!


        Xor - talk to Rudolf on the repair thing, unfortunately I believe you need to be NEXT TO the UAV to "scroll" and select refuel and rearm, but talk to him on that topic. Might mean you chopper back when your UAV gets home and then chopper back out to bring it on station again (not the best of solutions but maybe that will change with time).

        Solo - inability to pickup the shot tube for AT was annoying, also Ramna not Seeing or being able to use the VAS was a pain (for both of us) as I kept having to get them FROM the crate so he could get them IN his kit . . . . and he was AT!!!! . . . . bizzaro.

        I too dropped in for what was going to be some help and moving the mission forward a bit for the men on the ground (ergo selection of rifleman) and ended up being on for quite a while (3 hours I believe) . . . . good times . . . :-)

        The new patrol OPS seems much more stable then the other and as long as we figure out the "work around-s" to some of its current quirks, I think seeding and playing in the missions will be darn nice.

        Thanks guys, amazing for a Monday (usually quiet on the server).

        Solo . . . out . . . . \

        One Admin comment - I will be reminding players of comms (language) elements while on TG servers. I don't believe it was any of the regulars but this will be enforced and I'm sorry, but the addition of the "color commentary" does not add to the immersion in the mission. Please remind your squad members because if not "I" will . . . . thanks.


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          Re: Monday Patrol Ops

          Initial release for TG, I have touched very little from the original version of the Pat Ops... This is the reason why you can see VAS. I wanted to see what we must keep and what we must throw away from this version. I am glad to see some feedback to the mission and some of these are fixable with our current scripts we have collected and tested.

          Pat Ops original version provides us with a nice mixture of populated AOs and objectives. This I cannot duplicate effectively. Another very strong feature is the ability for the admin/SL to assign roles and certificates so that players can use certain assets... Duplicating this is gonna take time and coding.

          I do want to add our own features which most of us are accustomed to. But as time allows, this new version might take quite a bit of time.


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            Re: Monday Patrol Ops

            Wow Patrol ops already for ArmA III? this i gotta check out sometime :)

            p.s. what is VAS?

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              Re: Monday Patrol Ops

              Virtual Ammobox System - instead of a box with a list of items, its a GUI or whatever you call it with sections of gear like weapons, magazines etc and the ability to save/load loadouts
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